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Practical tips on choosing a car refrigerator

Practical tips on choosing a car refrigerator

With the arrival of spring, the heat, many motorists with their friends or families gather in nature. In this case, very often there is a need for a portable refrigerator where food can be kept chilled or, conversely, hot.

However, always before buying a lot of questions arise about what device to choose, what to consider when selecting? Let's look at the example of practical advice from experienced users of auto-refrigerators.

The design of refrigeration equipment

Practical tips on choosing a car refrigerator

First of all, you need to decide whether you really need a cooling device when traveling or outdoors, at the cottage? After all, the main purpose of such devices is to preserve food and drinks in good condition, so if you often have to carry food with you, this unit will be very helpful.

The auto-refrigerator should fully function in the car, there are options that work:

  • autonomously, without electricity. These include thermo bags and thermal containers, as well as gas refrigerators;
  • from the mains in the car. Should take into account the fact that these auto refrigerators operate on 12 or 24-volt DC, which is in the car.

In the case of using a portable refrigerator in the country, in a hotel, in another room where there is an AC source of 220V, then when choosing, you need to take care of the availability of such an option. In the absence of this function, you can purchase an adapter (voltage converter) from 12 to 220V.

We should also pay attention to the size and volume of a portable refrigerator. Regarding the first factor, the driver must take into account the place in the car, where the device will be located. Therefore, before buying, you need to decide on the location – so that the refrigerator does not interfere with the placement of passengers, other things needed during the trip.

Regarding the volume, then the user's personal preferences are taken into account – in the car refrigerator all the food and drinks that need to be kept in the cold should fit. Sometimes the location and number of bottles with water, other drinks that can fit in the thermal container is important. This factor is taken into account by many manufacturers and this is indicated in the characteristics of the selected model.


Practical tips on choosing a car refrigerator

To work the auto-refrigerator should fully, despite the conditions of movement of the vehicle. It should not be affected by shaking, bending or vibration during the trip. Simple devices, such as thermoboxes, isothermal or thermoelectric bags will fully work in any conditions. And other types of equipment, such as compressor refrigerators, must be used with this factor in mind. Such devices require a special compressor having a suspension for the possibility of torsion in different directions, without losing performance in all driving conditions.

A very important factor is the presence of a battery discharge fuse. After all, very often there are cases when the driver forgot to turn off the refrigerator from the network after turning off the engine. In this situation, the device will be able to put the battery in less than a day. Thus, using equipment that operates on the network, it is necessary to select models with the specified function or to buy this fuse separately in order to protect the battery from premature discharge.

Temperature readings

Practical tips on choosing a car refrigerator

The temperature inside the autorefrigerator must comply with the possible indicators for the normal storage of food and beverages.

1. For frozen food products, it is necessary to keep from -0 to -18 degrees, such indicators can be obtained using compressor refrigerators or expensive thermal containers.

2. Fresh vegetables and fruits are stored at a temperature of 3-10 degrees above zero, such indicators can provide any device – as a regular thermo bag, and thermobox.

3. Drinks, respectively, are stored at 0-3 degrees, for them it is better to use thermoboxes that have the necessary volumes and the function of storing drinks.

Another important factor is the time of maintaining the required temperature inside the auto-refrigerator. The duration of the preservation of cold or, conversely, heat, must be no less than the duration of the trip itself, to the destination.

Another criterion, which is extremely important for some users, is the possibility of cooling products. Only a powerful compressor refrigerator can handle this.

External important points

Practical tips on choosing a car refrigerator

We will separately consider the following features of the exterior design of a car refrigerator:

  • the lid of the container should be well closed to avoid falling out of food and drinks from the refrigerator during sudden or sudden changes in driving style;
  • the cord must be of sufficient length for convenient use when the vehicle is plugged in;
  • when using a thermobox in a portable form, it is necessary to choose options with convenient handles for transporting or carrying the car to the right place.

When choosing a suitable model, you should take into account these nuances in order to choose the best option for use when traveling outside the city or to the country. If it is difficult to make the right choice, you can contact the managers of our online store. They will be happy to provide information about each product, and together it will be possible to choose the optimal model of refrigeration equipment. At you can buy refrigerators in the car in Kharkov, Odessa, Kiev with delivery in Ukraine.

TOP-3 car refrigerators

Best refrigerators in cars

Looking for a quality and the best refrigerators in the car? This rating of refrigerators in the car is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Refrigerator in car Vitol BL-219

Refrigerator in car Vitol BL-219
  • ★ 19 liter capacity
  • ★ Power supply 12 or 220 V (via adapter)
  • ★ Powered by cigarette lighter

Car refrigerator bag Mystery MTH-22B

Car refrigerator bag Mystery MTH-22B
  • ★ Size 22 l
  • ★ Cooling - up to 15 °C below ambient temperature
  • ★ With adjustable detachable shoulder strap

Car refrigerator Mystery MTC-243

Car refrigerator Mystery MTC-243
  • ★ Size 24 l
  • ★ Cooling - up to 16 °C below ambient temperature
  • ★ With heating function

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