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Nuances of night driving

Even drivers with extensive driving experience prefer to give up overnight trips. But what if it is inevitable? Then you need to know how to operate the machine at such a time and what to do in order to protect yourself as much as possible from a possible accident.

Vehicle Requirements

In the case of night trips, it is important that the car was fully operational and complied with all the rules of the road. So, according to the traffic rules, your car must be present:

  • work lights;
  • good turn signals, brake lights and side lights;
  • highlighting the number of cars;
  • a functioning sound system.

As you can see, this seems to be very simple rules that should be taken for granted, but some drivers in practice do not adhere to them. Pay attention to the following recommendations, they are not written in the textbooks, but will improve the safety and comfort of night trips:

    • Clean glasses, everything: rear, side, front. So you will better see the situation on the road from different sides, and besides, these windows are less mirrored.
    • Availability of all necessary fluids : oil , brake fluid and everything. Everything should be filled to the required parameters, because pouring it all on the road, and even in poor lighting is not a pleasant job. You can buy car lamps in Kharkov, Odessa, Kiev with delivery in Ukraine on the site

  • Janitors
-and who said that it will not rain this night? Weather forecast? But he can be wrong, so the wipers must be in good condition and generally present in the car.

  • Spare wheel-you will fall into an exciting adventure, and if you don’t have one, you can fall into a hole and break a tire. You will have to stand at night on the road and ask for help from other drivers who are not particularly responsive, especially at night.

"Old men"-the drivers may grin with a promise: everything works for us, and for 5 years of driving I have never been in an accident. But who said that the next trip will be all right? Therefore, check everything before leaving at night is a guarantee of a safe ride.

Driving at night

Driver Requirements

The most important link in a safe and comfortable trip at night is the driver himself, who, according to physiological laws, should sleep sweetly in a soft bed, and not roll out over the night city. But there are exceptions that can be completely safe if you follow these recommendations:

  • One hour we go, 10 minutes rest. Effective rule for long trips. So you can not get tired on the road and quickly get to your destination.
  • Forget about calm music that plays the role of a lullaby: you will fall asleep faster than you will reach it.
  • A passenger in the front seat should talk to you, not sleep. You will look at it and on a subconscious level you will want to sleep even more.
  • Coffee, energy, water-this is an extra reason to stay in the toilet than some kind of effect against fatigue.
  • You do not need to eat a lot: with a full stomach, you want to fall apart on the couch, well, do not sit behind the wheel.

A driver with strength and energy for a trip is the key to a comfortable and fast ride. If you know in advance that at night you will have to stay awake, take an hour’s sleep during the daytime.

Driving a car at night

Types of roads: what you need to know

This factor plays an important role in safe movement. All types of roads can be divided into 4 general groups. Consider each of them, the specifics of trips to them:

  • City traffic. We recommend moving closer to the center, because drunk citizens can “fall” on the road and get under the wheels of your car. Slow down and increase the distance, because there are a lot of non-responsible drivers with a complete lack of logic now.
  • Major highways. Riding on such roads is the safest. One of the main conditions is the observance of the speed limit. We recommend especially to observe the interval of movement.
  • Secondary roads between settlements. Here we advise to reduce the maximum speed and not to drive the horses forward. The quality of roads is often more complicated and variable: a piece is good, a piece is terrible. Therefore, for the safety of your own car, it is better to choose a calm pace.
  • Countryside directions. Here you can overtake a lot of problems, because even during the day it is not recommended to drive on such roads. As a rule, the road is terrible, so you can get into different pits.

Of course, if you need to go even on a bad road, you will go on a journey. But following the recommendations will allow you to improve the comfort of the trip and, of course, its safety.

If you can avoid a night trip, use it. It is better to hit the road early in the morning. And, by the way, if you choose this type of travel because of time savings, then we hurry to disappoint you-most drivers think so, therefore, the speed of movement to the appointed point may not differ at all from the day trip.

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