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Britax Römer car ceats - innovation and true german quality

Britax Romer child car seats are reliability, experience and true german quality. They meet all strict international standards and guarantee safety. The concern was formed in 1979 as a result of the merger of two large companies Britax (Great Britain) and Romer (Germany). Today, this partnership is considered one of the world leaders in the production of child car seats, constantly improves its products and develops unprecedented technologies that provide a high level of protection for children while driving in a car.

Britax Römer car seats - innovation and true German quality

The history of Romer

The Romer brand arose in the 30s of the last century in Germany. The founder of the company is Dr. Richard Roemer. It was him who, in 1958, came up with the idea of ​​producing 3-point seat belts that were not included in the equipment of the machines, being considered additional equipment. A little later, he decided to try to produce special seats for transporting children in a car, since his belts were not suitable for small passengers.

When in 1970 the German government banned the production of cars not equipped with safety belts, Romer switched to the production of exclusively child seats. After 9 years, in 1979, the company merged with the Britax brand from the UK. Now they are successfully cooperating and have concluded several exclusive contracts with such automotive giants as Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo for the production of child car seats.

Until 2016, the main developments were carried out at the plant in the city of Ulm. It was here that Dieter Meyer conducted the first tests of the innovative isofix fastening system, developed by him together with leading Volkswagen specialists in 1997. It revolutionized making seat fastening as reliable, simple and convenient as possible. Until now, this system is one of the main international standards. Now the main production and research center has been moved to a new plant in the city of Leipheim, which opened in 2016.

Britax Römer car seats - innovation and true German quality

The history of Britax

The Britax brand was founded in 1939 in the UK, in the city of Andover, located in Hampshire. Initially, they also produced seat belts for cars. When all the machines began to be equipped with belts, the company had to be refitted, and they directed their production facilities to the use of restraints for children. In 1979, they entered into an agreement and formed an alliance with Britax Romer, the then-famous German company. Thanks to their reliability, Britax child car seats quickly gained popularity around the world.

Today Britax is a huge concern whose headquarters are located in Andover and is rightfully considered one of the leading companies in the field of child safety. Britax products are not only car seats for any age, but also strollers, baby carriers, bicycle seats and much more. During its existence, the Britax design bureau has developed many unique technological solutions, more than 30 have received patents. Many of their developments have had a huge impact on the production of child car seats.

In 2014, the united company Britax Romer began a new stage of its development, having rebranded. And since 2016, all child seats have been combined into a single model range and are now available under the general name Britax Romer. The companies took all the best that they had and created the latest child seats, the most reliable and safe.

Britax Römer car seats - innovation and true German quality

Britax Romer production facilities

The main production of Britax Romer armchairs is now located in the Bavarian city of Leipheim. The company built not just a new plant, but a real industrial complex, which covers an area of ​​112 hectares. The factory is equipped with the latest technology, it is a modern full-cycle production complex. Everything here is located immediately and the administration and research center, a testing ground and the logistics department.

Despite the advanced equipment and the use of the most modern equipment after assembly, all premium car seats go through several additional verification steps. All identified shortcomings or problems are immediately transferred to specialists in the head office, where decisions and measures are taken to eliminate them and improve the products. Multistage quality control is a guarantee of reliability and safety.

I would also like to note that many stages of assembly of car seats are done manually. The company's management is confident that in this way they manage to achieve the highest build quality.

Britax Römer car seats - innovation and true German quality

Own test center Britax Romer

A special pride of Britax Romer is its own testing laboratory, built in 2016, where a very strict check of car seats for compliance with the standards adopted by the company is carried out. Moreover, the requirements here are much more stringent and stringent than even those that are presented at the international level. The company adheres to a very serious security philosophy, which involves the mandatory testing of all the proposed models before their launch on the market and mass production.

Their new testing center has its own high-tech stand, on which dynamic tests and other tests are carried out. During the construction of the complex, only the creation of the base of the stand was spent more than 1000 tons of concrete. It is able to withstand acceleration of the catapult at speeds of 80km / h.

The company regularly conducts crash tests in extreme conditions, while a special dummy with sensors is placed in the chair with sensors that transmit all the data. When implementing a car accident simulation, sensors record key physical parameters, speed, impact force, etc. The data obtained is then used in the development of efficient, safe, energy-efficient child car seats.

Now Britax Romer experts are testing all the produced samples, and only the latest developments, as was done before. Any damage is studied, experts record even the smallest damage. And after a thorough study of the results of crash tests, conclusions are drawn about the quality, reliability, weaknesses and strengths of each model of a child seat. This allows developers to constantly improve products, increase reliability and degree of protection.

Britax Römer car seats - innovation and true German quality

Features and benefits of Britax Romer child car seats

Britax Romer child car seats are considered to be one of the safest in Europe and for many years occupy leading positions in the industry. Today, the concern offers models for all age groups: car seats for newborns, for babies from one to four, as well as for older children. Thanks to its rich heritage and traditions, the company can satisfy any market needs. Consumers around the world prefer their products, as it meets their requirements, has an original design and wide functionality.

The main goal of the company in the production of any child seats is safety. That is what the main forces are aimed at. One of the first companies to implement the latest standard ECE R129 was already able to get maximum ratings for independent crash tests.

Now the standard equipment of all new Britax Romer car seats includes unique safety systems for the maximum protection of children developed by the concern's specialists:

  • SICT (Side Impact Cushion Technology) innovative lateral protection system - it allows you to absorb impact force in a side collision, minimizing the likelihood of injuries to the child’s head and neck.
  • A special Top Tether anchor belt, which is designed to provide additional fixation to the chair, it does not allow it to move and rotate. This belt has two additional mounting points, which increases the reliability of fixation. This technology reduces the risk of injury to the head and neck.
  • SecureGuard technology - it consists in the fact that the belt received an additional fastening point. As a result, the child’s fixation has become more reliable, but at the same time, the fastening allows you to maintain the optimal position of the waist belt so that It was convenient for the baby. In addition, this fastening reduces the load on the stomach by 35%, protecting it from damage.
Britax Römer car seats - innovation and true German quality

Online store offers to buy Britax Romer child car seats in Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa. Here you will find a wide range in all age groups and you can pick up a reliable and safe child car seat for any child.

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