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How to choose the snow thrower?

snow tools designed to facilitate snow removal process. There are different varieties of snowplows, which is used for different tasks in the home or in the professional sphere. So the choice of device must be approached very carefully, in order to facilitate the task of finding the best model that will meet all your needs, we will look at all the major types, classes and types. This article will help to answer the question: how to choose the snow thrower

How to choose the snowthrower?

What are the snow machines?

Two key components of the design of these units can be distinguished: the motor and the screw.

On the engine type:

Power. Radius of their work is limited to the length of the power cord. Besides power, they yield to gasoline counterparts. They are suitable for cleaning freshly fallen snow with a heavy load such devices can not cope. Therefore, they are recommended for use in small areas, such as country houses to clear paths and pavements. They are comfortable, lightweight and relatively cheap.

Storage. Is a subspecies of electric snow thrower. Mobile and not tied to a cable outlet. However, the power of these devices is low. In addition, they are very expensive and require constant recharging the battery, so not very popular.

Petrol. Equipped with a gasoline internal combustion engine, autonomous, mobile and have a high capacity. They can work in areas where there is no access to the electricity network. In need of refueling with gasoline, oil changes and periodic technical inspection. As a result, they are more expensive to operate. However, their service life is several times higher than the power.

By type of screw used (Bucket):

Plastic. Suitable for cleaning only a light fluffy new snow when the cover is small. By strong load it can be damaged, it cracks.

Metal rubber. This option removes very carefully. It can easily cope with both loose fresh snow and wet snow. Metal provides strength and durability.

Steel gear. Such a screw type may have the form of knives or large independent from each steel spirals. He will cope with any snow, even ice from the ice chunks.

How to choose the snowthrower?

By type of drive performance:

Self-propelled. Requires the use of physical force, since such a device would have to push ahead. Such models are relatively cheap and suitable for home and garden, perfectly clean the snow on flat ground. Not suitable for cleaning of floors and thick heavy snow. As a rule, all electrical snow machines belong to the non self-propelled.

Self-propelled. Most often this gasoline models. The engine has the necessary capacity for the rapid rotation of the axle, which ensures progress. They can work on any areas and in areas with any type of terrain. Their price is higher but the operating comfort and performance they are much better.

Self-propelled snow removers can also be divided into 2 types:

Wheel — manoeuvrable and lightweight, these devices are only designed to work on smooth surfaces. Wheels they have a special profile, providing good traction on ice and snow. In high snowdrifts such units may slip.

Crawler — less maneuverable than the first, but doing a fine job with the work on difficult terrain. Have a high permeability. However, such models are more expensive than the wheel.

How to choose the snowthrower?

The main parameters that should look for when choosing a snowplow

Engine power

Obviously, the more powerful the snow thrower engine, the faster and better it will be to clean the snow. However, the increase in power leads to an increase in equipment cost.

There are several types of snow removal equipment on the engine power:

  • 3-4 l. with (4000-5400 W) — clean on the porch, at the exit of the garage and perform other minor works;
  • 5-6 hp (6800-8150 W) — able to clean up the territory of 6 acres;
  • 8 l. from. (10800 W) — able to clean up the area to 10 acres;
  • 10 hp (13600 W) and above — intended for use on an area of ​​1500 m2.

Height and width

These options allow you to evaluate the performance of the work snow thrower. The higher the value, the machine can cope with a wide and high snowdrifts.

These options depend on the class of device:

Height capture

Working width

  • Household — from 20 to 32 cm;
  • semiprofessional — from 35 to 50 cm;
  • Professional — from 50 to 60 cm.
  • Household — from 30 to 55 cm;
  • semi — from 55 to 70 cm;
  • Professional — from 70 to 100 cm and above.
How to choose the snowthrower?

Emissions Range

This option depends on the power of the engine installed in the car. Long range ejection devices need to be used for working on large areas of space (over 1,500 sqm). Small emission range is enough for snow removal in small spaces.

According to the casting distance of all the machines can be divided into 3 classes:

  • Home — micro-device class (3-4 meters), mini class (2-8 meters), medium-class (up to 10 meters);
  • semi — up to 15 meters;
  • professional — up to 19 meters.


It is characterized by the amount of snow, which is able to drop the snowplow one hour of work. Typically, measured in tons per hour (t/h). Manufacturers sometimes it snow thrower indicate like cleaning area per hour (m2/h).

The performance of all the machines can be divided into 3 classes:

  • Home — aggregates of small class (up to 8 m/h), medium-grade (up to 10 m \ h);
  • semi — 30 t/h;
  • professional — up to 90 t/h.
How to choose the snowthrower?

Species snow fence systems

In this parameter, all of the devices for snow removal can be divided into three groups:

  • Single Stage. The easiest option, which is used in electric and small gasoline self-propelled units. The auger collects snow, and then transmits it to the ejection deflector. Design have vulnerabilities because the screw has to rotate at high speed in order to accurately hit the snow chute.
  • Two-step. Have a more complex structure. The device has an additional rotating mechanism — impeller or rotor. The impeller is made of metal, usually it is knives with 3-4 blades, which are used for the grinding of the snow, before being introduced into the socket for ejection. These machines work faster and more efficiently first.
  • Three-stage. It is believed that this is the most productive ejection system. Such devices are used for cleaning large areas, when it is necessary to clear the snow quickly. Their design provides two lateral and one central screw. The side raking the snow, and then in the central crushed. The impeller rotates, mixing snow and at high speed with great force pushes it into the gutter.

Type of emission control system of collected snow

Socket to throw snow moves in two directions, rotation, and angle. It can be rotated 180 degrees to the left and right. At the top of the chute has a special knee, allowing to change the angle. What he will be greater, the more the device will burn to throw the snow. Flare is controlled in different ways, it can be:

Manual mechanical . The angle is adjusted manually on the ladle. This is time-consuming and not very convenient as it is required to stop the snow thrower first. But it is the most inexpensive option.

Remote mechanical control . Changing the angle of inclination occurs using special levers or knobs on the dashboard. The advantage is that everything can be done without stopping the machine while it is running.

Remote electrical . The most convenient and technological option. And manage a range of emission angle can be from the instrument panel, using a special joystick. It's very simple and easy adjustment is carried out during the snowthrower movement.

How to choose the snowthrower?

Additional useful features

Many companies-manufacturers equip their snow-removal device a number of useful features that make their use more comfortable and effective. The most popular among them are these:

  • Heated handles. This is very useful when have to work in the cold. The hands do not freeze on the handles. This feature significantly improves the comfort of operation snowthrower.
  • Highlighting. The presence of illumination in the form of lamps or spotlights facilitate snow removal, if you are working in the dark.
  • Auto-rotate. It provides convenience, since the machine responds rapidly to operator movement. No need to make additional efforts.
  • Differential Lock. A very important factor for this type of technology-it is maneuvering. Expensive models usually have a wheel lock system. At the time of the rotation pins system prevents the movement of the right or left wheel. Taking into account the part of the rotation. Locked wheel is not moving, and the other rotating, pivoting. This makes it easy to turn heavy machine even women, adolescents and other people who have a lot of physical strength is not enough. Leverage blocker controls are typically located under the arms.

Remember to choose a good snow-clearing equipment, it is necessary to take into account all your important settings. In our online store you will find a large selection of models and will be able to buy snowthrower in Kiev, Odessa and Kharkov with delivery across Ukraine.

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