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Trunk electric drive — hands-free automatic trunk opening!

Nowadays, motorists are increasingly choosing cars with an electric tailgate. You must admit that the automatic opening of the trunk makes life much easier for any driver. But what about those who do not have such a function in the car? For this, Gazer has developed electric drive systems that are manufactured for certain brands of vehicles.

How the device works

The system kit includes two metal servos, which are installed instead of the factory gas stops, a central unit, a lock for the tailgate and control buttons. Opening/closing can be done in several ways. Without leaving the salon, you can press the button near the driver, or press the button on the key itself (if such a function is provided on the key fob). Also, when the car is disarmed, it is possible to open it with a button on the tailgate itself. And the last way is opening with a swing of your foot in front of the rear bumper of the car (this requires an optional sensor).

How the device works

In the event of a breakdown in the car's electrical equipment or in the absence of power, the design of the servos allows you to open the tailgate manually.

Required opening height

This feature is very useful for those who use a car park with a low ceiling. When the tailgate has risen to the desired height, then to stop it, you need to press the button in the cabin or inside the door and do not release it for 3 seconds. Then the system will emit 2 beeps and save the set opening level. Subsequent openings will be carried out by the specified amount. To change the level in the future, it is enough to increase the height manually and save it by pressing the buttons in the system.

System open notifications

Gazer electric drives, depending on the model selected, have audible or visual alerts. The sound ones are supplied complete with the speaker, and the visual ones inform about the opening/closing of the tailgate by blinking the turn signals. The indicator lights are also directed towards passers-by. This is to ensure that the door does not damage anyone.

Contactless opening

Contactless opening

There is a possibility of contactless opening using a command on the factory key. The supplied lock works all year round. It is not afraid of temperature extremes, as well as moisture and dust, as it has a high degree of protection, which corresponds to the international standard IP67.

Swing leg opening (optional)

To implement this option, it is necessary to install a special sensor that will record the command for the swing of the leg.

This feature will be appreciated by those whose hands are constantly busy with grocery bags, or mothers with small children. The trunk can be easily opened without hands by sliding your foot under the rear bumper.

In order to avoid false alarms in parking, this option will only work when the engine is off.

Swing leg opening

Responding to any obstacle

The most important advantage of Gazer electric drive is its safety of use. When opening/closing the tailgate, in case of interference, the servo will stop and start moving in the opposite direction. This applies to both external and internal obstacles.

For example, if, when opening the trunk, your child suddenly finds himself behind the car, the door will never open. The same applies to accidentally dropped things and the owner's fingers. Things will remain intact and your fingers will remain intact.

Advantages of Gazer electric drives

In conclusion, I would like to say that Gazer electric boot lid drives will not only increase comfort, but also save time.

The main advantage of this system is that it always brings the tailgate to close. Therefore, you do not need to worry that the trunk will suddenly open when driving or there will be problems with arming.

Convenient use

Our online store offers a huge range of Gazer electric drives, including:

  • TG-XZ for Volvo XC40 2017+
  • TG-W639 for Mercedes Vito 2016+
  • TG-W213D for Mercedes E class 2016+
  • TG-W213 for Mercedes E class 2016+
  • TG-W212 for Mercedes E class 2009-2016
  • TG-V8WS for Mitsubishi Pajero sport 2015+
  • TG-UZ for Volvo XC60 2017+
  • TG-UM for KIA Sorento 2014-2020
  • TG-TLN for Hyundai Santa Fe 2019+
  • TG-TL for Hyundai Tucson 2015+
  • TG-RW for Honda CRV 2016-2019
  • TG-RM4 for Honda CRV 2012-2016
  • TG-QL for KIA Sportage 2015-2018
  • TG-NU7 for Skoda Karoq 2017+
  • TG-NS7 for Skoda Kodiaq 2016+
  • TG-KF for Mazda CX-5 2017+
  • TG-GH for Honda HRV 2015+
  • TG-GFW for Mitsubishi Outlander 2012+
  • TG-DZ for Volvo XC60 2008-2017
  • TG-DM for Hyundai Santa Fe 2015-2016
  • TG-DK for Mazda CX-3 2014+
  • TG-B8 for Skoda Superb 2015-2020
  • TG-AD1 for Volkswagen Tiguan 2017+
  • TG-A50 for Toyota RAV4 2019+
  • TG-A40 for Toyota RAV4 2013-2018
  • TG-7P5 for Volkswagen Touareg 2010-2018
  • TG-5N2 for Volkswagen Tiguan 2007-2017.

At you can buy electric drives for the luggage compartment cover in Kiev, Kharkov or Odessa with delivery across Ukraine.

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