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ISOFIX child car seat (isofix), what is it?

ISOFIX child car seat (isofix), what is it? Height, weight, age of a small passenger, quality of materials, backrest position, comfort package, reliability, safety, crash tests, standards and certification... What else do parents need to think about when choosing a child car seat? Fastening-reliable and correct-the most important element of the effectiveness of the restraint. The Izofix mount is becoming increasingly common-what is it, why, how does it work, is it worth buying?

The main feature of the system is without the use of standard seat belts (although this option does not exclude), at the same time as fast as possible, simple and reliable, which is confirmed by numerous tests. Mount Isofix (International Standards Organization Fix) developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This standard international interface is designed in such a way that the main part of its security elements is moved under the car seat and is attached directly to the frame. You can buy a car seat with ISOFIX with delivery to Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov and throughout Ukraine at


A child car seat with such an attachment has special guides at the back with which it is rigidly attached to the car body, and the child is fixed with internal 5-point seat belts. The car, which provides for the installation of a car seat with the Isofix system, has corresponding metal hinges at the base of the regular car seat. They can be differently decorated and, as a rule, are accompanied by marking. The chair with a pair of built-in brackets attached to them. Special guides allow you to do this easily and quickly. Removing the chair is just to unlock the locks with a special button. The developers of this mount managed to achieve their goal-an error-free and easy installation of the car seat. The Isofix system allows you to install the seat either correctly or in no way.

Numerous experiments show that often challenged rigid fixation is still effective in this case. It has been proven that the stability of the seat in a collision makes the entire restraint system work faster, and the inner belts are designed so that the security system is elastic and resilient. The passenger in the seat is better protected and has less strain on the neck.

To make the Isofix chair more stable, manufacturers (for example, Heyner child car seats) can use a third attachment point: the so-called “top tether”-an anchor belt or additional floor support.

See tips on how to choose the right car seat:

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The anchor belt is located at the top of the backrest of the child car seat and clips onto a loop in the ceiling or floor of the car (see, for example, the Heyner Multifix Ergo 3D Isofix car seats or the Heyner Multifix AERO Isofix car seats in the catalog The option with an additional “foot” to the floor (for example, the base for the Romer Baby-Safe Isofix car seat is more cumbersome but universal (loops are not always provided). The fastener with the third anchor point lightens the load on other fastening components and reduces the risk of dangerous nodding "Forward in a frontal collision.

The Isofix Base can be easily attached with regular standard seat belts that are universal for all cars. You can read about such car seats in the article-Is a child car seat a necessity or a luxury? Part 2. So what is the seat you fix without problems with a regular belt and in an older car, and without wasting extra time-for a 2-minute trip to the kindergarten.


A child's weight up to 18 kg is the main limitation; heavy loads with hard impacts require the highest strength of loops and other parts of the system. Therefore, only groups 0 and 1 can buy an Isofix car seat. But this convenient system has been used in older groups 2 and 3, fulfilling additional restraining functions, providing greater reliability and safety during side impacts.

See a video review of children's car seats of group 2-3:

There is a problem of individual selection for a particular car model. Due to the lack of uniform standards for the rear seats of the car (tilt angle, height, cushions), the seat with this mount must be checked and matched to a specific car.

Designed back in 1990, such an attachment of a child car seat due to its advantages, proven reliability and efficiency, which reduces the risk of dangerous situations on the road, is becoming more and more popular. And it has already become the basis for international requirements for passenger cars and child restraints. You can appreciate these advantages and ease of use right now-choose and buy Isofix child seat , and we will try to help you with this.

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