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9 elements in the car that could suddenly explode

No modern car can just explode for no reason without reason, as shown in Hollywood action games. However, this does not guarantee that under certain circumstances, under the influence of certain factors, one of the important structural elements will not suddenly explode in the machine. The thing is that in every car there are parts that can fly into the air at almost any moment. Let's look at what there are risk groups and how this can affect the further operation of the car.

9 elements in the car that can suddenly explode


In the process of recharging inside any car battery, a sufficiently large volume of hydrogen is generated, which, when combined with atmospheric oxygen, forms a very explosive mixture. Even a small spark is enough to ignite. Detonation of the battery is often observed when the driver tries to “light” or during the appearance of an involuntary spark on the contacts at the point where the battery is connected to the vehicle’s on-board network. The consequences of such an explosion are very unpleasant. The battery during the explosion causes significant damage to everything under the hood, it literally breaks into pieces, acid spills from the body. Acid spray can fly up to a radius of 1.5 meters. The restoration will require serious repairs and, of course, the replacement of a car battery.

Oil filter

If the machine is equipped with a low-quality or already old, exhausted oil filter, it can be a threat. In particular, this element may explode during an attempt to start the engine in winter in severe frost. This is a very unpleasant situation, the filter literally breaks along the seam under the influence of high pressure created by engine oil. The reason is that the filter simply cannot pass thick oil through it, which becomes very viscous at low temperature. Outwardly, it resembles a fairly strong explosion under the hood.


When pumping a tire, you can get a very unpleasant effect when a cord break occurs in it. This can happen when the car moves at very high speed or when a strong sharp impact of the wheel against an obstacle. In this case, in addition to sharp cotton, pressure inside the wheel drops sharply, the tire breaks. This is a very dangerous situation that can lead to a serious accident, as the machine instantly loses control.

9 elements in the car that can suddenly explode


If the driver performs a long scrolling by the starter, then gasoline can be sucked into the exhaust system. This happens at the moment when problems with starting the engine begin, the spark does not want to appear. As a result, you have to repeat the start-up attempts over and over again. When, finally, a spark appears, this leads to ignition of the accumulated vapor of gasoline and the fuel itself. They can detonate just instantly, which leads to the fact that the car muffler literally breaks. Carburetor types of cars are more susceptible to this, so their owners need to be careful and take into account this probability.


Explosion of lamps in the headlight-the situation is quite common. This usually happens when using low-quality Chinese-made lamps. When buying a cheap Chinese fake, you should not count on long service, it is good if it just burns out quickly, but it can cause serious problems. Such a lighting element can explode at almost any moment and this is impossible to predict. After the explosion, at least you have to disassemble the headlight and remove all the fragments from it, but if you put in a new lamp, you will have to change the headlamp at worst, and this is not such a cheap pleasure.

9 elements in the car that can suddenly explode


This is the only part in the car that the truth must explode under certain conditions. However, if it was installed incorrectly and the installation or repair work was carried out with violations, then the airbags can be detonated suddenly and completely unplanned. This can lead to some damage to the passenger compartment, as well as injuring the driver or passengers. Please note that an airbag explosion may also be caused by improper storage.

Gas cylinders

Obviously, machines equipped with a gas system are more prone to explosion risks, even though modern gas cylinders are equipped with several levels of protection. In particular, they have special protection against overpressure. Nevertheless, they cannot be called completely safe, since gas is a very explosive and explosive substance. For example, the cylinder may be damaged or malfunctions in the safety system may result in explosion and fire of the vehicle.

9 elements in the car that can suddenly explode

Seat belt pretensioners

Not all motorists know that seat belt pretensioners are equipped with special squibs. And their principle of operation is similar to that used in airbags. That is, they can work spontaneously and unexpectedly for the driver and passengers for the same reasons as the pillows.

Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguisher-this element is in every car and is an integral part of it. And here it is also important to remember that if storage conditions are not observed or if uncertified cylinders are used, it can also explode. Of course, in this case the consequences are not very terrible. The maximum that can threaten is that the interior is clean of powder and the replacement of the fire extinguisher. The situation is not the most pleasant, of course, but not very terrible either.

9 elements in the car that can suddenly explode

As you can see, even ordinary parts can be dangerous if you do not follow the rules of operation or use low-quality elements. Therefore, each driver must be very attentive to all potentially dangerous areas. If the trouble happened, then in the online store you can buy a battery to replace a failed or new car lamps in Kiev, Kharkov or Odessa. We have a large selection of various car accessories at competitive prices.

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