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Types chargers for a car battery

The battery is one of the most important parts of a car, but it is often remembered only when it is completely discharged, and most often the battery is discharged on cold winter nights. And of course, after a long downtime of the car, the battery can also be easily discharged. Obviously, in order for it to always be in good shape, it must be periodically charged. And today we’ll talk about car battery chargers. We’ll analyze what types are there and look at a few specific models.

Types of chargers for a car battery


Chargers are of two types-transformer and pulse. Now the more popular and modern are the pulsed models. They are compact, easy to use, have more options in the settings, but due to all this electronics that they use, they become a little less reliable. Transformer ones are simple workhorses that do their job efficiently. Most manufacturers now do not produce transformer models due to the fact that they are basically outdated.

According to the principle of operation, charging can be divided into 2 types-automatic and programmable. In most cases, automatic devices are suitable for normal battery charging, they are as simple as possible to use-connect the charger to the battery terminals, insert the power plug into a power outlet, turn it on and that's it-wait for the battery to charge. Programmable chargers are needed to gently charge the battery. In such devices, charging takes place in several stages with different amperage, due to which the process proceeds as correctly as possible and increases the battery life.

When choosing a charger, it is important of course to take into account the battery that you will charge it. For example, not all chargers can charge AMG, GEL, and calcium batteries, since special charging algorithms are required to charge them. And to charge calcium batteries, a voltage of 16.5 V is needed, and it is very rare if the charger supports such a voltage.

Another useful feature of chargers is desulfation. With it, you can restore batteries that have lost part of their capacity due to sulfation.

Goodyear CH-4A

Goodyear CH-4A is a pulse charger that is suitable for both automotive and motorcycle batteries and has a voltage of 6/12V. The maximum current is 4A. Charging has an informative LCD display, the charging process takes place in several stages, which allows you to charge the car battery with high quality.

Hyundai HY 400

Hyundai HY 400 is also an impulse charge with LCD display. It is designed only for 12V batteries with a capacity of up to 120 Ah. The charging process takes place in 9 stages and there is a desulfation function. The maximum charge current is also 4A.

AIDA 10si

AIDA 10si-another pulse charger, but now Ukrainian-made. Suitable for charging 12V batteries with a capacity of up to 180 Ah. The maximum charge current here is already greater than 10 A. A feature of the model is the presence of as many as 3 modes of desulfation (gentle-low currents at constant voltage in the buffer mode, cyclic pulse charge-due to the drop in excess charging voltage and intense-cyclic pulse charge with an asymmetric current)

Starting and charging devices

Starting and charging devices, in addition to simply charging the battery, can also start the car engine if the battery is dead. The engine is started by short-term supply of large amperage current. An extremely useful feature, especially in winter, when the battery can calmly sit overnight, and it will not work anywhere. You can certainly light a cigarette from another car, but you can not always quickly find another car on hand, and you still need wires for lighting.


AIDA 30 is a launcher and charger that can charge a 12V battery with a capacity of up to 500 Ah. The maximum charge current is 30A, and the starting current is 80A. It has 6 types of electronic protections (from overloads, from overheating, from short circuits, from reverse polarity, protecting the battery from overcharging voltage, protecting the electronic equipment of the car, computer and battery at startup). And also has a desulfation mode.

Pulso BC-4015 5

Pulso BC-40155 is suitable for charging batteries for both cars and trucks, because it has a voltage of 12/24 V. The maximum capacity of rechargeable batteries is 300 Ah. The maximum charge current is 30A, the starting current is 100A.

Ring RECB320

Ring RECB320-automatic starter-charger for 12V car battery, with a capacity of up to 225 Ah. The maximum current is 20A, the starting current is 80A.

Starting the engine with a dead battery is certainly good, but starting-charging devices have one drawback, which can be significant for many. To use them, you must have access to a 220 V network, and if the car is not parked in the garage, but somewhere on the street near the house, then it is not so easy to find the right outlet. But there is a way out of such an unpleasant situation-a jump starter.

Jump starters

Jump starter or booster is a compact starter. Its feature is the presence of a built-in battery, which allows you to start the car engine in any place, since it does not need constant power from the network. The jump starter is essentially a paverbank, which, in addition to charging mobile gadgets, can also start the car’s engine. It will not work to charge the car battery with a jump starter, but for this, a separate charge will already be needed. By the way, the booster itself is charging from a 220V network.

SmartBuster T240

This jump starter has a built-in lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 16800 mAh and a peak current of 800A. The device is suitable for starting a diesel or gasoline engine, up to 6 liters. Among the additional functions, in addition to the ability to charge mobile devices, there is also a signal LED-flashlight.

GT S14

The capacity of the built-in battery of the GT S14 booster is 14,000 mAh, which should be enough for as many as 20 engine starts. The starting current of the GT S14 is 300A, and the peak current is 480A. Here, as in the previous jump starter, there is a signal LED flashlight.

NOCO genius GB40 Boost Plus

NOCO genius GB40 Boost Plus is already a more powerful booster. It is used to quickly and efficiently start engines on gasoline or diesel with a capacity of up to 6 and 3 liters, respectively. The starting current for this device is as much as 1000A. And of course there is an ultra bright flashlight.


Goodyear CH-4A, Hyundai HY 400, AIDA 10si — compact pulse chargers for recharging passenger car batteries. They differ in extremely simple controls and the ability to work in automatic mode. Suitable for normal charging of dead batteries.

AIDA 30, Pulso BC-40155, Ring RECB320 — these are already more powerful devices, this ROM should be chosen if you often have to deal with the need to start the motor due to a dead battery and wait until it charge, no time.

SmartBuster T240, GT S14, NOCO genius GB40 Boost Plus — the ideal solution for emergency starting in places where access to the household power supply is limited. It is recommended to take with you on long trips-and the engine, if anything, you can start, and connect to them, if necessary, a smartphone, compressor or other necessary equipment.

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