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Types of car refrigerators: principle it working and features of operation

Auto-refrigerators-an indispensable thing for summer residents, travelers, lovers of outdoor activities in nature, as well as fishermen and hunters. They can take with you on the road the necessary supply of food, just to have a snack or set a big table for a company of friends. Such refrigerators are also often used by pharmacies to transport drugs. These devices are specifically designed to keep the temperature low inside in the summer; the contents in them stay cold for a long time. If the machine has such a unit, you can not worry about the fact that something in the way will deteriorate.

Types of automobile refrigerators: principle of operation and operation peculiarities

However, what kind of car refrigerator to choose? Now on the market you can find a lot of offers from different manufacturers, which are very different not only in appearance but also in their functional parameters. Let's look at what types of portable road refrigerators exist, what are their features, advantages and disadvantages.

Types of auto-refrigerators

All refrigerators that can be installed in the car and are designed to ensure on the road to provide the low temperature necessary for long-term storage of stocks of provisions and drinks can be divided into 4 large groups:

  • compressor;
  • absorption;
  • thermoelectric;
  • isothermal.

All of them differ in construction and operation, so they have different technical parameters that determine their main purpose and operating conditions.

Compressor Automobile Refrigerators

The most powerful and productive models that are able to quickly cool the contents to sub-zero temperatures, and many devices provide freezing to -20 ° C. By their principle of operation, they are reduced copies of standard household household refrigerators that stand in every modern kitchen. Cooling in them is ensured by the presence of a powerful motor-compressor, refrigerant and evaporator. One type of refrigerant is familiar to all freon.

Types of automobile refrigerators: principle of operation and features of operation


  • able to quickly pick up low temperatures;
  • in them, the contents are not only cooled, but also frozen;
  • many models have a system for adjusting the operating temperature;
  • as a rule, these are large and volumetric devices-from 50 to 250 liters (but about 10-30 liters are also on sale in the market);
  • most often they work both from the on-board network of the car, and from a standard outlet with a voltage of 220 V;
  • unpretentious in operation and resistant to external climatic factors: guaranteed to provide cooling for any changes in ambient temperature within the climate class specific model of the refrigerator;
  • even after a power outage, they can keep cold inside 12 12 hours and even more;
  • have very different designs, both vertical and horizontal models are available.


  • during operation, the compressor creates noise;
  • As a rule, all models are dimensional and weigh a lot;
  • high price.

Thermoelectric auto-refrigerators

These are fairly simple in design refrigerators, which work due to the fact that the current passes through the semiconductor wafer in the walls of the case. They are able to cool the contents by about 18-20 ° C from the ambient temperature. As a rule, they have an average size, their volume rarely exceeds 50-60 liters. They work mostly from onboard 12V, but there are models that can also be connected to a standard 220V power supply.

Types of automobile refrigerators: principle of operation and operation peculiarities

Please note that if the possibility of changing polarity is provided in the refrigerator, it will bet not only cool but, if necessary, warm the contents. Convenient if you like to travel all year round. Then cold drinks are always on hand in the fridge in winter, and in the winter-– hot lunch

But you should not overestimate the ability of these auto-refrigerators. Do not think that you should put a bottle of water in it in an hour and get it cold. The peculiarity of thermoelectric models is that it is recommended to put already cooled products in them, as the rate of temperature increase is rather low in them, especially if warm products are placed inside. They do not have a compressor and temperature controller.


  • work completely silently
  • environmentally friendly, as they do not use refrigerant;
  • the ability to use both for cooling and for heating;
  • a relatively small price.


  • small volume;
  • The temperature inside the refrigerator is directly dependent on the temperature of the air around the device;
  • low cooling rate, especially when compared to compressor models;
  • when they turn off the power, they keep the cold for a relatively long time – just a few hours.

Absorption (gas) refrigerators for the machine

Refrigeration units of this type perfectly keep the temperature, they are recommended to be used for long journeys by car, campgrounds, long stops in the “wild” raquo; places. They are able to lower the temperature inside the chamber 30 ° C below the environment. Ammonia is used as a refrigerant in this type of appliance, its circulation occurs due to heating — gas or electric.

Types of automobile refrigerators: principle of operation and operation peculiarities

Absorption car coolers can work from a standard 220 V network, from a cigarette lighter – 12B, and from liquefied gas. It is the latter that provides maximum convenience and wide possibilities for using these devices. Powered by gas allows you to save the working life of the battery on long trips. In addition, it is relatively inexpensive, for example, a 6-liter gas bottle should be about enough for a week of continuous operation a fridge up to 60 liters with a small freezer.


  • work almost silently
  • can work in the absence of electricity, on gas;
  • economical, consume very little energy;
  • models of the most different sizes are offered, and even with a separate freezer;
  • they have a temperature control system.


  • do not like shaking, so they are not suitable for off-road, in such conditions often break;
  • The temperature inside depends on the ambient temperature;
  • high cost.

Isothermal Refrigerators

This type includes various thermoboxes and thermo bags, which allow you to ensure short-term preservation of food cold or hot, you can usually store them for no more than 12 hours. They are great for use on the road, on holiday in the woods or on the beach, traveling, etc.

Types of automobile refrigerators: principle of operation and operation peculiarities

As a rule, their construction is extremely simple – plastic or fabric case, and inside a special layer of insulating material. Different materials can be used as thermal insulation – polypropylene foam, polyurethane foam, aluminum thermoplastic other.

To maximize the time to keep the low temperature in this type of thermal coolers, special cold accumulators and dry ice are used.


  • ensure the safety of products without access to electricity;
  • easy to maintain;
  • are lightweight;
  • environmental friendliness – they do not have refrigerants, while all materials are tested and safe for food;
  • can both keep cold and keep warm inside;
  • bags and boxes are offered in a variety of sizes, their volume can be from 5 to 150 liters;
  • low price.


  • The temperature inside depends on the ambient temperature;
  • they cannot cool the contents themselves, only maintain the stability of temperatures inside;
  • To maintain a low temperature inside, you must additionally use special temperature batteries.
Types of automobile refrigerators: principle of operation and operation peculiarities

As you can see, there are many types of auto-refrigerators. When choosing it is worth looking at for what purposes you plan to use it. For ordinary trips outside the city, a simple and inexpensive thermobox is enough, but for long journeys with children it is better to choose compressor or thermoelectric models. You can buy a refrigerator for a car in Kiev, Kharkov or Odessa at any time in the store

TOP-3 car refrigerators

Best refrigerators in cars

Looking for a quality and the best refrigerators in the car? This rating of refrigerators in the car is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Thermoelectric car refrigerator Mystery MTC-401

Thermoelectric car refrigerator Mystery MTC-401
  • ★ Volume 40 l
  • ★ with heating function
  • ★ Cooling to 12-16° C below ambient temperature

Car refrigerator Osion BCD-60

Car refrigerator Osion BCD-60
  • ★ High-performance compressor
  • ★ Rapid cooling and temperature retention
  • ★ Intuitive digital control

Refrigerator in auto Thermo TR-19A

Refrigerator in auto Thermo TR-19A
  • ★ Volume 19 l
  • ★ with heating function
  • ★ Cooling to 25° C below ambient temperature

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