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The experience of the driver, parking sensors and a rearview camera-what works best when parking

Many of the drivers are interested in how effective modern technical facilities for parking, and how they help the driver. It is believed that only good skills and experience can allow the driver to maneuver easily and without any problems.

The experience of the driver, rear parking sensors and camera kind-that works best when parking

Driving without PDC, how well developed your intuition?

When the driver during parking uses only his eye estimation, then it is very difficult to determine exactly how close the rear bumper to the obstacle. A person in this situation have to rely on their personal experiences, skills and luck. Parking can be quite time-consuming, because the driver has to closely monitor everything that happens, always be focused, to analyze the situation, with only the data that he could see in the rearview mirror and the side mirrors.

Experience shows that an experienced driver can stop the car very close to the barriers-up to 4 cm from the obstacle. But are capable of only those who have more than one year behind the wheel and have a good practice. The majority of drivers, according to surveys, confirm that when making maneuvers often rely on experience and intuition much more than on the rearview mirror. That is, if no auxiliary means, the man is to rely only on themselves and their driving skills, which is why many novice drivers have problems is with the park, as it is difficult to properly sort out the situation. This led to the fact that the various technical means have been created, designed to protect and facilitate the task.

Modern parking systems-faithful assistant in all conditions

Most used car Parktronic sensors are able to inform the driver of the approach to the obstacle, when the car pulled up to a distance of about one and a half meters to it. This is enough for a person to be able to react in time. And modern sensors can detect a variety of objects, including moving: running child, dog, taken off the road ball, and more. That is, the installation of the sensor not only helps during parking time, but becomes part of an integrated vehicle safety systems.

The experience of the driver, rear parking sensors and camera kind-that works best when parking

Parktronics usually warns the driver of approaching the obstacle special sound signals, as well as some models have a monitor, which displays visual information. If the machine is closer to the object very close, about 25-28 cm, the device delivers a very loud sharp and continuous signal. The icon lights up the screen, warning that the car is practically at the obstacle itself. These centimeters, as practice shows, enough to make even a novice driver had to brake and avoid a collision.

Features parking camera with rear view

If the driver during parking uses a rearview camera, it allows him to see well what is behind his car. This is convenient, since the mirror does not provide such a review, and much remains hidden. The camera image is displayed on-board computer or multimedia system, some models support the marking function, which facilitates the maneuver. On average, when using the camera driver can stop 12 cm from the obstacle. It is approximately 2 times smaller than the radius of action of parking sensors.

It is worth noting that many drivers who use the cameras say that convenience in this case depends not only on the quality of the lens and the optical device, but on the right of the selected location and angle. Always pay particular attention to this when installing the video camera, the driver has to see everything that is happening behind the car.

The experience of the driver, rear parking sensors and camera kind-that works best when parking

Summing up

So, what is better? Parking sensors, a rearview camera or all of these modern heaped super funds are not wanted, and without them everything is fine? Let's look at each option individually.

Warning System-the perfect solution for drivers who feel behind the wheel while still not very confident. The sensors are easy to install in any situation, time will give the signal that the machine is close to the barrier at a dangerous distance. They help to stay close enough to the obstacle course Assam experienced driving them exactly and can play, but parktronics have a certain stock, and this was done deliberately. Those extra inches really important when driving in heavy city stream. That is, the sensors will not only help quickly to park, but be warned about the dangerous proximity to other cars while driving or carrying out various maneuvers.

The rear view camera-can be used both independently and in conjunction with the parking assistant. The main drawback of this option is that it can be difficult to navigate at first, as the picture on the screen is small and need to learn it to scale to park without hitting the adjacent car, a fence or a wall.

The experience of the driver-it is difficult to argue with him, but he does not come immediately, but only after many years and thousands of kilometers. And the master sometimes also confronted with unexpected situations, no one is immune from mistakes and may not be 100% sure of the accuracy of maneuver. Sometimes on the road are different obstacles and interference that can be skipped and do not notice in time. Therefore, even experienced drivers will not damage the installation of parking sensors, because such a system significantly increases driving safety. Technical means not only compensate for lack of experience and give the driver confidence, but also provide additional insurance in case of emergency. Therefore, if you can best protect themselves on the road, to simplify your task when parking, why not do it. Especially because there are modern parking systems are relatively inexpensive.

The experience of the driver, rear parking sensors and camera kind-that works best when parking

That is, the conclusion is very simple-the installation of modern parking systems, no one hurt. This is an additional insurance against the unexpected. Sensors and a rear view camera are an excellent complement to the experience or reliable assistant for those who are just starting to drive.

In the online store you can buy parktronics, mirrors and camera rearview in Kiev, Odessa and Kharkov at a very good price, delivery in Ukraine.

TOP-3 parktronics

Best parking radars

Looking for a quality and the best parktronics? This rating of parktronics is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Parktronic with LED display Baxster PS-818-09

Parktronic with LED display Baxster PS-818-09
  • ★ The presence of 8 sensors with connectors
  • ★ LED display
  • ★ Sensor diameter — 18 mm

Parking system Gazer PA40R

Parking system Gazer PA40R
  • ★ Installation on rear bumper
  • ★ 4 sensors
  • ★ Diameter of sensors 22.5 mm

Rear parking sensors Pioneer ND-PS1 for SPH-10BT

Rear parking sensors Pioneer ND-PS1 for SPH-10BT
  • ★ 4 motion sensors
  • ★ Maximum detection distance - 2.5 m
  • ★ Use at temperatures from -30° to 80° C

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