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TOP-5 car chargers! Rating of the best chargers for batteries 2021!

Any car enthusiast knows how important a battery is to a car. Indeed, the duration of the machine's service directly depends on its work. Batteries are especially often discharged during the winter season, since the car will not start when the battery is low.

This is where chargers come in handy. After all, they are designed to charge the battery. With their help, you can both charge a completely discharged battery, and carry out a partial recharge.

Let's figure out what memory devices are and what you should pay attention to when buying.

Chargers are divided into two types — transformer and impulse.

Recently, transformer devices have become less popular. Their sizes directly depend on the power. The higher it is, the more overall the devices will be. Therefore, it is not always convenient to transport them. However, they are highly reliable in use. Since they are able to restore even very old batteries in just one night. After the end of the charge, it is imperative to disconnect the terminals, since they often do not have an automatic shutdown function. If this is not done, the electrolyte will boil away and the plates will close.

Impulse chargers are compact and easy to transport. Most of these models have automatic control over the charging process. Switching devices are often equipped with various regulators and stabilizers to ensure stable and reliable operation of your battery.

Intelligent chargers are equipped with a screen with prompts, multi-level protection and a choice of charging method.

We have selected for you TOP-5 chargers, which are popular among the customers of our store Our rating looks like this:

Bosch C3 (018999903M)

Our rating is opened by the impulse smart charger C3 (018999903M) from the manufacturer Bosch. This charger is fully automatic. Designed for charging gel, lead-acid and AGM batteries with a voltage of 6 V and 12 V with a capacity of 1.2 to 120 A/h. The rated power is 60 watts and the maximum current consumption is 3.8 amperes. The device is highly reliable and durable.

There are four main modes of operation for different types of batteries, including winter mode. Protection against incorrect connection, short circuit, overheating and overload is provided. There is also a function of remembering the last settings when disconnected from the power supply.

The charger has a high degree of protection IP65. This device is compact and easy to use. Most importantly, you do not have to control the charging process thanks to automatic operation.

The kit includes a special loop-hook, which is put on the device and hung on the wall or open hood of the car for convenient operation.


— Charger

— Network cable

— Plug

— Terminals 2 pcs.

— Loop

— Instructions

Dnepr 10

The Dnepr 10 model continues our rating. This is a Ukrainian-made transformer automatic charger. It is used for charging passenger and cargo starter batteries with a capacity of 32-140 A/h, voltage of 12 V and charging current up to 10 Amperes. There is also a desulfation mode, that is removing the battery from a deep discharge. Power is supplied from a 220 V.

This charger is protected against short circuit, overheating, and reverse polarity.

The body of the device is completely plastic. On the front panel there is a dial-up ammeter, LED indicator and current regulator.

The advantage of this model is the ability to operate at temperatures from -6 to +40 degrees.


— Device

— Network cable

— Wire with clamps

— Instructions

Pulso BC-40155

Further in our TOP is the Pulso BC-40155 starter and charger. This is a powerful device that will help you quickly charge your car battery. It is used to charge lead-acid batteries with a voltage of 12 V or 24 V, and is also capable of starting a discharged engine in winter. Can be used for cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and other equipment with a capacity of 20 to 300 A/h. The starting current reaches 100 amperes

The device body is made of durable metal with a high degree of protection IP20. It is a reliable charger with functions of protection against short circuit, overcharging, incorrect connection and overheating.

The charging process can be controlled both manually and automatically.


— Device

— Network cable

— Wire with terminals

— Manual


Our list continues with the VL-144 impulse smart charger from the VOIN company. It is used to recharge the batteries of cars, motorcycles, jeeps and buses with a voltage of 6 V and 12 V with a capacity of 3 - 120 A/h. The maximum current consumption of this device is 4 Amperes.

The charger has an LED screen that displays the battery voltage and the charging process. A smart device is able to select the output current by itself, and also go into sleep mode after the charge is complete.

VOIN VL-144 is protected against polarity reversal, overload, and short circuit. The device case with a high degree of protection against moisture IP65.

The advantage is the multi-level charging cycle, which includes the following stages: diagnostics, soft and basic charging, absorption, analysis, recovery and support.


— Device

— Network cable

— Wire with terminals

— Instructions

Ring RESC605

Rounding out our TOP-5 is the Ring RESC605 pulse charger. This smart model is applicable to all types of 12 V batteries with a capacity of 2 - 160 A/h. The main advantage of this charger is its fully automatic operation. The maximum current consumption is 5 Amperes.

For convenience, the screen displays a charge indicator and four modes: charging, support, winter and repair.

The charger has a durable rubberized housing with a high degree of protection IP65. There is a plastic hook on the back of the panel, with which you can hang the device for comfortable work.

The device is protected against incorrect polarity connection.


— Device

— Network cable

— Wire

— Ring terminals

— "Crocodiles"

— Instructions


So let's summarize:

Look for a reliable automatic lead acid battery charger then choose Bosch C3 (018999903M).

Dnepr 10 is a budget model with a wide range of operating temperatures.

Pulso BC-40155 is an excellent compact automatic and manual device that will start the engine even in freezing weather.

VOIN VL-144 is a device with a multi-stage charging cycle, and an independent selection of current strength.

If you want a device that only needs to be turned on and left on, then the Ring RESC605 model is suitable, with fully automatic operation and is suitable for charging all types of batteries.

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