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How to choose a blower?

Blower — special landscape gardening tool, which is quite easy to operate. It is mainly used to remove debris and foliage. Despite the relatively simple design, is now manufacturers offer different types of devices of this type, so not everyone can immediately decide for themselves how to choose a blower? We will help you make the right choice, we will tell about the features, technical and necessary features that will help you choose the perfect tool for your gardening needs.

How to choose a blower?

Types blowers

Three main types can be distinguished:

  • Standard blower — small, compact tool that will help get rid of the accumulation of debris and leaves. They are used for cleaning of sidewalks, yards, parks, driveways, etc.
  • Blower cleaner — a more powerful version, but blows off and vice versa — sucks debris. They are also equipped with: a trash bag and additional tips. With their help, you can also clean the surrounding area of ​​debris and leaves.
  • Backpack blower — This type is usually utilities and road-repair organizations. It is a powerful professional tool designed for cleaning large areas of garden and park complexes. They can work longer than others and have a special backpack straps ensure maximum comfort during operation.

Main Specifications

Among the most important parameters in order to determine the effectiveness of the instrument are as follows:


Characterizes the amount of air pumped by the blower, measured in m3/h. Each device is equipped with a turbine pass a certain volume of air at a specified rate. Performance is determined by the ratio of these two indicators. This parameter will depend directly on the amount of garbage that the tool is able to move at a time.

How to choose a blower?

The speed of the air stream

Shows the speed of the air supplied to the turbine unit, measured in m/s. The higher it is, the greater the distance the tool will move the trash. That is such a machine will clean a large area for a much shorter period of time. In addition, high speed makes it possible to move a greater mass of objects, that is, the blower will be able to cope with any debris. For example, powerful tools with high blowing speed may move the damp leaves, small branches, snow, ice and even stones.

When the priority of speed, and when the performance?

It's all quite simple. If you have to work in a large area where there are few trees and fallen leaves small volume, the best way to use a blower with a small capacity but high enough rate. This will enable faster to navigate through the site, blowing debris and leaves a greater distance. The work in this case, takes less time and effort.

If you are working on a large area with a large amount of debris, it is best to choose a device with great speed and performance.

If you have to clean the small area of ​​land, such as the patio of a country house with lots of fallen leaves, then here it is important to look at the performance, it is desirable to take more. But the air flow rate in this case is less important.

Also pay attention to the fact that high speeds can be a disadvantage, for example, when it is necessary to use the device in a closed room or near the outer walls of the house. Too much air flow very quickly will scatter debris, and some of its particles can strongly scatter, bounce off the walls and fall into the windows, etc.

How to choose a blower?


The first thing you should decide-the power supply. All models are divided into two groups:

  • Power — This blower type is more easy to use, because they do not have to mess around with the fuel, and the engine does not require any special maintenance. They are divided into two types-storage and networking. The first to be safe and mobile, not tied to a wall outlet, but there are also negative — lower power and limited time of operation on a single charge. The second more powerful, but often require an extension cord because the power cord length is limited, and not all he can get.
  • Petrol — powerful, productive and self-contained, ideal for working on large areas. Among the shortcomings can be identified — the relative complexity of the operation and the high cost of one hour of work. They are not meant for indoor as well as a petrol engine emits during operation in an atmosphere of harmful exhaust gases, which is accompanied by an unpleasant odor, and at high concentrations in the environment can cause human poisoning.

The amount of grass catcher

In order to collect the drawn using a special garbage bag hanging in the garden vacuum cleaners. Its size may be different. Strive for the highest level is not necessary. Since emptying the grass catcher is recommended more often, and wear a big heavy bag around the site is not very convenient. In addition, network models is a non-critical parameter, especially for models with the chopper function, which reduces waste volume by 5-10 times. Some grass catchers do not have to be removed from the vacuum cleaner, as they have a special zipper, it is very convenient.

How to choose a blower?


The main modes in the blower can be two: the blowing and suction. Ideally regimes must switch instantly, it will make cleaning as simple as possible. However, this approach requires the use of two pipes at the same time, which increases the weight of the structure and makes it less productive, so most of the models have to stop and change their configuration.

Vacuuming apparatus happens if the suction port is fixed funnel, and located after the outlet tank for collecting debris.

To enter the blower mode to set a special outlet tube having a tapered tip which forms the directed jet of air, increasing the pressure.

Grinding function

As we have said, this is a useful feature. Be sure to check with the seller that can grind concrete model garden vacuum cleaner. At least the device must deal with fallen leaves and grass. Ideally, even with small branches. The presence of such an option simplifies operation, saves space in the grass catcher and get to the exit crushed a homogeneous mass, which can then be used as a natural fertilizer. Shredders "waste"-an excellent organic fertilizer for the soil, and can also be used for sheltering in case frost plants, so they are easier suffered cold

How to choose a blower?

Where blowers are used more?

Garden vacuum cleaners come in handy on only in the garden or in the park to clean the leaves, it can be used during construction works. With it, you can quickly and easily remove wood chips and shavings.

You can also use a blower to fill some spaces light bulk materials, for example, the space between the walls it can fill dry urea formaldehyde wool.

The powerful models also come in handy in the winter, they can easily cope with the fresh fallen snow, which can be easily blown off the tracks or from the car. Of course, with sleet this trick has not done.

Remember to choose a good vacuum cleaner blower or garden, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances and the tasks for which the tool will be used. In our online store you will find a large selection of models and will be able to buy blower in Kiev, Odessa and Kharkov with delivery throughout Ukraine.

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