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TOP-5 compressors for cars! Autocompressor rating 2021!

Now it is difficult to imagine a motorist without a portable car compressor in the trunk. Often, the problem with a punctured wheel happens outside the city, when it is very far to the nearest tire service. In this case, an auto compressor comes in handy.

Almost all models have a built-in pressure gauge that is either mounted on the body or on the air hose. This device is designed to measure pressure. There are two types of pressure gauges - pointer and digital. The dials indicate the bar and psi measurement scales. The digital ones have a display that shows data in bar, psi and kPa. Most often, compressors with a digital pressure gauge have an automatic shutdown function.

Before purchasing a compressor, study its characteristics carefully. An important parameter is the performance, as well as the maximum pressure and type of feed.

Performance indicates the amount of air that is pumped into the tire in one minute. Most often, this parameter is indicated in l/min. A wide variety of models with a capacity from 30 to 160 l/min are presented on the Ukrainian market. Therefore, you can easily select a compressor depending on which technique you will use it for.

Compressors can be powered from either the cigarette lighter or the battery using special terminals.

Also pay attention to the length of the power cable. If you find yourself in an unforeseen situation, you may find that it will not work to inflate the rear wheel due to a short power cable or hose.

Most manufacturers supply compressors with additional adapters. With their help, you can easily inflate a rubber mattress, boat or ball.

We present to your attention the TOP-5 autocompressors that are popular among our customers. Our rating is as follows:

Belavto BK-45 Zubr

Our rating opens with a compressor with two cylinders BK45 Bison from the Belavto company. This model is distinguished by high power, good performance (90 l/min) and maximum pressure (10 atmospheres).

Due to its high performance, this model is suitable for inflating the tires of passenger cars and trucks.

Rugged metal housing and copper-lined motor provide reliable overheating protection. The 2.4 meter power cable is connected to the battery using metal terminals.

The pressure gauge with a release valve and rubber protection is mounted on a 5.7 m long spiral frost-resistant hose. Therefore, you can not be afraid to use the compressor at any time of the year, and its length will be enough to reach the rear wheels. The hose also has a deflator valve to relieve excess pressure.

Rubber feet on the body provide stability while working and absorb vibration.

The compressor is resistant to low temperatures, so you can use it at any time of the year.


— Compressor

— Additional attachments

— Storage bag

Shturmovik AC-50

The budget model in our rating is a single-piston compressor Shturmovik AC-50. Despite the low cost, this compressor has quite good characteristics.

The metal casing of the unit with copper rims guarantees reliability and long service life. The analog gauge is located on the body itself, and there is also a convenient carrying handle.

This autocompressor is suitable for inflating passenger car tires, as the capacity is 37 l/min. The maximum pressure is 10 atm.

A 2.7 meter power cable is connected directly to the cigarette lighter.

The rubber air hose is 1.2 m long, which will be enough to inflate all tires of a passenger car.


— Compressor

— Additional adapters

— Storage bag

Berkut R17

Further in our TOP — the Berkut R17 compressor with a single-piston oil-free engine with increased efficiency. It features high power and compact size. This unit is capable of continuous operation for 40 minutes. Suitable for cars and SUVs. The productivity is 55 l/min, and the maximum pressure is 12 atm.

The compressor is made of very high quality. Dust-proof housing with aluminum cylinder and stainless steel valves guarantee reliability and long service life.

The 2.4m power cable connects directly to the battery using metal terminals.

The long air hose with Deflator drain valve, on which the pressure gauge is located, is 7.5 m long.

Overheating protection is provided.

This model boasts a wide operating temperature range from -30°C to + 80°C. This allows the compressor to be used in any weather.


— Compressor

— Additional attachments

— Deflator drain valve

— Wheel nipple nozzle

— Storage bag

Vitol K-72

The next in our ranking is the Vitol K-72 two-piston compressor. This compressor is powerful enough with good performance. The capacity reaches 90 l/min and is suitable for inflating tires of cars, trucks, jeeps and minibuses. The maximum pressure reaches up to 10 atmospheres.

To control the inflation process, a pressure gauge is located on the hose.

The user will certainly appreciate the stylish design of the device. For ease of carrying, a handle is provided, and for secure fixation in work on the case there are rubberized feet.

A 3 meter power cable is directly connected to the battery using the terminals.

A long 5-meter air hose will allow you to easily inflate even the rear wheels of a car.


— Compressor

— Additional attachments

— Storage bag

Ring RTC5000

Rounding out our TOP-5 compressor Ring RTC5000. It differs from other models with a digital pressure gauge and automatic shutdown. That is, you can set the desired pressure and upon reaching the set parameter, the smart device will stop working. The mechanism also remembers the last value. Therefore, you can very quickly inflate all the tires on the car.

The maximum pressure can reach 7 atmospheres. Power is supplied from the cigarette lighter using a 3.5 meter cable. The length of the air hose is only 0.7 m.

Differs in small size. There is a convenient handle on the body, as well as a storage compartment for the hose and adapters. Also, this device is equipped with an LED flashlight. Therefore, even in the dark, you can comfortably use this device.

This compressor is convenient to take with you when traveling, as it is not only used for tire maintenance, but also helps to inflate various rubber products.


— Compressor

— Additional attachments

— Storage pouch


So let's summarize:

Who is looking for a compressor for a jeep or you want to swing the wheels a little faster on a passenger car, then choose Belavto BK-45 Zubr.

If you are looking for a simple budget compressor for a passenger car, this is the Shturmovik AC-50.

Berkut R17 is a powerful and efficient compressor with a bleed valve for cars and SUVs.

Vitol K-72 is a budget compressor with good performance.

If you are looking for a modern compressor with a digital pressure gauge and automatic shutdown, then choose Ring RTC5000.

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