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Rules: how to use a compressor motor?

Compressors for tires are becoming more popular among motorists, as greatly facilitate the process of inflating the tire. They successfully replaced the hand and foot pumps, which are rarely used. The biggest advantage of the electric compressor is pumping up tires require very little time and no need to make any physical efforts.

However, everything went well and without any problems, it is important to know how to use a compressor motor. So you will be able to get the device maximum efficiency with minimum effort and time.

 Terms of use of automobile compressors for pumping tires

What are the automobile compressors?

To get started is to learn the basic varieties of automobile compressors. Since it is important to know the features of different models.

The compressors work on the principle of divided into: piston, diaphragm and rotary.

Piston compressor — is the most popular option. The operating principle of this type of device is very simple and somewhat resembles classical mechanics of operation of the internal combustion engine. The air piston compressors used two valves. Of these, the first deflates during the main working stroke and second is required to feed air into the cylinder during the return motion of the pusher.

Diaphragm Compressor — It is small and measurements, works silently. They have made a different design. Their principle of operation is also quite simple: a working shaft with a special cam mechanism during its movement deforms the rubber plate. As a result of air trapped within the closed cavity, which is adjacent to this plate, it begins to be compressed, and then under high pressure enters into a special outlet. During the return movement the rod occurs outlet valve closing as a result of gas through the inlet is sucked in.

Rotary compressor — it is a separate species, which is usually used where need a big performance: pumping off-road tires, trucks, etc.  The principle of operation of this device is based on the use of a special rotor design. Due to this, and provides a very high performance. However, they have certain disadvantages: a large weight and dimensions, the need for regular maintenance, as well as a rather low time endurance. Therefore, this kind of compressor is not very popular, despite the good and quick work.

 Terms of use of automobile compressors for pumping tires

How to work with the car compressor?

Every driver should be able to use the motor compressor, the more that there is nothing complicated about it. It is only important to do everything consistently and correctly, following the recommendations of experts. Then everything goes fast and without contingencies.

To begin with, before tire inflation, it is necessary to deal with the type of the device. The wire compressor power can be connected either to the onboard network machines through the cigarette lighter socket or directly to the battery. This should be specified in the instructions to the device. If you do not know, look at the wire. Most of the cheaper models usually have only one connection option — via the cigarette lighter. More expensive models may have just two types of connection, they can be on the wire and crocodiles to connect to the car battery, and a connector for the cigarette lighter. Naturally, that the compressor connected to the battery, the power is usually greater. Such models of productivity and efficiency.

Once you've figured out the type of connection, then you can proceed directly to the main process.

Procedure for inflating tires:

  • First, connect the power cord to power the compressor.
  • Pick a compressor hose and screw it tightly to the nipple on the wheel. If the compressor is equipped with a pressure gauge, that you will be able to evaluate the current figure of pressure in the tires of your vehicle. And you will know exactly how much they have to be pumped up.
  • Turn the switch on the compressor by turning the operating mode.
  • The device starts to feed air into the wheel, just watch out for the indicator on the pressure gauge, there can not be over-zealous. Pump up the car wheels should be set to the level of the car manufacturer.
  • Once the desired level of pressure in the wheel is reached, turn off the compressor and carefully disconnect the hose from the nipple.
 Terms of use of automobile compressors for pumping tires

Also note that pump up the tire, or to check the pressure level therein recommended under the same conditions, which typically occurs in operation of the car. Rubber should not cool down after a trip. In order to achieve the optimum temperature after experts recommend a trip to wait about half an hour, taking into account the weather conditions. If you do not follow this rule, the pressure may not be as it should. Since the temperature has a great influence on the level of pressure within the wheel. For example, if you pump up tires in cold weather, it is then when the car reaches a warmer place because of the sudden change in temperature on the plus, inside the wheel pressure will rise. This in turn can cause a rather sad and unpleasant consequences.

Features of operation of various types of automobile compressors

When using a diaphragm compressor pay attention to the following points and recommendations:

  • Devices of this type are afraid of loads, so do not overload them. They are suitable for simple home use from time to time, for service, such models are not suitable as a high-load fast will fail.
  • The best uninterrupted working time for the compressors of this design is 15 minutes, then it is necessary to take a break.
  • Recommended for use in temperate and warm climates.
  • It may not work in the bitter cold. This is due to the fact that inside has a rubber membrane, which sub-zero temperatures quickly hardens, and then crack. This leads to rapid failure of the device.
 Terms of use of automobile compressors for pumping tires

Piston compressors construction do not have similar problems. These devices operate stably in all weather and temperature conditions and in the cold and heat. Nevertheless, for a long time without a break, they too will not work, because the piston will have to a very large load, which has a negative impact on the duration of the work. However, they can be operated without interruption longer than their membrane counterparts.

Instead of a conclusion

As you can see, any difficulties in order to learn how to use an electric compressor, no. Everything is simple, connect to the power supply, then connect the wheel and turn. The main thing to monitor the pressure level and follow the recommendations of the machine manufacturer. The choice of a particular model depends on the wheel size of your car, your personal preferences and financial capabilities. In our online store you can buy car compressor in Kiev, Odessa and Kharkov at a bargain price. Delivery is carried out in all cities of Ukraine.

TOP-3 car compressors

Best autocompressors

Looking for a quality and the best autocompressors? This rating of autocompressors is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Two-cylinder pump in the car Alca 227 000

Two-cylinder pump in the car Alca 227 000
  • ★ Productivity — 50 l
  • ★ Suitable for trucks and SUVs
  • ★ The maximum pressure is 11 Atm

Foot pump HEYNER PedalPower 215 000

Foot pump HEYNER PedalPower 215 000
  • ★ With keyless valve
  • ★ Single cylinder
  • ★ Maximum pressure - 7 bar

The compressor for the car Belavto VK45 Bison

The compressor for the car Belavto VK45 Bison
  • ★ Productivity is 90 liters a minute
  • ★ Battery powered
  • ★ Maximum pressure 150 psi (10 bar)

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