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How to "preserve" the car for the winter?

Some motorists sometimes for some reason leave their car on the long-stay parking in the garage. This may be a seasonal park, for example, in winter, an extended business trip, vacation, etc. The reasons can be really a lot. But this simple is not always a positive effect on the condition of the car. Therefore, in order to avoid later problems with starting and protect the vehicle from the negative effects, very important to conduct special training.

How to preserve the car for the winter?

At what points need to pay attention to and what to do to prepare the machine for the “preservation”

As already autumn and winter is coming, it is for many drivers urgent problem. So what should be done to correct “preserve” the car for a long period  ?

The negative impact in long-term parking can be exposed to virtually all elements of the machine. Therefore, training must necessarily be comprehensive. It is very important. Let's look at what you should definitely pay attention to.

Body Wash

Before you send a car for preservation, it should be very well washed, to remove all dirt and dust from the body. It is best to order a comprehensive washing at the car wash, but you can cope on their own.

Do not forget the wheels, they are also required to thoroughly rinse. Remember that dirt from the brake pads can be easily removed only in the first few days. Therefore, if the dirt from the brake pads for a long time will remain on the wheels, it can cause difficulties in its purification.

The same applies to contaminants in the external parts of the body. For example, if the hood was bird droppings, from it, we must get rid of as quickly as possible. It can erode the paint, and it can not leave for a long time.

How to preserve the car for the winter?

Under body wash

It is also important as carefully wash the bottom of the vehicle, suspension elements and wheel arches. There is always accumulates a large amount of dirt that outside practically not visible. It is important to completely remove all dirt, including in remote places. If you do not, may begin corrosion of metal.

Body Wax Treatment

After the body carefully washed and dried on the surface is recommended to apply a wax coating. The main advantage of such treatment — Wax protects the body from exposure to sunlight. That is, the paint does not fade and lasts longer. In addition, then, with a body that has been treated with wax, it is easier to remove any pollution.

Pay attention to the fuel tank

To protect the vehicle fuel tank from rusting, you can use 2 ways:  

  • Option 1. If you use a high-quality fuel and the car from time to time during the stay will still wind up, it is recommended to pour a full tank of.
  • Option 2. If you expect a very long parking or you can not fill the high-quality fuel, it can exfoliate. This often leads to the fact that there is a deposit and even smaller particles of debris and water. Therefore, this method involves the contrary drained of fuel and leave its minimum amount and additionally use special anti-corrosion additives.
How to preserve the car for the winter?

Removing the car battery

A very important point that must not be forgotten, is the removal of the battery. If you leave everything as is, then you risk not start the car after a long stay. Keep the car battery is recommended in a cool dry place. Before storage is recommended to perform a complete charging and recovery of the battery. Best of all, if you can during storage periodically recharge the power source, then it will be a very long time to maintain its efficiency.

If you do not have a suitable place to store batteries in the most extreme case, the battery can be left in the car, just be sure to remove the terminals and remove the battery from the on-board network.

Preparing wheels

Before “preservation” be sure to check the tire pressure, if it is below normal, then the tire should be pumped up by the compressor.

To the bus in the process of long-term parking machines do not deform, they must be properly stored. There are three options:  

  • From time to time turn the wheel, for example, a bit of a passing car.
  • To raise the vehicle off the ground, which will help reduce pressure on the tires of the vehicle by weight.
  • Just remove the wheel from the machine and store them separately.

The tires must be stored in a relatively warm room. After all, everyone knows that tires with subzero temperatures may crack. And that could lead to the fact that they will be ruined and have to buy a new set of tires for the replacement.

How to preserve the car for the winter?

Preparing the vehicle interior

inside the car should be given special attention. First, clean the upholstery on the seats should be left no crumbs, as this can cause the appearance of mold. It is also recommended cleaning the well and then removed from the interior mats.

If the room where the machine is to stand, there is high humidity, can be put back on the soda in packs. Not many knows, but it is able to absorb the excess moisture and then releases it after drying.

Also, if the machine is to stand in a closed garage, it is recommended not to close the door tightly and hood, and leave from ajar. This will minimize the pressure on the rubber seals. In addition, all rubber elements should definitely be washed thoroughly, and then apply them to a special protective agent based on silicone, it will prolong their life, because they do not give the rubber dry out and crack.

If you open the car you do not succeed, then at least to be open up windows to ensure air circulation in the cabin.

Preparation garage

In addition to training directly to the vehicle it is necessary to pay attention and training facilities, most often it is a normal garage. Check that there were no rodents, which can cut the wiring and cause serious damage to the cabin.

Make sure that the garage has good ventilation, it should not be eaten raw. It is not recommended exceeding the humidity indicator 50%. If the room is damp, corrosive processes can begin. Moreover, it can relate to all elements of the case, without exception. So be sure to check the humidity level and, if necessary, take timely measures, for example, you can buy a special device, which will dry the air.

What if the car will be a long time to stand in the open parking lot

Sometimes it stands for a long time, the car falls on the open street parking. In this case, you need a simple accessory — protective awning. Modern awning provides reliable protection from rain, snow, hail, dirt, birds, etc. In addition, the cover perfectly protects the paint of the car body from burning and thermal effects.

How to preserve the car for the winter?

If you have no tent, and there is no possibility to buy it, you can make yourself a protective cover made of durable air-permeable material. However, the efficiency in this case is significantly lower than.

As you can see, there is no special difficulties, the main thing to approach this issue comprehensively and thoroughly. This will help you keep the car, and then it will be easier to re-introduce it into operation. Do not have to spend extra time and money to solve problems that may arise due to incorrect. conservation In our online store you can buy a variety of accessories for your car, a new battery, compressor for tires, battery chargers, and more in Kiev, Odessa and Kharkov at a bargain price. Delivery is carried out in all cities of Ukraine.

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