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Helpful hints: how to extend the life of a pressure washer

Mini pressure washer is a useful and necessary thing, and of course everyone wants it to work efficiently and for a long time. From this article you can learn a few secrets on how to care for a high pressure washer and prolong its life. If you follow these simple tips, the device will work for a long time and without fail.

Useful tips: how to extend the life of a high pressure washer

Relieve pressure in a timely manner

We recommend that you remove air from the pump before turning on the device. Few people do this, although this rule is indicated in the instructions for all mini-washes. This requirement is associated with the fact that excess air accumulating in the pump causes a mini-hydroblow-a sharp increase in the load on all the main mechanisms of the device. Therefore, always after turning off the device, pull the trigger of the gun to release pressure. Unfortunately, not everyone is studying the instructions, despite the fact that this is very important. Air in the pump can cause serious damage. Please note that if the sink breaks due to incorrect use, then you can forget about the free warranty repair.

Do not pull the trigger on the gun

Surely many just unnecessarily pressed the buttons on the gun mini-washes. However, if you do it just like that, just to play around, you can do harm. Remember that the gun of the washing device is a complex mechanism, inside there is a whole system of springs and joints. Clicking it more often than necessary, you expose all elements of the gun to unnecessary load. Such clattering can cause rapid wear of the mechanism, which quickly fails.

Rinse the foam nozzles

Rinse the foam nozzles thoroughly

Foam is a caustic chemical compound with a high concentration of alkali. Drying on the surface of plastic nozzles, it can not only clog the passage, which further complicates the work with the device, but also corrodes the details of the foaming agent. Experts recommend using only high-quality and certified detergents in high-pressure washers. On the packaging of the correct product should be written that it is suitable for contactless washing. Such compositions are more gentle, both for the most minimoyki, and for the car that you will wash. However, you should not neglect the rules, even if you use super modern and high-quality cleaning compounds. After completing the washing operation, it is always necessary to thoroughly rinse the blowing agent, then the device will last much longer.

Useful tips: how to extend the life of a high pressure washer

Do not throw the car wash in the winter in the garage

Devices of this type are very sensitive to low temperature and are afraid of freezing. Therefore, it is simply impossible to store them in an unheated garage. It is very important that the room is at least 0 degrees. This is due to the fact that in secluded places inside the mini-wash after use, water may remain. When it freezes, the water expands, which can cause small cracks and an accelerated failure of the device.

Make sure that the set runtime is not exceeded

Each device has its own manufacturer-specified time for continuous operation, as a rule, this value is indicated in the instructions. And this cannot be neglected, if the manufacturer indicated that the wash can work for 20 minutes, and then it needs to be turned off for 5 minutes to allow it to cool, then you need to do just that, and nothing else. If you do not follow the operating instructions, you can overload the motor, which often causes the device to fail.

For example, take the sinks of the popular Karcher brand, for models of different classes their own time limits are set:

  • The washing machines of the K-2 and K-3 series with a brush motor are recommended to be turned on for no more than 15 minutes. This is due to the fact that brush motors are afraid of overheating. Therefore, exceeding the set time period can cause serious problems. Since even the existing air system is about refrigeration is not able to guarantee stable operation under increased engine load.
  • The middle class models related to the K-4, K-5 series and having a brush motor can work up to 20 minutes, then they still need a short break.
  • Class 5 devices equipped with a brushlessmotor and a special water cooling system are able to withstand loads during continuous operation for 30-40 minutes.
  • The longest work among household devices can boast Karcher K-7 minions. Such devices can easily wash any car without the need to stop, since the permissible time for continuous operation is an hour.
Useful tips: how to extend the life of a high pressure washer

Use must be as intended

Obviously, different models have different capabilities and a specific purpose. The performance characteristics of each particular device are designed for a specific washing surface area. If the instructions for the minimoyk say that it is suitable for washing bicycles and caring for small cars, then do not try to use it to wash the truck. The device will work for wear, and due to overload, the motor can quickly fail. If a low-class pump is used in the sink, then it will have a low-powermotor, and the motor resource of such a device will be lower than its more powerful counterparts. If you give such an apparatus an excessive load, then you just kill it.

Use water filters

Typically, water for filling the sink is taken from an ordinary city water supply, relatively speaking, it is considered to be "clean", but in reality this water is very far from ideal. In it, as a rule, a large amount of salt, minerals is dissolved, even particles of heavy metals can be. And all these chemical elements will gradually settle on the pump.

If you use a special fine filter, you can significantly extend the life of the sink, since it will work really in clean water. The price of the filter is relatively small, especially when compared with the cost of new high pressure washers or their repair. Please note that the filter must also be cleaned periodically, since there is a special cartridge inside it designed to trap salts and small particles of debris. To remove everything that has accumulated inside after the device has been working, you need to untwist the cartridge and rinse thoroughly.

All of these rules are quite simple, but their application will allow everyone to successfully use their minimoyk for many years.

Useful tips: how to extend the life of a high pressure washer

If you don’t have a car washer yet, then you must buy it. It is convenient and allows you to quickly and accurately remove any dirt and dust from the surface of the car and wheels. In addition, minimoyki indispensable in the country or in a country house. You can always buy a mini-washer of high pressure in Kiev, Odessa or Kharkov in our online store

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