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Automotive articles - sound amplifiers — за 2019 year

Sound Amplifiers - Selection Wizard

What are the classes of sound amplifiers, their features


What are the audio amplifier classes? What are the features of different classes, what are their advantages and disadvantages. Which amplifier is best suited for use in a car? all…


Speaker system in the car — how to pick up a complete set. Part 2


Upgrading the speaker system without replacing the standard head unit. How to pick up the speaker system in the car – installing an amplifier with a processor. Improving the speaker system in the car with the help of more powerful acoustics, subwoofers. A complete set of speakers in the car – we supplement the amplifiers of sound power. The importance of improving sound quality and the right choice of a complete set of speakers. all…


Speaker system in the car — how to pick up a complete set. Part 1


The best version of the speaker system – how to choose the speaker system in the car correctly? A complete set of the speaker system – replacement of the staff GU, acoustics, subwoofers. Acoustic system in the car with sound amplifiers for acoustics and subwoofers. The need to choose a complete set of speakers in the car - getting more power and clarity of sound. all…


Using amplifier with a DSP processor in systems with a standard HU


The correct formulation of the sound head unit – how to do it? Features of the choice of sound amplifier with built-in DSP processor, as well as the advantages of a processor with an amplifier. We compare the models – the Mosconi Gladen One 130.4 sound amplifier with a built-in processor and the sound amplifier with a built-in Pioneer DEQ-S1000A processor. What do we consider when choosing an amplifier with a processor? all…


Features of the installation of car audio amplifier


The importance of properly installing a sound amplifier. The main ways to position the car audio amplifier. The advantages and disadvantages of the location of the audio amplifier for the car, descending from each method of installation. We choose how to install the sound amplifier securely and for a long time, as well as the importance of proper tuning of the sound amplifier. all…

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