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Overview amplifier with an integrated processor Pioneer DEQ-S1000A

Not always the car owner is satisfied with the sound of the installed head unit. But, unfortunately, modern devices are often very closely connected with other systems, and so closely that replacing something in them can be physically very difficult, and sometimes simply impossible. Or you will have to lose many other important functions at once, for example, parking sensors or air conditioning. But this problem also has a solution-the installation of a sound processor, which allows you to expand the capabilities of acoustics and improve the sound quality of the head unit.

You can use a universal amplifier with a built-in sound processor Pioneer DEQ-S1000A, which was specially created in order to improve the sound characteristics of a standard head unit without having to replace it. It can easily be integrated into the standard audio system of any car between the speakers and the head unit. This is a fairly powerful four-channel amplifier, thanks to this it is possible to connect up to four acoustic elements, for example, two front and two rear speakers. The nominal power of the amplifier is 200 W, the operating frequency is from 10 to 20 000 Hz. Such parameters allow him to demonstrate excellent results.

Overview of the sound amplifier with the built-in Pioneer DEQ-S1000A processor

Features of the Pioneer DEQ-S1000A

The main feature of this device is that it simultaneously combines the functions of an amplifier and a sound processor with wide options for tuning and adjusting sound playback. In many ways, this amplifier is a continuation of the traditions of Pioneer head units, only the interface is slightly different. All control systems and settings were transferred to a special mobile application.

Proprietary mobile application

Pioneer offers all users its proprietary software with a well-designed and very user-friendly graphical interface. To use it, just download the free Pioneer Sound Tune application, which is offered simultaneously for mobile gadgets on Android and for devices running on iOS. The application can be downloaded completely free on the AppStore and GooglePlay.

As soon as the application is installed and launched, the user gets access to a very large number of different settings and can do almost anything he wants with the signal from the head unit. For example, you can adjust the signal delay for fractions of a second on individual speakers, this allows you to deceive your hearing. The thing is that the human brain, when correctly configured for sound delays, will perceive sound as if all installed speakers are at equal distance from the listener, as in a high-end stereo system. This is a very good tool that allows you to get surround sound, since the sound will not go to focus on the near speakers and go inexplicably from where, but spills throughout the cabin, filling the space.

The device also allows you to add some effects that can embellish the sound and make it richer and brighter, or use the proprietary Todoroki Sound system for dynamic processing of sound reproduction, which allows you to make the sound clearer and more realistic.

Overview of the sound amplifier with the built-in Pioneer DEQ-S1000A processor

Ample audio options

Another feature that significantly expands the capabilities of the Pioneer DEQ-S1000A is the equalizer. It has as many as 31 bands, with it you can weaken or strengthen even individual frequency indicators, adjusting the nature of the sound to your taste. If you wish, you can easily add bass, make the sound brighter and richer, or muffle excessive loudness, removing high frequencies. Compared with any equalizer in the standard car radio, its capabilities are several times higher. Most importantly, all settings are They are very simple and easy-you can set the necessary parameters and change the sound by swiping your finger on the smartphone screen. No complicated manipulations will have to be done. Now with such a device, the sound adjustment will become very simple and fast for any user who is not even experienced in car speakers.

It is also worth noting that the equalizer provides for the presence of seven predefined settings, as well as two additional user options. It is also possible to transmit the acoustic atmosphere of a separate set type through the use of controlled reverb.

A large number of conclusions for connecting additional equipment

The amplifier is equipped with three pairs of line outputs, to which you can connect additional acoustic equipment, for example, add a subwoofer to the car audio system.

All connectors for the connection are located on the rear side of the case. If you look from left to right, they go in the following order: power and acoustics block, connector for connecting the parking brake sensor, linear RCA outputs (3 pairs), line input, minijack-connector for connecting a remote control sensor and USB input. A little further to the right is the power on indicator and the system reboot button.

At the bottom of the device there is an additional switch with which the system configuration is regulated: network with channel-by-channel connection or standard, when there is a front-rear-sub connection. Depending on which configuration is selected, the purpose of some outputs varies. There is also another switch that sets the input for the signal coming from the standard car radio.

Overview of the sound amplifier with the built-in Pioneer DEQ-S1000A processor

To summarize

This Pioneer model turned out to be very successful, it is distinguished by practicality and functionality. The use of this amplifier with a processor has only positive emotions, since the sound becomes cleaner, noise and distortion are minimized, and the impressive tuning options allow you to upgrade the standard system without making any serious design changes. It is enough to connect the device to the system between the head unit and the speakers. This is a great option for those who want to get high-quality sound and at the same time are not professional in car speakers, the device is easily connected independently without the help of specialists. Perhaps, in some respects, it is inferior to professional models, since it uses only one type of filter, and there is no subwoofer in the subwoofer channel. But even without this, due to the presence of various spatial effects, the sound noticeably improves, even when using simple regular speakers. If we approach the issue of upgrading the car’s audio system more seriously and replace the acoustics with a more powerful and high-quality one, the result will be very impressive.

That is, we can conclude that an amplifier with an integrated Pioneer DEQ-S1000A sound processor is a real effective tool that allows you to swing a full-time car audio system. And quickly and without high costs, because the price of the device, taking into account its capabilities, is quite affordable.

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