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Overview of marine speakers Hertz HEX 6.5 M-C and HEX 6.5 C-W

The acoustics of a series of Hertz Marine has long been one of the leaders in marine acoustics segment. Moreover, the manufacturer is constantly improving its products and expanding its range of proposed speakers. In this article we consider the features so the possibility of such models as Hertz HEX 6.5 M-C and HEX 6.5 C-W. The dynamics are different in appearance, and on the working parameters are analogues.

 Overview of marine speakers Hertz HEX 6.5 MC and HEX 6.5 CW

Design features

Like other speakers in this series, this model is suitable for mounting both on the deck of the ship, and the various forms of transport: kvadrotsily, scooters, buggies, etc. They are not afraid the scorching sun, salt water and high humidity

With the creation of this marine acoustics manufacturer all provided, there are no parts made of aluminum, so the design is less susceptible to corrosion. Plastic is resistant to UV light and does not become brittle in the sun. Also for easy installation, as the yachts and boats often do not have regular places for speakers, special grills are provided.

All the materials are selected taking into account the features of the operating conditions. They meet the strict standards of ASTM-D4329, which ensures reliability and long life.

These speakers meet the standard of protection IP65, that is, the speaker system is protected not only from moisture, but also not afraid even a direct exposure to water. That is, you can not be afraid, this is an excellent choice for installation in any kind of import of transport or equipment.

 Overview of marine speakers Hertz HEX 6.5 MC and HEX 6.5 CW

As has already been said, both speakers Hertz HEX 6.5 M-C and the HEX 6.5 C-W, there is a difference only in the color and design of the protective grille — HEX 6.5 C-W slightly larger than with equal diameter diffuser. But this in no way affects the functional parameters.

There is also a difference in the method of high-frequency transducer mounted: HEX 6.5 C-W has the classical central post, and in HEX 6.5 M-C, it is fixed directly onto the grill, further has a protection in the form of a perforated metal plate


Both speakers have the same structure of the main sound radiator, which has received the diffuser diameter of 165 mm millimeter voice coil 25, a reliable magnetic system comprising a ferrite magnet and the suspension of Santoprene, which is stable to UV exposure. Spacer washer made of special aramid fiber, which further comprises a silicone impregnation.

They have a standard for 6,5 inch diameter mounting speaker — 128 mm, small installation depth — 61 mm. The outer diameter of the acoustic HEX 6.5 C-W increased slightly, about a couple of centimeters, this is done at the expense of a bayonet fastening the grill.

 Overview of marine speakers Hertz HEX 6.5 MC and HEX 6.5 CW

The protective grille is securely fastened to the basket bayonet mount, it is very firmly fixed to the inside does not leak moisture. Twitter is mounted on a rack, to ensure the highest integrity index has ribbed, tight and taped to the counter, and the diffuser. Additionally, he received phase equalizing body 2 on pylons similar structure have many acoustic Hertz brand systems installed in automobiles. Such a solution is very good to show themselves, so the manufacturer has decided to implement it in its marine acoustics.

Technical indicators

As for the operating parameters, it is all quite decent looks.

The manufacturer indicates the level of power of these speakers:

  • 50 W — rated operating value;
  • 100 W — the maximum peak value.

The sensitivity was 88 dB. Acoustics works over a fairly wide range of frequencies from 45 Hz to 25,000 Hz


 Overview of marine speakers Hertz HEX 6.5 MC and HEX 6.5 CW

The mobile system easy enough, and the suspension — soft, thanks to a design able to reduce the resonant frequency. Separately, we note that the speaker is characterized by small and relatively smooth nonlinear distortions. All this is very beneficial effect on the quality of the speakers sound.

Features of sound

Since the dynamics on yachts and boats are often installed above the deck, for example, cut into a locker or bulkhead, the engineers decided the most careful approach to the issue of optimization of sound chart in the vertical plane. This is important because the acoustics should not give distortion to the sound was smooth and realistic.

As a result, we managed to achieve excellent performance. Sound from the speakers Hertz HEX 6.5 M-C and the HEX 6.5 C-W high-power output and a saturated, mid no sags, vocal sounds maximally natural. Very good detail allows you to enjoy your favorite songs in high quality. Of course, to best unlock the potential of acoustics is recommended to connect an external amplifier to them, then they will work in full force and effect.

 Overview of marine speakers Hertz HEX 6.5 MC and HEX 6.5 CW

Summing up

New items please not only good sound and high manufacturing quality, but also an affordable price. Among the benefits you can highlight a good sensitivity and a wide frequency range. Acoustics has a good dispersion and decent bass potential, there is a certain power reserve. If you are looking for marine acoustics for installation on a boat or just speakers with good sound that can be a long and stable work in the open air, not afraid of direct sunlight and moisture, these models will be an excellent acquisition.

In the online store you can always buy marine acoustics Hertz in Kiev with the delivery in Ukraine. We have a wide range of models in different price categories.

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