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8 typical mistakes when you try lighting a car with a shrunken battery

You can or you can not get a light from another vehicle? Opinions differ. Motorists in various forums give us examples of excerpts from different years of instruction, which contains recommendations which also diverge. Often instructions about lighting a dead battery on foreign cars in general are silent. So it is possible or not? Let's try to figure it out and look at the basic mistakes that may make the procedure dangerous.

8 common mistakes when you try lighting a car with a shrunken battery

«lights up» or not? That is the question

If you have previously, in the era of «Lada», such a thing as «Booster» was very common, especially in the winter in the cold, every motorist were special wire stock, and the procedure is considered to be quite casual. But modern car has a more complex structure, it is more similar to a computer, as the sensitive electronic components are used in it. Because of this, it became dangerous to get a light, as when a minor error can bring this sophisticated electronics failure. And the repair will be very expensive. Therefore, many refuse «Booster». However, if done correctly, this procedure is quite acceptable and can really help to start the car in the winter.

What can cause machine failure when lighting?

In fact, the reasons for the occurrence of unpleasant situations that may cause damage to the electronics a lot. In this article we will discuss the most common. Among them are the following critical errors.

Error number 1. Nobody reads the instructions in the car

The manufacturers of some machines in the instructions are allowed to spend on lighting a foreign car with a charged battery on board. But there are some manufacturers who do not give a clear answer, usually in such instruction is vague formulation, which does not allow, or prohibit «light a». That is, the car owner will do everything at your own risk. If as a result of Electronics «die», the manufacturer for this will not incur any liability

8 common mistakes when you try lighting a car with a shrunken battery

Sometimes, you can find instructions in the recommendation, containing the prohibition applies to the car body, which is allowed. In others before lighting a recommended start up the motor in the car-donor. According to most experts, the council strange and unsafe, but once it is written manufacturer, then, he has been on the specified grounds. Therefore, to avoid problems due to ignorance of certain features specific to your car, then read the instructions in advance before attempting to start the car, it is necessary.

Error number 2. Attempt «a light» malfunctioning machine

If after several attempts to run by «Booster» car and fails to start, the most likely problem is not the dead battery. Here it is necessary to look for the root cause, rather than needlessly torment starter battery.

Check the condition of the battery is quite simple: if the battery is low, but the starter works is inactive and rotates very slowly or not at all turns. As a result, several manipulation engine and not «alive», it is not something to waste time, it is necessary to remove the wire and go to the car service. Here the problem may be much deeper to find it on their own would be very difficult.

8 common mistakes when you try lighting a car with a shrunken battery

Error number 3. Do not personally control the process

If you do not want someone made a fatal mistake, do not allow outsiders to connect the jump leads: everyone always have to do everything myself! Necessarily have to personally ensure that the cables are connected according to the polarity, thus they do not touch the fan blades and other moving elements of the automobile engine. If the connection is still made by someone else, not you, check everything several times. This is extremely important, since an error in the connection, if the polarity is guaranteed by a short circuit when attempting to start. This can lead to very large problems, the removal of which will cost quite expensive.

Error number 4. Attempting to start the car objectively smaller capacity

When choosing a donor, please note that the capacity of its battery should be at least (and preferably more) of battery capacity, which stands on the recipient machine. Obviously the same, it is difficult to expect a good effect if run powerful diesel engine of the SUV compact car.

Keep in mind that the battery is installed in the passenger car is not designed to work with currents of great strength. As a result of the start-up it is likely to fail, since its charge quickly end. If you overdo it, you can even «kill» battery.

8 common mistakes when you try lighting a car with a shrunken battery

Error number 5. Using the wrong wires

For lighting a necessary quality and reliable wire with crocodiles, and wire size should be small. To lead sustained load inrush currents, it recommended cross-sectional area of ​​not less than 16 mm2.

A thin wire is not suitable for start-up, you can use it except for recharging shrunken avtoakkumulyatora. This is due to the fact that the thin wire is not designed to work with high currents &nbsp.; Start attempt will lead to the fact that heat up the wire then it starts to melt the insulation, and then it can even catch fire.

Therefore, the choice of starting wires must be approached very carefully and thoroughly. Always look at its parameters: the cross section, the maximum current, etc.


Error number 6. Improper connection of the contact wires

Many drivers mistakenly believe that it does not matter which wires to connect the first — &Laquo;plus» or «minus»? But this is wrong, the difference is very significant! If it is first connected to the mass, ie the wire with the «minus charge», and then try to connect the wire to the «+ EV» charge the slightest, even accidental contact «plus» &Laquo;weight», would be sufficient to a short circuit. In the best case, just sparkled wires, but can be much worse until the complete electronics failure and fire.

Therefore it is always necessary to adhere strictly to the rules: the first is always connected «plus», and then «negative». In this case, no problems will be.

8 common mistakes when you try lighting a car with a shrunken battery

Error number 7. Disconnect the batteries in the car-donor

Sometimes, drivers, ostensibly in order to avoid possible problems, disconnect the battery at the donor. And this is absolutely impossible to do, because, just because of the battery pack, and can then start the problem. Trite owner waiting at least individual settings fail, which had been stored in memory. When removing the battery, these data will be lost.

But there are more serious consequences, such as an error in the control unit, the refusal of some particular functions. And in some cases, to fully restore the normal operation of the system may require a serious debugging, which will have to go in to do the service as their own to resolve them will not work due to the fact that special equipment is required.

Error number 8. Improper grounding minus contact

It is also quite important point that many car owners often ignore or forget about it. Connecting the negative lead to capricious car, if possible, do not connect it with the negative terminal of the battery. Experts recommend use of any metal part of the engine. This manipulation makes it possible to slightly reduce the resistance, which favorably affect the motor ride to start

8 common mistakes when you try lighting a car with a shrunken battery

To suddenly find yourself with a car that will not start, constantly monitor the technical condition of the car battery, keep it constantly charged and then look for «donor» It will not be necessary. It's enough to have in your arsenal of special charger for the battery. But also about the «correct wires for lighting» also do not forget, they also always have to be in the trunk. Just in case! If you do not have wires, the store you can always pick up and buy the wire for lighting for any car in Kiev, Odessa and Kharkov at a good price with delivery in Ukraine.

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