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How to prepare for winter car battery?

As soon as the outside temperature drops and it gets cold, the car owner must ensure that his car was ready to changing operating conditions. This applies to many items, among which is very important to check the battery status. After all, the battery life directly depends on the possibility of a stable operation of the vehicle. A battery with decreasing temperature begins to experience some difficulties, because the reaction slows down inside therefore accumulate and give him current becomes difficult.

How to prepare for winter car battery?

In this article we will discuss in detail how to prepare for winter car battery, so as not to collide with his sudden refusal.

Why do a car battery can fail?

The reasons in fact, very much, we will discuss the most common.


During battery operation gradually wasting the resource, so the power supply, which has served more than 4-5 years, due to natural causes have to lose in its capacity due to aging. And if the summer is still not very noticeable in the autumn and winter with the arrival of cold weather, this problem can suddenly declare itself. All this is explained by the fact that at low temperatures the battery has to expend more energy to start a cold engine. And then she is recovering more slowly as a result of capacity, which also decreased with age, may not be sufficient for stable operation.

Sulfation and low battery level

If under the hood of the car is poorly charged battery, then the operation in such conditions within it serious and irreversible changes can begin. One of the consequences of such work is the battery sulfation of the lead plates. This is a very negative phenomenon, which reduces the efficiency of battery life-she simply loses the ability to receive and to give current. Sulfation is the process by which the coating is formed of lead sulfate in the plates, it may be white or grayish. It is nonconductive and prevents the interaction of electrodes with the electrolyte. Capacity zasulfatirovannyh battery plummets.

How to prepare for winter car battery?

The excess charge

If the vehicle alternator is faulty, the current flowing into the battery can not meet the established norms. In particular, when the engine is in the on-board network voltage should be below 13.6 V. If the index is above, this may cause that the battery receives excessive charge and start to overheat, which can lead to evaporation of the active fluid solution of gassing of the electrolyte and active until the explosion. In this case, the battery can not be restored, and have to buy a new battery.

The chronic undercharging

If the machine is operated in the mode of frequent short trips in the city or the outdoor temperature falls sharply below zero, even if a clear operation of the generator battery will not receive a sufficient amount of the charge. Urban residents generally face this situation very often. After all, they go with the light, heating, often start the engine, because of the frequent stops, and more, which leads to increased power consumption. Such conditions do not allow the battery to recover in time and receive the necessary for a normal and stable operation of a charge.

Check the condition of the vehicle's battery can be in different ways: receiving data from the onboard computer, monitor the display on the dashboard. Just remember that the most accurate data can be obtained only when the engine is stopped. If the battery is continually undercharged, it must be corrected by using a special charger, once the generator is not doing its job.

How to prepare for winter car battery?

The surface charge

It is quite an interesting phenomenon that often confuses motorists confused because they do not give to accurately assess the true state of charge the starter battery. This state, at which the battery charge is estimated under load. For example, when the engine has just been plugged, or the battery was recently recharged, then most likely, it will have a surface charge. In this case, the charge rate will be higher than usual, but the bulk of the charge is concentrated only on the surface of the battery plates. To avoid this, do the following:

  • for one minute include a headlight;
  • turn off lights and wait a few minutes.

Please note that the engine to be shut off, as well as used in a car electrical equipment: radio, lighting, heating, etc.

Check the status of auto battery with a multimeter

To assess the condition of the battery is necessary to check the voltage level. To do this, the car owner will need a special device-a voltmeter or multimeter. Necessarily remove the surface charge before testing. This will make the measurement as accurate and reliable. The following procedures shall be as follows:

  • set the device mode determination of the DC voltage (DC);
  • Select the scale to 20 V;
  • properly secure the contact terminals (red "plus"/black «minus»);
  • touch probes, while strictly respecting the polarity, positive and negative battery terminals.
How to prepare for winter car battery?

The indicator resting voltage must be higher than 12.6 V. If the voltmeter shows 12.2 V, then the battery is charged only half. If the value is even less-11.9 V, it indicates an almost complete discharge. This power supply needs to be charged, and it is not necessary with this delay. Does not recommend operated battery, which charge level goes below 75%. This may adversely affect the capacity of the power supply and the period of its operation.

When it is necessary to charge a car battery?

Of course, when the automotive starter battery is discharged, it must be restored, for this purpose special portable chargers. These devices have different operating parameters and different modes, some can only be recharged, and others may also be carried out desulfatation and recovery.

So, when it is necessary to recharge the battery? Here you can give a few simple tips:

  • During long periods of inactivity of the vehicle at least 1 time in 4-6 weeks.
  • If the charge level has fallen below 75%.
How to prepare for winter car battery?

As for the charging process, it is not recommended holding it on the machine. First you have to remove the battery, disconnect the terminals, respecting the polarity. And then to connect the charger to the power source. Optimal for work is considered to be the current strength of 10% of the capacity of the battery is charging. At the maximum currents can not work, it can lead to accelerated output of the battery system and shorten its useful life.

How to choose a quality and reliable battery for replacement?

If you do not keep, and your battery is already old, or refuses to work even after a few recharges, such a power supply will have to be replaced. And it's better to do it in advance, before the onset of cold weather.

Remember that when shopping for a car battery need to look at capacity, and not worth saving. Quality reliable battery, by definition, can not cost a penny. The capacity should be the same as the old power supply, sometimes allowed to take a little more battery capacity, especially in the winter. However, batteries with very high capacity should not be used. The fact that the generator is designed to operate with a specific power of batteries, and it can not ensure the restoration of more than provided the container manufacturer.

Also, if you decide to buy a new battery, then look at its size and polarity. Otherwise, you just will not be able to install the battery, as it does not fit for your car.

How to prepare for winter car battery?

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