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TOP-5 baby car seats. Child seats rating 2019

Baby car seat is a special device for transporting children in the car. The main objective of such a device is to ensure the safety of the child in the event of an accident, during emergency braking or during steep maneuvers. It reduces the likelihood of injury that could lead to death by as much as seventy-five percent. The main thing is to properly install the car seat and be sure it can save the life of a child and, moreover, is very convenient.

The choice of a child car seat should be approached responsibly and in our video from the “130 seconds” section you can familiarize yourself with the main aspects in choosing.

And now we have selected for you the TOP-5 children's car seats, which are the most popular among our customers. This is what the TOP consists of:

HEYNER Capsula MultiFix ERGO 3D Pantera Black (786 110)

HEYNER Capsula MultiFix ERGO 3D is a universal baby car seat with a base that belongs to the group 1-2-3, and therefore is suitable for children weighing from 9 to 36 kg. Armchairs 1-2-3 groups are the most versatile and grow with the child. And as we know, children grow quickly and in the period from birth to 12 years old a child can change several children's car seats. Using the armchair group 1-2-3 partially relieve you of the need to constantly buy new models. But still from birth to about 9 months or 9 kg of the child’s weight must be transported in a car carrier, which is designed just for that age.

Heyner baby car seats have proven themselves in the Ukrainian market thanks to excellent German quality and reliability. The HEYNER Capsula MultiFix ERGO 3D chair complies with the international safety standard ECE R44/04. High security is also provided by Sabelt Italian locks.

The chair itself is located on the so-called "base", which allows it to be securely fixed and provides the possibility of tilting the backrest in several positions-from a sitting position to a semi-lying position. This greatly increases comfort for the child on trips, especially long ones, since the baby can sleep comfortably on the road.

Inside the chair is an anatomical liner for the smallest and an additional liner under the head. It is urgently needed when the child still doesn’t get his head right up to the headrest of the chair because of which the head is not fixed and can lurch from side to side, and this may be unsafe for the child. By the way, the main headrest can be adjusted in height, due to which this chair is suitable for children of any height.

The child car seat is also equipped with removable five-point seat belts with soft inserts with a non-slip coating, with which children are fixed in the chair for about 3 years, and when the baby has grown up-these belts are removed and the standard seat belts are used.

Installing a Capsula MultiFix ERGO 3D child car seat is very simple-either using standard seat belts, through the guides between the back of the chair and the base, or using ISOFIX mounting. Not all cars have an ISOFIX attachment system, but if you have one, feel free to mount the seat in this way. It is also worth noting that the ISOFIX mount is designed for a weight of up to 15 kg, that is, when a child weighs more than 15 kg, it will be necessary to additionally fix the seat with a regular seat belt. In this case, the child is also fixed in the chair with the same belt that needs to be pulled through special guides. You should not worry that it is not safe to fasten both the seat and the child with one belt. It is much safer than just putting the child in the back seat.

And a few more words about fastening, there is an additional Top Teather anchor belt in this chair, which is located on the back of the base of the child car seat, and it further increases the reliability of the seat mounting, preventing it from leaning forward. To attach the anchor belt on the back or on the headrest of the rear seat of the car, there must be special hooks for which it is attached.

HEYNER SafeUpFIX Comfort XL Cosmic Blue (783 410) and HEYNER SafeUp Comfort XL Racing Red (783 300)

Next on our list are the HEYNER SafeUpFIX Comfort XL Cosmic Blue and HEYNER SafeUp Comfort XL Racing Red boosters. These boosters differ in color, the first option is blue, the second is red. And by type of attachment-the SafeUpFIX model is equipped with an ISOFIX mount.

What is a booster in general? This is a baby car seat without a back. A booster or seat cushion is recommended for children who have already grown out of children's car seats, but are not old enough for regular seat belts to properly and securely hold them in a sitting position. He will help to seat the child to the desired height, and then the seat belts will fall on his shoulders as it should be, while the child will be protected and securely fixed.

HEYNER boosters are designed for children weighing from 15 to 36 kg, aged 4 to 12 years. As you can see, we have boosters in the TOP with the prefix XL, which means that these are one of the widest boosters, the depth of the seat is 43 cm and the internal width of the seat is 36 cm.

Like all children's car seats HEYNER, the frame of these boosters is made of impact-resistant plastic, and the upholstery of the seat is made of hypoallergenic materials. The booster case is easy to wash and wash.

Welldon Encore

The child car seat Welldon Encore is made in a stylish black color and in design and most of its features resembles the first seat from our TOP-HEYNER Capsula MultiFix ERGO 3D, but of course it looks a bit cheaper. But this is not surprising, the difference is almost 2 times in price.

The Welldon Encore chair belongs to the 1-2-3 group and is suitable for children weighing from 9 to 36 kg. There is no ISOFIX anchorage in it, so it needs to be fixed with a regular three-point car seat belt. The child inside the seat is fixed either by built-in five-point straps, which can be adjusted, or when the baby has grown a little and is already cramped in the inner liner, it is released with the straps and the child is fixed by the vehicle’s standard belt. Speaking of the inner liner, it is similar to the one that the first Heiner had, also with a height-adjustable headrest and straps with soft inserts. The headrest itself can also be adjusted in height.

Welldon Encore is a child car seat with a base and it has the ability to adjust the backrest in three positions, including in the prone position. Thanks to this, long trips for a child will be less tiring and he will be able to sleep comfortably on the road.

Well, according to the classics here-impact-resistant plastic, pleasant to touch hypoallergenic materials and a removable cover that can be washed. Oh yeah, and ECE R44/04 certification.

Capsula BB0+ Mars Red (770 030)

And the last one in our list will be the red car carrier Capsula BB0+ Mars Red. This is a small cradle-carrying, which is designed for children from birth to 1 year. Unlike all other child seats in our TOP, this cradle is installed against the course of the car, that is, the child in it should be placed head first. In the car, this seat can be installed either in the rear passenger seats or in the front seat, the main thing is that the seat be equipped with three-point seat belts for fixing the seat. Important! When installing in the front seat, make sure that the airbag is disabled.

The Capsula BB0+ carrying chair is very compact and light, moms can carry the child in this chair without any problems. And for ease of carrying, the chair is equipped with a handle that can be fixed in several positions:

  • Car Seat Position: the handle rests on the back of the car seat.
  • Carry-bed position: the handle is upright.
  • Rocking chair position: the handle is in a horizontal position.
  • Feeding table position: the handle rests on the floor.

And with special adapters, this cradle can be installed on the sidecar chassis.

Inside the cradle is a soft liner that completely surrounds the child and his head, thereby providing additional protection and cushioning for side impacts. To protect against sunlight there is a double-sided sun visor. Inside the seat, the baby is fixed with a built-in three-point seat belt, which can be adjusted depending on the height of the child.


To summarize, I would like to say that the child car seat simply must be among parents who drive in a car with a child. All of the car seats and boosters from our TOP are remarkably recommended, and you need to choose what you need based on the weight and age of the child.

If the baby doesn’t have a year yet, a baby carrier will fit Capsula BB0+ .

Older child and need the ability to tilt the back of the chair-suitable Welldon Encore .

You want everything the same, but does the car have an ISOFIX mount? In this case, HEYNER Capsula MultiFix ERGO 3D would be perfect option.

And if the child is older and needs to be planted just a little higher in the car, to be more comfortable, choose a booster. Depending on the presence of the ISOFIX attachment in the car, HEYNER SafeUp or HEYNER SafeUpFIX .

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