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Overview Component Speaker GROUND ZERO GZRC 165 Anniversary

Two-way component speakers GROUND ZERO GZRC 165 ANNIVERSARY-25K has been released for the 25th anniversary of the company. This special anniversary version GZRC 165.2SQ model of Radioactive series, which, like all acoustic equipment GROUND ZERO, characterized by excellent performance and sound performance. Among the main features of the base can be identified «Gold» component design, 28 mm tweeter and crossover capacitors Mundorf.

Features speaker design

All the components of the acoustic system are of high quality performance and reliability. This ensures good sound and long-lasting operation of the speakers.

The woofer

He received aluminum cone with a reliable profile of a diameter of 165 mm, it was a special parameter optimization procedure Klippel complex. The diffuser further anodized in black color, and has a special inscription in honor of the anniversary of the manufacturer. Flange received additional cover. Please note that the safety net is already included in the box.

With regard to the magnetic system, it is represented by a ferrite magnet with protective rubber cover, there is a ventilation system. The Basket — stamped, made of solid steel and has a special antiresonance coating, which allows to minimize the sound distortion.

Dimensions dynamics of standard diameter is 165 mm diameter mounting — 142,5 mm, mounting depth — 68 mm

 Overview of component speaker GROUND ZERO GZRC 165 Anniversary

Tweeter (Twitter)

It has silk domed diffuser diameter of 28 mm, the outside is protected by non-removable coarse mesh. The magnetic system is represented by a neodymium magnet, there is a damper, made of a lightweight, but quite durable fiber synthetic material. Cupola space stifled.

Installation is carried out by means of flexible pins with special spatulas. To mount the speaker, you can use a cup, bayonet fixing, that is, everything is easy — put-turned and you're done. As regards dimensions, the tweeter assembly has the following dimensions: diameter 48 mm, depth 18 mm

 Overview of component speaker GROUND ZERO GZRC 165 Anniversary


In addition to the two speakers and a passive crossover is also included, which is equipped with Mundorf capacitors and executed on coreless coil. It uses filters the second order, the manufacturer claims that the partition rate is 3700 Hz. Level signal and a high pass filter operation can be adjusted by securely latched jumpers. The board is deeply planted in the building, special secure latches are used for fixing it, so to remove it without damaging it will be very difficult, almost impossible.

The crossover has screw terminals, its lid securely and quickly removed. Only there is one point to which you should pay attention, — the manufacturer does not provide mounting holes, so the installation will have to think about how to fix the crossover.

 Overview of component speaker GROUND ZERO GZRC 165 Anniversary

Features of sound speaker system

The woofer has a standard directional characteristics for the acoustics of this size. It is said that when the indicator exceeds the frequency 2 kHz dispersion deteriorates. At low frequencies, there is an early decline of the amplitude-frequency characteristic (most likely, it is due to a moderate-Q) and minor unevenness sound at medium frequencies.

Twitter has a resonance frequency of 1310 Hz, but with index below 3 kHz are also observed a certain frequency response, this is due to the use of a large dome diffuser. Manufacturer by using the regular crossover section 3700 Hz provides certain smoothing. With a special High-Low switch can adjust parameters of the amplitude-frequency characteristic near the cutoff frequency. That is, anyone can customize the sound itself, taking into account personal preferences.

As for the vibrations and sound distortion, they are minor and did not spoil the sound transmission, a typical figure for such diffuser heads.

 Overview of component speaker GROUND ZERO GZRC 165 Anniversary

In all ranges of speakers show very colorful and juicy sound. It may be noted a slight excess on the top, have a bright RF tonal balance. RF head has a good acoustic damping, Z-characteristic is quite flat and a slight discharge. On average, the range can be noted quite detailed sound, nothing more. Bass also impressive, they are well established, mid-bass shakes.

Thanks to all the above, the music in many genres, sounds great. You can equally enjoy and rock, and blues, and classic. In general, the sound is very good, in the best traditions of Ground Zero.

To achieve an ideal result, at the time of installation and adjustment it is recommended to try a few different options for the regulation of the relative polarity of the midbass and tweeter choice of orientation. It does not have much to deviate from the straight direction, otherwise you can not get on the contrary, the best result of the distortion that the sound will be properly reflected. Harmonic distortion may occur, or the dynamics come into resonance. It is desirable during the setting in the listening position necessary to control the frequency response.

To control you can use filters low and high frequencies. They will help configure the amplitude-frequency characteristics, influence the quality factor and the uniformity of sound. It is important that the cutoff frequency is not floated. If all is well adjusted, the sound will be uniform, without significant distortion.

Technical indicators

As for the operating parameters, then all is also quite decent looks.

The manufacturer indicates the rated capacity of the main woofer at 130 W, and the maximum (peak) — 200 CS. Tweeter has a nominal power of 70 W and maximum — 110 Ws. The sensitivity was 90 dB. Acoustics works over a fairly wide range of frequencies from 35 Hz to 25,000 Hz

 Overview of component speaker GROUND ZERO GZRC 165 Anniversary

It is worth noting the rated working resistance at the 3 ohms, precisely because it has managed to get a significant increase in sensitivity. Impedance is a very important indicator that should definitely consider when connecting the speakers, as it had a direct impact on its coordination with other components of automobile acoustic systems, in particular, with the amplifier.

crossover cutoff frequency (12 dB/oct) of 200-4300 Hz. With it, a separation of bands, the apparatus selects a specific band from a common audio stream. Thus, each particular speaker can operate within the recommended frequency for it, «extra» frequency transmitter simply did not fall. As a result, crossover helps to align the sound and minimize the potential interference.

Summing up

What can be said in conclusion. Anniversary version of the automotive component acoustics GROUND ZERO GZRC 165 ANNIVERSARY — It is a fine example, made in the best traditions of the company. Speakers have a vivid and memorable signature sound, and you can buy them at very reasonable and affordable price.

It's all worked out as clearly as possible and thought: robust construction of durable materials, the crossover is very well optimized and works perfectly with these speakers, it was his presence is largely due to the most accurate and smooth sound transmission on all frequency areas.

If you need high-quality speakers for cars, with a good sound and a reserve power, which will operate stably, it is a very profitable acquisition. Of the minuses can be noted a lack of attachment to the crossover, then the manufacturer has not thought through to the end. But everything is solved, and it is not critical, does not affect the sound.

 Overview of component speaker GROUND ZERO GZRC 165 Anniversary

In the online store you can always buy car speakers GROUND ZERO GZRC 165 ANNIVERSARY in Kiev with the delivery in Ukraine.

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