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The pros and cons of the alarm with engine startup

When choosing a new alarm on the car drivers often face certain problems, since the market is now offered a huge variety of models with a variety of functionality. The car owner can choose how cheap one-way and more advanced models of bilateral or even GSM-alarm signaling. All of them are used to protect vehicles. But there is a signaling and a number of special features that facilitate the driver lives. For example, the autorun.

 pros and cons of alarm with auto motor

In this article, let's take a closer look at what this feature is that it gives, which has advantages and disadvantages. If you know all the features, you can decide for yourself: do you need this option or without it is quite possible to manage and pay for Autorun is not necessary.

Alarm with auto start: features and purpose

Manufacturers of automobile anti-theft systems have added to their device engine AutoRun feature for quite some time. And now this option enjoys quite popular, many drivers praised her highly. So what is it and how it works?

Auto Motor – feature that allows the driver to start the engine and include a variety of life-sustaining functions of the car remotely from a distance. This feature also allows the motor run in automatic mode. For example, can be configured to autorun works not for the forced team, and the timer after a specified time interval. In addition, you can configure it under certain conditions:

  • car battery charge level has fallen to the set critical exponent;  
  • predetermined time has come, according to a timer;  
  • a saloon car air temperature reached the specified index;  
  • under the hood observed the set temperature.
 pros and cons of alarm with auto motor

It is necessary to pay attention to what you set your alarm is not critical, since the principle of operation in alarm with auto largely the same. It all comes down to the fact that the alarm system activates the engine starting, on command from the remote key fob control or timer as soon as the conditions specified by the user settings. Locking mechanisms are automatically switched off and the engine is started. As a rule, modern system with engine start alert car owner about it by sending an appropriate message on a keychain or mobile phone, depending on the specific model of the signaling. 

The advantages of using a car alarm with auto

The drivers are actively using this feature, identify several fundamental positive aspects:

Increased operating comfort of the car

When available in the winter, the driver can take care of the heating of the passenger compartment that will not let him freeze to death inside, you no longer have to wait in a cool cabin while the car warmed up. In the summer, on the contrary, you can pre-start the air conditioner while you are still in the apartment, and while it comes to the car interior will have time to cool down to a comfortable temperature.

 pros and cons of alarm with auto motor

Save Time

Using this option, the car owner can no longer lose time normally spent on warming up the engine. Until it reaches the machine, everything will be in working condition and the machine will be completely ready to move into the path of.

Not afraid of the cold, the engine starts in any weather

To do this, we need only to configure Autoplay given temperature. This will help ensure automatic start, not allowing the motor to cool down to critically low temperature. About the launch of the problem will be forgotten, even if the thermometer drops to a few tens of degrees below zero.

The increase in the working life of the power unit of the car

The use of automatic startup of engine temperature protects super cooling, therefore, all the basic elements of the engine are not subject to heavy wear. In such circumstances, the car engine will last much longer.

 pros and cons of alarm with auto motor

Cons alarm installation with auto

In addition to the positive qualities, have the use of such an option, and some negative aspects. This is also important to know that then after the purchase did not have any unpleasant surprises. Among the disadvantages are the following:

The increased fuel consumption

It is natural that when you start the engine, the gasoline is burned, you have to be ready. If we choose startup setting temperature, in the winter the engine can be switched on, even several times a night. That is, some existing fuel in the tank just burn «empty ».

The risk to plant a car battery

To run the required electricity, which consumes a starter every time when you try to start the engine. Therefore, to the morning not to be in the « with nothing » with fully shrunken battery, be sure to set a time limit for motor operation, it should not be less than 10 minutes in the settings. This would be sufficient to energize the battery and fill spent on start-up charge.

You can not forget the handbrake

It is important that the machine is not «escaped» with parking space, put the handbrake on it is necessary. However, during the frost it can cause some problems. Brake pads with a large red, per night can simply freeze. The risk increases if the night was rain, and then sharply hit a frost. Under such conditions, before you put the car on a manual brake, recommended several times to press the brake pedal.

 pros and cons of alarm with auto motor

Reducing theft protection

To connect startup in most cases you want to crawl regular immobilizer, which to some extent contributes to the fact that the hijackers would be easier to open the system. However, if you put the car on the night of the guarded parking lot or in their own garage, this disadvantage is not critical. In addition, if you are using a modern multi-functional security system, such models typically have many opportunities to protect and counter the hijackers even at the institution vehicle.

Should I buy an alarm with auto start?

In the light of all the above, it is easy to conclude that the main task of alarms with auto – to provide additional car owner comfort during operation of the vehicle. And with this, such systems cope quite successfully. Of course, at startup, there are some drawbacks, but they are not very significant. The only big drawback of such security systems can be called the increase in fuel consumption, since it entails additional financial costs. But if you want to get maximum comfort and it is more important to you, then for convenience, as elsewhere, have to pay. But you get the possibility to always ride in comfort and do not waste time to warm the passenger compartment and engine. And time, too, as they say, money. And sometimes it is even more important.

If you are not sure and do not know whether you need this option in the vehicle, and whether it makes sense to buy an alarm with auto start, the experts recommend that before you go in the automobile to weigh all the «+» and «-». It helps to consider all the pros and cons for you to make the right decision based on your personal needs.

 pros and cons of alarm with auto motor

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