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Car amplifier Audison Thesis HV venti

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Audison Thesis HV venti — buy car amplifier
286 000 hrn.
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Car amplifier Audison Thesis HV venti Car amplifier Audison Thesis HV venti
Brand: Audison
Trade name: Thesis HV venti
Type: car amplifier
Length : 510 mm
Width: 280 mm
Height: 85 mm
Channels: two-channel
Maximum power: 1600 W
Power of channel 1 (4 Ohm): 200 W
Power of channel 2 (4 Ohm): 200 W
Ability to work at 2 Ohms: +
SNR, however: 100 dB
HDF, no more: 0,05%
Built-in crossover: +
Manufacturer: Italy
Warranty / Service: 12 months
Price per: pcs

You can buy car amplifier Audison Thesis HV venti in Kyiv and other cities, delivery by ground and postal services (Ukraine only).

Manual for car amplifier Audison Thesis HV venti

Manual for car amplifier Audison Thesis HV ventiEnglish manual — free download

Specifications and description car amplifier Audison Thesis HV venti

Audison has always aimed at the highest quality. Every product is unique. It is designed and developed in order to join the very best worldwide production; its special features make it peerless. Sometimes, however, choices have to depend on technical reasons, on the fact the product must be easy to use, on market demands. The Thesis brand, which indicates absolute Hi-End audison products, aims at escaping this indisputable reality.
Thesis doesn't want to be a complete line of products, since only when Audison continuous research proves that something really special in terms of ideas, performances, materials may be created, can the development of a Thesis product begin.
If a product doesn't meet these "utmost" features, it will not be a Thesis, although it will sport the Audison brand, which always means top level performance.
Thesis is a direct link between audiophile designers and audiophile enthusiasts, who always, simply, look for the best in a common passion: listening to music.

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