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Automotive Articles - Automobile Refrigerators — за 2019 year

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Types of car refrigerators: principle it working and features of operation


Which type of refrigerator for the car is the most productive and is ideal for long journeys, and which one is best to take with you to the country or picnic? Overview of different types of car refrigerators that are offered by manufacturers, design features and functional parameters, their main advantages and disadvantages. all…


Types of cold accumulators and rules for their use


What is a cold battery? This article describes the main types and features of their operation. You will also learn about the principle of their work. all…


Practical tips on choosing a car refrigerator


Tips for choosing a portable refrigerator for a car: important points regarding the choice of the design of car coolers and the functionality of car refrigerators. Features of temperature regimes of thermal containers and other refrigeration equipment. Appearance and features of thermoboxes, thermo bags and refrigerators. all…


Thermobag — necessary thing for long trips


The importance of using a thermal bag on the road or in nature. The principle of operation of an insulated bag. We select a cooler bag: what needs to be taken into account when choosing – the volume, material, design and additional elements of a car thermo bag. Use the insulated bag for the car correctly. all…

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