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How to make body temperature monitoring drivers with the help of GPS-tracker Teltonika?

Before the owners of companies engaged in cargo transportation, constantly raises many challenges. For example, now in a pandemic COVID-19 is a very important organization in body temperature monitoring system drivers. And it is very important to automate this process with minimum human involvement, and by reducing contact between the staff to a minimum. And there is a solution for the optimization process, you can use GPS-tracker Teltonika with Bluetooth connectivity, combined with additional modern electronic devices. This option is highly efficient and does not require major changes to the standard scheme of the enterprise.

How to monitor body temperature drivers with help of GPS-tracker Teltonika?

The essence of the problem

Businesses who continue to work in conditions of increasing the risk of spread of COVID-19, forced to quickly solve the serious issues, such as what can be done to minimize the risk of contracting the virus personnel that struck the whole world. This is important because of the work of carriers often depends on delivery of critical public goods: medicines, foods, hyenas funds etc


One of the rules that the authorities have introduced in many countries to prevent the spread of COVID-19, is a mandatory body temperature checks of employees. It is necessary for timely identification of people who may have symptoms of the disease, prevention of infection and other workers providing essential patient health care professional.

However, often large companies with many staff experiencing some problems with the organization of such controls. As drivers and freight forwarders typically work outside the office, check their temperature possible unless before departure.

How to monitor body temperature drivers with help of GPS-tracker Teltonika?

Under normal circumstances, an additional staff allocated to such monitoring, which is armed with a thermometer measures the temperature of all drivers and other staff. This ensures the security of jobs. However, such testing is time-consuming, especially since experts recommend carrying out these measurements at least twice a day. Ideally, monitoring should be performed during the working time.

But what if some drivers in the garage I stop every day, because for a long time are in international travel. For these purposes you can use a specialized GPS-trackers with Bluetooth connectivity. This will allow obtaining real-time data and thus the cost of their purchase will not be superfluous, as the tracker allows you to simultaneously address a variety of useful tasks for business: tracking of vehicles, fuel consumption control, and many others.

The order of solutions

To organize monitoring, you will need not only directly tracker, but also specialized devices that can monitor in real time the body temperature, it can be: smartwatches, fitness trackers, wristbands, bracelets and other devices, which are often used modern people to monitor their health. As a rule, it is small compact devices that are worn on the wrist, and can keep track of different body parameters: heart rate, pressure, temperature, etc.


bracelets having tracking function of body temperature, determine the temperature of the skin surface and then fed alert if fix occurrence of fever or other health problems. This will allow time to react and take the right preventative solution to limit the possible spread of the infection.

How to monitor body temperature drivers with help of GPS-tracker Teltonika?

It is very important that in order to connect to the tracker and the identification of potential patients can use any model of smartwatches and fitness bracelets from any manufacturer. The main thing is that they have a function of measuring body temperature, and Bluetooth connectivity. It's the most affordable way to organize remote monitoring of drivers in the state of the road.

This system works as follows:

  • The driver wears a bracelet with the temperature sensor.
  • The device communicates via Bluetooth with a GPS-tracker Teltonika. You can use any tracker of this brand, as all models feature a built-in Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE).
  • After a successful connection, the smartwatch or bracelet gauge readings, skin temperature and pass them to the tracker. You can independently configure the time interval after which the data will be transmitted, based on the needs of your company.
  • Tracker all the collected temperature data of the body forwards by the GSM network to a special server, which are then fed to the control vehicle fleet manager, which receives operational information and can take a decision on the health of the work of a staff member.

As a result, the company obtained the ability to remotely and cost-effectively control the temperature of the transport group of employees who are on the way. In addition, it prevents the spread of the virus across the country, which also has the necessary positive impact on the situation as a whole.

Driving system implementation is as follows:

How to monitor body temperature drivers with help of GPS-tracker Teltonika?

Advantages of using tracker Teltonika

Using a tracker Teltonika has a number of positive points that allow us to speak about the effectiveness and feasibility of implementing such technologies in the work of the major transport companies. Among the most important are the following:

  • Easy Remote body temperature monitoring employees, not only those who work in the office and is available every morning at the site, but also those who are most of the time out of the office, on the road or even in another country.
  • This is a versatile solution that can be used in the logistics business of any type and profile. This system is suitable for monitoring the state of freight forwarders, carriers, international and domestic courier and postal services, and many others.
  • Available options for many workers. You can for your business to choose the most suitable device including the GPS-tracker Teltonika taking into account not only the organization of the temperature monitoring system, but also able to assist in resolving other important business objectives: control of fuel consumption, check the distance traveled, route tracking and other.
  • The use of such a system saves time and budget, especially if you already have installed on vehicles operating Trackers Teltonika with Bluetooth.
  • disciplining staff, helps to prevent potential costs, if the virus is spread among many employees, which can result in downtime and additional losses.
How to monitor body temperature drivers with help of GPS-tracker Teltonika?

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