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How to teach a child to ride in the car seat?

If you want to protect your child when traveling by car, without a special car seat can not do. But here it is important not only to choose a quality model and fix it correctly in the cabin of the vehicle, but also a baby seat in it and fasten tightly, according to instructions. But sometimes it is at this stage there are difficulties: the child does not want to sit in a chair, he turns, naughty, sometimes comes to severe tantrums. What should parents do in such a situation? In this article, we take a closer look at this issue and try to answer it.

How to teach a child to ride in the car seat?

Why a child does not want to sit in a car seat?

In fact, the reason may be very different. But experts there are three main groups, the most common causes. About them we'll talk.

The reason №1: the child simply uncomfortable to sit in the car seat

If the new car seat your child uncomfortable, then this could be the main reason for moods. For example, a child may rub the belt, he numb legs, uncomfortable back. which presses etc. Such discomfort will cause dissatisfaction small passenger, and as a result of the whims and tears.

The reason for this may be that you picked the wrong model, taking into account height, weight and age of the child. Or due to misaligned fasteners. Before you put the baby in the car seat, be sure to check the position of the seat, the backrest should be comfortable, at what level is the headrest, its height should correspond to the growth of the baby, as well as the position and strength of belt tension. It is important to comply with the rule, between the child's body and the straps should fit easily two fingers. That's enough to keep the passengers firmly and do not push.

If you decide to take the car seat with a margin size «for growth», then for a comfortable ride worth using special inserts for newborns, additional overlays on belts, shock-absorbing pads and other special accessories. To the child in the car seat was not hot it is recommended to use the old cover, which is made of natural breathable fabric. more often from 100% cotton. In winter, it is best to shoot in the cabin outer clothing, of course, that in the interior should be a comfortable temperature of the baby is not freezing. Without clothes, it will be convenient to sit and easier to fix. In addition, he did not have to sweat in the warm thick jacket.

How to teach a child to ride in the car seat?

The reason №2: resentment, discontent or protest

A child alive, and he can be in a bad mood, it can be offended, jealous, etc. All this is reflected in his behavior. In the car, it will act up and scream, all kind expressing discontent. In this case, the best way — sit down and talk quietly with his son or daughter, if you discuss what ails the child, it is possible to negotiate and resolve the problem. If the child is upset with you because of something, promise that more will not do so, and will not allow such a situation in the future. Even small children, whose parents do not take seriously, already understood by all. Very often the cause of discontent and whim of the child — neglect by parents. Children react very badly if adults do not pay attention to them. With a toddler always need to talk, not suspend, and do not be cold, ever-busy adults. Child – also a member of your family and it is very important and need to communicate.

Reason number 3: the child feels bad

If a little tired of the passenger or his condition worsened, he most likely will not sit quiet in the car seat. Try to create the conditions for a comfortable baby sleep: Lower the back of the chair, place a pillow under his head, cover the shutter box, provide a quiet.

If a child with a long ride cradles, give him a drink of cool water, offer candy or small pieces of lemon. Sometimes nausea saves this technique: you have to look out the window into the distance, on the horizon line, or straight ahead. Please note that infants cradles are very rare, usually it affects children two years of age and older.

How to teach a child to ride in the car seat?

What can be done categorically?

Parents can not long endure the whims and often crying baby and take him in her arms. This is very dangerous and is strictly prohibited. Such behavior of an adult can cause a fatal error. Hands — it is not an alternative to a child car seat. At the time of sudden deceleration of the car, even the smallest kid dramatically gaining weight up to 300 kilograms or more. No matter how confident in their abilities, but hold off on the child impact of any one adult can not, especially since usually everything happens suddenly and react quickly and correctly, few have time. Therefore, carry a child in the car can only be in the chair. If he does not want to sit in it, you have to look for an alternative, possibly another chair or persuading a child. Without seat ride is very dangerous!

How to teach a child to a car seat: expert advice

The reasons for refusal of the car seat and whims, as we see, is very different, and in each situation to act in different ways. However, there are some general guidelines that can help teach a child to the child car seat. Ideally acquaint baby with car seat should be already at birth, putting it in a special avtolyulki. It you exactly need to pick up my mother from the hospital with the baby. If the baby since birth will be traveling in the car seat, for him it will be very familiar, and he would not mind getting into it later.

How to teach a child to ride in the car seat?

But the older child to instill the love of children's chair is quite possible. There are some important rules that will help teach a child to ride in the car seat:

  • Show by example. Everyone knows that the children are very much repeated for adults, and if the parents get in the car, they should always be fastened themselves. Looking at it, the child sitting in the seat, will copy your behavior and problems in order to fix the retaining strap is not. Enter all in his car rule: as long as at least one passenger is not buckled, the car does not hit the road.
  • Allow time to get used to. Put the car seat in the baby room and allow him to explore the purchase. Perhaps he even wants to volunteer to sit in it. Fasten the seat in the cabin and gradually increase the duration of the trip.
  • Create an atmosphere. You can use the tablet and favorite cartoons' child. Suffice it to fix the gadget to the child and start playback.
  • Use toys. You can try to sit in the car seat to your favorite soft toy your child and fasten it. And then it is important to tell why it is done and it is very important for the security and protection on the road.
  • Give your child into the hands of children wheel. Play the role of the driver's children are much more interesting than being a mere passenger. If you give into the hands of a toy steering wheel and assign the child a second driver, who is responsible for safety, you can be interested in it and avoid problems. You can even give the game realistic, printing children «right» in the name of the child, and pasted his picture there.
  • Encourage and praise. Upon arrival, be sure to tell the child that he is a big boy, if he behaved well and sat quietly. Come up with any of his promotion: it can be a treat, a new toy, cartoon viewing and much more. You know yourself and your baby will be able to find what it sure to please.
  • Do not forget the chat. If the adults in the car a few, then some passengers can distract your baby fun and entertaining conversation. Show him the interesting objects or animals outside, discuss what's happening in the street. Children very quickly addicted and forget about moods.
  • Arrive just sleep. The easiest way to carry a child sleepy. If you know the approximate graphic his child, you can adjust the travel time so that it fell on his naps.
How to teach a child to ride in the car seat?

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