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Overview Alpine R-A60F 4-Channel Car Amplifier

The R-A60F four-channel amplifier is part of the R-Series line of components that Alpine developed to deliver high-quality sound when listening to music. It goes well with the Alpine R-Series speakers. The amplifier belongs to class D and has good operating parameters; among the important features of the device, the possibility of channel-by-channel connection of car speakers can be noted. This is a reliable device that will help expand the capabilities of the speaker system and make the sound more powerful and rich.

Overview of the 4-channel car amplifier Alpine R- A60F

Features and technical capabilities of Alpine R-A60F

The car amplifier Alpine R-A60F basically has an advanced amplification platform that provides power and maximum accuracy in the transmission of various sound shades. This model uses double negative feedback on the output signal, which contributes to a significant reduction in the level of harmonic distortion, while working at low powers this indicator is reduced to a minimum mark. Such a constructive solution allowed us to get rid of such a drawback, weak microdynamics and low resolution, which were characteristic of most class D amplifiers. Note that although the device can work in different configurations, including bridge connection, the main area of ​​application is connection acoustics with a nominal impedance of 4 ohms.

In addition, this amplifier received an updated housing, the manufacturer improved heat dissipation and took care of improving the protection circuit, limiting the level of the maximum signal at the output during overheating. Thanks to this, now you can not be afraid of sudden blackouts due to overheating. That is, the amplifier works more stable and you can listen to music in the car for as long as possible.

An important advantage of this model is its small size. The case has a width of 274 mm, a length of 223 mm and a height of only 51 mm. Thanks to this, without any problems it can be placed in any car. Installation is possible in the trunk, and even under the seat.

All connectors and connections are located on one side of the chassis. You can connect an additional remote wired bass regulator RUX-KNOB2 to it thanks to the presence of a special RG-45 connector. The regulator itself is not included in the delivery package; if desired, it can be purchased separately.

Overview of the 4-channel car amplifier Alpine R- A60F

The amplifier has an INPUT LEVEL switch, designed to adjust the sensitivity, this allows the device to work with signals of both high and linear level. In addition to conventional low-pass and high-pass filters, there is the possibility of regulating frequencies in the band mode on channels 3-4. That is, the amplifier allows you to organize a circuit with channel-by-channel amplification, and without connecting an additional sound processor and crossover. This greatly expands the capabilities of the device and makes adjusting and adjusting the sound transmission as convenient as possible.

A few numbers

Power amplifier is large enough-400 W (rated), 1200 W (maximum). The device operates in a fairly wide frequency range from 10 to 45,000 Hz.

The device can operate in three main modes: broadband, with an adjustable high-pass filter or a low-pass filter from 50 to 400 Hz. Please note that the equipment of three of the four channels is the same when working in all these modes. But there is still a fourth channel. It is intended only for working with the per-channel front. If this type of connection is used, channels 1-2 are used to connect tweeters (or a pair of midrange and tweeter), and channels 3 and 4 are used to connect mid bass.

Low-pass and high-pass filters guarantee sound sound, and the quality does not fall in the entire range of available frequencies. The sound is always smooth without sudden jumps and serious distortion. The frequency response of the amplifier when the filters are turned off at a frequency of 20 Hz-22 kHz is -1 dB, at a frequency of 10 Hz the device shows a blockage of less than 3 dB.

To summarize

Alpine R-A60F-is a high-end pulseth amplifier, with excellent performance. Evaluating its work, we can say that digital amplifiers are improving and becoming very functional and stable, even very demanding experts can hardly distinguish a “digit” from an “analogue” by ear. This model is almost as good as the popular and reputable analog amplifiers in terms of performance. The sound transmission at all frequencies is very high-quality-there are no artifacts at medium frequencies, and at high frequencies the sound also does not crash. The acoustic instruments sound very natural, the sound is realistic, while it is full of colors.

Overview of the 4-channel car amplifier Alpine R- A60F

However, there is a slight drawback, when turned on at maximum power, the sound may seem a little harsh. Perhaps this is due to the expansion of the spectrum of harmonics or an increase in intermodulation. If you do not use it at the "maximum speed", then it is quite possible to get the perfect sound that will satisfy even the most demanding music lovers. Moreover, even half of its power will be enough to build almost any speaker.

Otherwise, this is a very decent model. With well thought-out design and wide functionality. Works great with front speakers and subwoofers. The sound quality is at a good level, it can compete with many analog models with similar power characteristics. A small size allows you to install such an amplifier in any car, and it will not take up much space.

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