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The most common causes of false alarms in car alarms

Safety car largely depends on the quality and reliability of the set on it the car alarm. And if she occasionally starts spontaneously triggered for no reason or owner participation, it is necessary to take immediate action and seek the causes of abnormal operation, as they should be eliminated as much as possible faster.

Why the alarm is triggered by itself and what to do about it?

Why the alarm is triggered by itself?

Abnormal triggering car alarms can be caused by the following reasons:

  • discharge of the battery or leakage current in the power supply circuit of the vehicle;
  • malicious actions of the hijackers;
  • Incorrect sensitivity setting of basic sensors: shock/motion/tilt;
  • problems in the volume sensor;
  • loosened contacts tailgate closing sensors, door or bonnet;
  • a violation of the integrity of the wiring or poor connections in the wiring of the security complex;
  • the presence of electromagnetic interference near the vehicle;
  • getting into the control unit or the water contacts;
  • malfunction or be damaged CAN-bus;

What to do when a false alarm?

Consider the basic situation and what to do in a timely manner to eliminate the cause of false positives car alarm.

Attempts avtougona

The situation is, in fact, a classic: in the car at night suddenly triggered alarm, then again and again-and so several times. After several positives of the vehicle the owner starts to think that false tripping and making a huge mistake-removes the car from protection. Since the night he did not want to understand, decided to return to this matter in the morning. However, waking up, the problem no longer exists as a vehicle.

Why the alarm is triggered by itself and what to do about it?

It is often the hijackers special provoke triggering sirens, pretending that it was a false alarm and the system has a fault. To this end, they:

  • throw small objects, such as stones in the car;
  • use transmitter issuing powerful interference;
  • set the machine on the bottom of a special vibrating device, etc.

What do car owner, if he faced a similar situation? Never fully turn off the alarm or remove the car from protection. Many modern systems have a special mode of operation without a siren. You can activate it with a key fob.

In a pinch, you can manually turn off the siren. To do this, of course, you have to go down to the car to disconnect one of the wires leading to it. With this you can easily restore the peace and tranquility of the neighbors nothing else will stop and alarm still continue to work.

When buying a car alarm on is desirable to choose a model with an immobilizer function. This will protect in the event of unauthorized access. Since the offender even when you are in the car will not be able to start the engine. But it will not save the car from being driven if it is used wrecker or towing. Also note that the hijackers often do not associate with the machines, which is active hazard warning lights. At night it is very much attracts attention.

Errors when adjusting and setting the sensitivity of shock sensor/tilt/rolling

Obviously, if the sensitivity of the sensor is too high, the false positives can be a lot. He will respond to different atmospheric conditions: wind, rain, hail, etc. In addition to trigger the alarm and can because of cars passing close to, if the machine is at a busy road or in a public place.

Why the alarm is triggered by itself and what to do about it?

In modern models of alarm systems are most commonly used two-level sensors are capable of reacting both the strengths and the impact on the lungs. Sensitivity is usually adjusts the Master during the installation of security complex, in accordance with the recommendations contained in the instruction manual.

Disable sensor if the signal is no apparent reason constantly activated, can be mechanically or programmatically by disconnecting the connector.

Sometimes the cause of false alarms can be a bad sensor fixing. Sometimes it is fixed to the body with plastic straps, which can have a few years of operation, to lose integrity, it will lead to the fact that the transmitter will hang on the wire and operate virtually from anything any vibrations in the air, even a very slight breeze. Therefore, always check the reliability of its fastening.

rattle or weak contact tailgate closing sensors, door and hood,

This is often the case during the operation of old cars until 2005 onwards They use special contact sensors (also called end fitting) fixing the closing of the doors, hood and trunk. And they are, unfortunately, quite often come into disrepair. A sign of such a malfunction can be a problem when you try to put the car on guard. If the key fob is activated every time, you should think.

The most common failures are observed in sensors installed in the driver's door, as they are most in demand. And even after closing the door with the help of the central locking system, they can still be opened immediately. To fix this, it is necessary to adjust the curtains and door locks brackets. If this does not work, you can try to replace themselves directly limit switches.

In more modern vehicles typically use electronic sensors. And if the alarm will fail because of them, then I have to immediately lock the entire unit.

Why the alarm is triggered by itself and what to do about it?

The discharge or leakage of the battery in the power supply chain

If the battery runs down to a critical parameter, it can lead to abnormal situations. Since the alarm will not be able to work steadily.

It is also worth remembering that the bilateral alarms are often equipped with a mode in which you can check the voltage indicator in the vehicle electrical system. If it has fallen below 11.5 V, keychain will give a special tone. When this happens, it is important to immediately check the battery voltage, and also to see whether the on-board network gaps in the chain, through which the energy drain, which also leads to the fact that the battery is not getting enough power.

Modern security systems are characterized by low level of consumption, often in the protection mode does not exceed 15 mA. If a leak is present, the battery is charged and in working order, the car alarm can without any problems and any disruptions to work up to six months at the time of the car parking and an additional battery charging will not demand.

The presence of electromagnetic interference

The technical documentation for any alarm manufacturer usually indicates the level of noise immunity of its products. Note, however, that in urban areas there are often separate areas, where the level of intensity of the electromagnetic field much higher than normal, this can cause fights. Most often, a lot of noise near:

  • the main power lines;
  • the base stations of mobile operators;
  • trolleybus and tram overpasses;
  • large industrial zones.

And the impact on the interference driver can not. The only option available to avoid problems due to the electromagnetic radiation-find a parking space away from possible sources of this radiation

Why the alarm is triggered by itself and what to do about it?

Problems with wiring car alarm very

When the alarm is set not experienced experts, there may be serious errors due to disturbances imparted to the wiring. Even if everything is set up properly, in compliance with the accepted standards, in a few years various glitches can begin, as the mechanical wear and broken wires integrity at their joints.

In this case, of course, you can try to repair the wiring. But more often, if the lesion is already global in nature, the experts recommend completely dismantling the old alarm and set it on a new place.

Fault in CAN-bus

Many of today's security systems have the ability to connect the CAN-bus, with her help, they receive information about the condition of the vehicle. CAN-bus, in essence,-a special local area network linking together in a single whole all the basic building blocks of a vehicle control. And if earlier, in order to control-closed the doors and trunk, alarm should be associated with the appropriate sensors, in the presence in the car CAN-bus alarm system connected to it and can get access to all the data: the temperature in the cabin, engine condition , doors closing, and more.

Technically CAN-Bus-a twisted pair of low and high level. If the integrity is broken, the signal flow may be interrupted or only partially. As a result, signaling can find such a state of penetration attempt, leading to its activation.

To restore normal operation CAN-Bus is better to turn to professionals. Since this is a fairly complex task that requires specific knowledge and experience.

Why the alarm is triggered by itself and what to do about it?

The damage from falling into the water

This is a fairly common problem. Typically, a standard car alarm installation location is the space under the dashboard near the left post. It is for rack water can penetrate to block signaling. A similar problem may be encountered in the autumn, during the rainy season. If the drain becomes clogged under the windshield, then the moisture will penetrate into the interior, so it is advisable to monitor the condition of the plums and periodically cleaned.

If the water has got into the main unit alarm, perform the following steps:

  • Turn off the engine, remove the battery and disconnect the terminals block;
  • very carefully disassemble the unit body, and with a soft brush and rubbing alcohol to clean the mounting plate (use a solvent prohibited, it should be just alcohol)
  • dry thoroughly fee for this is allowed to use hair dryer, but the temperature should not exceed 130 ° C.
  • to assemble everything back as it was. And connect the alarm.

Problems in volume sensor work

The sensor volume is not used in all vehicles. However, if it is available, but it was installed incorrectly, it can cause false alarms, for example, to passers-by. In this situation, it is recommended to first temporarily dismantled, and later on their own or with the help of professional artists set up its work and to choose its optimal location, which will allow to reduce the likelihood of false positives to a minimum.

Why the alarm is triggered by itself and what to do about it?

As you can see, the problems may be many, and it is important to react to all signals. Remember that on the serviceability and reliability of the car alarm depends on your mind. It is not necessary to accumulate the problem, because most of them can be quickly eliminated.

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