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How to pick up the horn in the car-the main types and features of installation

The horn in the car is an important and necessary element that should be in every vehicle. And if it is out of order or does not perform its functions properly, then the driver begins to think about buying a new device. And then a new problem arises in front of him-which option to choose and what to consider when choosing a means for issuing signals?

The main types of horn

How to choose a horn in a car-the main types and features of the installation

The main purpose of the audio signals is to alert pedestrians and other drivers. They are the so-called means of communication between all road users. Among the range of klaxons presented by many manufacturers, there are devices that can give different signals: howl, squeak, buzz, make different scare and fears, even screaming sounds. In addition, many audio signals differ in shape, size and technical characteristics. Therefore, when choosing, it is certainly worth considering these nuances.

There are the following types of horns:

1. pneumatic;

2. electromagnetic;

3. electronic.

Each type differs in the power of the sound produced and the principle of operation, as well as, some options, the presence of a number of subtypes.

Pneumatic Signal Features

How to pick up the horn in the car-the main types and features of the installation

These klaxons for a car function according to the following principle: the compressor is supplied with compressed air through a pipe, this provokes vibrations. These signals can reach power up to 125 DB, and the frequency ranges from 320-415 to 810 Hz. These indicators are very different for different types of pneumatic sound signals. In addition, in order for such an “orchestra” to come out, it is necessary to receive pressure of at least 6 atmospheres, then the device will produce a whole melody. However, to do this, it is necessary to program the airborne sound signal, and also to have enough space in the engine compartment.

Types of electromagnetic models

How to choose a horn in a car-the main types and features of the installation

In these beeps of the main component there is an electromagnet, it is connected to the device's membrane. Meanwhile, the breaker connects the source of electric current with the core winding, and its mass, using the button for the signal. By activating the button, the core of the core is activated, it begins to produce oscillatory movements. They thus create membrane vibrations.

Electromagnetic beeps are distinguished by the level of the sound emitter:

  • disc beeps. Can be both folding, and integral, the last option is smaller in size. By type of execution allows you to install the device and under the hood, and on top of the car. Distinguish these signals of one- or two-tone type, they are quite easy to install;
  • "Snail" beeps. They are quite difficult to install, differ in the curved shape of the pipe, and they are larger in size. The power of their signal is 118 dB, and the frequency-510 Hz. They are considered so-called phonographs that have a strong effect on human hearing. Having a two-tone snail signal, equipped with a relay that feeds electrical pulses alternately on each of the windings, you can get a beautiful melody;
  • carob signals. They have the form of a straightened "snail", they are also called automobile horns. A horn of this type is installed from the outside of the car; when mounted in the engine compartment, a significant decrease in the volume of the signal can be traced.

Each type has its own unique form and specifications. For a more detailed acquaintance with them, you can consult with the manager of the online store when you purchase or independently explore these nuances on the site.

Electronic beeps

How to choose a horn in a car-the main types and features of the installation

In these devices, the main component is a chip that generates the sound of the required frequency, then it transmits it to the loudspeaker. The power of sound reproduction can reach up to 110 dB, relative to frequency, it is very different in different models and varies in a wide range.

These devices are characterized by versatility and ease of operation, operate on a voltage of 12 or 24V. In addition, different models reproduce all kinds of sounds-from ordinary monochromatic signals to whole melodies.

Custom solutions

Sometimes fans to experiment, install a locomotive horn in the car. It differs in rather big power, can promptly attract the attention of pedestrians, other drivers. And to install it, you need enough space in the engine compartment of the vehicle.

The disadvantage of this type of sound signals is the inability to use them in the city, since the driver will have to pay a fine for a very loud signal. In addition, their use requires a good sound insulation in the car.

What do we take into account when choosing horn

How to choose a horn in a car-the main types and features of the installation

It is especially important when buying audio signals to pay attention to their technical characteristics, since this factor directly affects the efficiency of work and the use of the device. The result of poor selection can be poor quality work, it will interfere with and annoy the driver, and, as a result, can break down very quickly.

1. The volume of the signal. Most car owners believe that very loud signals are effective, but this is not the case. Very often, a high volume becomes an irritant for the driver and passengers. Therefore, the average volume ranges are more optimal, their frequency can be no more than 120 dB.

2. Frequency range. This factor directly affects the type of sound, the higher it is, the more penetrating the sound will be. For bass lovers, it is better to choose models with low frequency ranges.

3. Voltage. It depends on the probability of installing the signal in the car. A 24-volt horn is suitable for trucks, for cars and minibuses-a signal with a voltage of 12V.

4. The number of signals. Different horn models are completed with one or several beeps, the sound intensity of the device depends on their number. If the car owner prefers a large volume of sound, then he may have enough car audio with one beep.

5. Power consumption. It is very important when choosing to take into account the energy consumption factor, since there are some models of horn that consume up to 25A. This may cause a fast battery discharge.

The last, no less important factor is the sound of the signal. Despite the variety of options and the absence of prohibitions on the tonality of sounds, there are still some nuances. For example, the so-called "quacks" is forbidden to use, failure to comply with this rule may result in a fine. Also, do not use non-standard sounds, they are, not surprisingly, are not effective, they very rarely react.

Installation Tips

How to choose a horn in a car-the main types and features of the installation

Installing the horn, you need to position its mouth forward, this will ensure that the sound propagates in the right direction, and not inside the cabin. In addition, it is important to pay attention to:

  • mount-a poorly installed horn may shift due to vibrations or shocks. As a result, the device, the contacts and the parts near you will be damaged;
  • location-it is better to set a sound signal near the battery, if this is difficult to do, then at the time of purchase you need to take into account the strength, level of protection and length of the wires;
  • beep size. When buying it is important to take into account this factor, because it depends on the probability of installation under the hood. If there is extremely little space, then you should think about choosing models for outdoor installation.

Regarding the installation, it will not take much time and effort. For installation, you must connect the horn through a relay or a breaker with a power source. Instructions for the instrument can help, on average, with proper understanding and installation, it will take no more than a few minutes.

Finding the best option for your car will be easy if you contact us on the site. Here is a huge assortment of various models of horn of different shapes and sizes of famous manufacturers. Are you looking for car audio ? Buy in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, you can at Delivery in Ukraine.

TOP 3 car audio signals

Best car audio signals

Looking for a quality and the best car audio signals? This rating of car audio signals is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Audio air signal Vitol CA-90103 / ES-0103 / 40W

Audio air signal Vitol CA-90103 / ES-0103 / 40W
  • ★ Used in law enforcement agencies
  • ★ Equipped with a powerful 40W loudspeaker
  • ★ With three sound keys

Autosignal Vitol CA-13004 / Elephant 1

Autosignal Vitol CA-13004 / Elephant 1
  • ★ Signal with air sound type
  • ★ Signal length — 45 cm
  • ★ Ideal for off-road vehicles

Sound air signal Vitol CA-13036 / Elephant 1 pipe (metal) 400 mm

Sound air signal Vitol CA-13036 / Elephant 1 pipe (metal) 400 mm
  • ★ Sound pressure parameters: 139 - 115 dB (at a distance of 2 m)
  • ★ Signal frequency level 630 - 680 MHz
  • ★ Installation of this signal is possible on all types of car bodies

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