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We select the charger for the battery – transformer or pulse?

We select the charger for the battery – transformer or pulse

The choice of a charger is always important, the battery life depends on its characteristics and performance. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the best option, based on the functions performed by them and other characteristics. And they, therefore, depend on the principle of operation of the memory, the technology of its implementation.

What are the types of chargers on the principle of operation

We select the charger for the battery – transformer or pulse

There are two known types of chargers, which differ in the principle of operation. They are divided into pulsed and transformer.

1. Transformers operate on the principle of a conventional transformer. It looks like an ordinary magnetic rod, a coil is wound on it in dense layers. The quality and parameters of such a device depend on the amount of winding and the material of its conductors. In other words, it works as an electromagnetic induction, converting alternating into direct current.

2. Pulsed chargers are more modern options that affect the battery high-frequency current, which leads to the supply of small pulses of charge. For their work do not need to use either the rod or the winding, they are light and small in size.

In addition, using a pulsed charger is possible to supply both direct and alternating current. Sometimes they are used for mixed or combined charging, it often becomes necessary when you need to charge different batteries – cars or trucks, motorcycle technology.

Advantages and disadvantages of transformer chargers

We select the charger for the battery – transformer or pulse

The presence of such a design leads to a significant size and, consequently, the use, in most cases, as a stationary device. However, despite the weight and dimensions transformer chargers often use because of their verification. Other benefits include:

  • low cost;
  • rare cases of equipment failure;
  • reliability and simplicity of design;
  • easy repair and maintenance.

The disadvantages include the following factors:

  • large size and weight;
  • you must constantly monitor the process of charge, without departing from the charger;
  • it is necessary to strictly follow the working conditions so that the unit does not «boil»;
  • regularly, after 30-50 minutes, check the amperage.

In addition, before starting work, it is imperative to measure the battery charge level.

Advantages and disadvantages of impulse chargers

We select the charger for the battery – transformer or pulse

The use of this equipment is more popular today. It has the following advantages.

1. The small sizes and weight, it is convenient to transport them in the car and to store in any place.

2. Automating the recharging process, some models are equipped with a microprocessor, which determines all the necessary parameters and safely recharges.

3. Advanced protection system, it works due to the presence of various regulators, stabilizers.

4. The presence of several levels of protection – from overheating, overload, boiling.

5. Equipping with several recharging modes, sometimes fast mode or «BOOST» is sometimes important, which often helps in situations where it is urgent to recharge the dead battery.

We select the charger for the battery – transformer or pulse

In addition, many impulse chargers are equipped with a display, which displays all the necessary information for the user – the charge level, the mode used, and other memory functions.

Among the shortcomings of these devices, only one is distinguished – this is a high cost. At the same time, not only the device itself, but also its maintenance, replaced parts. Sometimes experienced specialists recommend purchasing a new charger rather than repairing an old one.

Difficulties of choice

We select the charger for the battery – transformer or pulse

It is very important in this case to make the right choice, because the lifetime of your battery depends on it. If a car uses, for example, a maintenance-free battery, then a transformer charger will not work for it, since it will have a negative effect on the battery electrodes.

If the battery can be recharged by any of the specified chargers, then you need to choose a device based on the following factors:

  • cost. For many motorists, this factor is extremely important, so you should take into account that transformer is cheaper, and pulsed, respectively, is more expensive;
  • dimensions. As mentioned above, pulsed lighter and smaller in size, transformer chargers are larger and heavier;
  • control the charging process, as in the case of transformer, or leave the charger on and go about your business, as in the case of a pulse.

It should be borne in mind that these factors are not so important if you choose the charger badly by the characteristics. One of the most important parameters is the current value. Therefore, when choosing a charger, you need to focus on indicators of 1: 10, you can even more. In addition, when buying, it is important to find out the principle of operation of the device, the peak current value, which batteries charge, the maximum permissible battery capacity, charging voltage, as well as possible modes and functions of the device. Thus, it will be easier and easier to choose the optimal model. You can buy car chargers with delivery in Ukraine to Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa at

TOP-3 car chargers

Best battery chargers

Looking for a quality and the best battery chargers? This rating of battery chargers is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Automatic charger for car battery and motorcycle Hyundai HY 400 12 V, 4 A

Automatic charger for car battery and motorcycle Hyundai HY 400 12 V, 4 A
  • ★ 12-bit processor acd
  • ★ Lead Acid Battery
  • ★ LCD display

Car charger RING RESC612

Car charger RING RESC612
  • ★ With desulfation
  • ★ There are built-in battery test modes
  • ★ Memory type — intelligent

Jump starter with LED flashlight SmartBuster T240

Jump starter with LED flashlight SmartBuster T240
  • ★ Starting current 800 A
  • ★ MultiSafety Protection 2.0 protection system
  • ★ Lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 16800 mAh

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