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10 tricks: how to ride in the snow

This year Ukraine was covered very heavy snowfall, resulting in many accidents was recorded on the roads. This is due to the fact that the driver in such weather conditions are much harder to control his vehicle. Winter road covered with ice and snow — a serious challenge for everyone, even the most experienced driver.

10 tricks: how to drive a car in the snow

How the driver behave correctly on the road in the snow?

In this article we will discuss some useful techniques that help to drive a car in the winter more comfortable.

Receiving the first — distance

Even in difficult road conditions motorists often huddle on the road to one friend. The result is a minor collision, accident and congestion. Therefore, it is very important on a snowy road comply with at least the recommended distance and the lateral spacing with regard to the speed and size of your vehicle. Even better slightly increase the distance to be safe.

10 tricks: how to drive a car in the snow

Receiving a second — choose the correct angle

Often on the main road between the lanes that clean communal services, remain small drifts of snow to outline. And when the driver will change the range of motion, it is very important in order to avoid trouble, choose the optimum angle of entry and check-out seine here works a very simple rule. The sharper the entry and exit angle of the machine to such a the snow-covered land, better  . This rule will allow the driver to perform such maneuvers maximum smoothly, and therefore safe. Remember that for any rebuilding, and at the time of overtaking under snow never to turn a wheel on the large angle. Also, never make any sudden movements and do not dramatically gazuyte.

Receiving a third — light

This is probably not even the reception, and the rule that it is important to observe in the snow at all times. On the all moving vehicles in the daytime for their designation is necessary to include daytime running lights or low-beam headlamps. But there is a small nuance &nbsp.; If you do so, as required by the rules of the road and enable DRL, we must remember that the tail lights in this case will not shine, and if there is a very strong and thick snow, the car behind will be very difficult to see. Therefore, the snow is still preferable to use it dipped beam!

10 tricks: how to drive a car in the snow

Admission fourth — Keep track of time

If you are going to drive in the snow is always laid at the route longer, at least in the 1,5-2 times. This is due to the fact that on the road in these conditions, there are always traffic jams because of the small accident, snowplows working, non-working traffic lights, etc. If not foresee in advance all, you have to hurry up and make a fuss, but it is very dangerous to the snow-covered road. It is better to go ahead and carefully watch the road. In the under poor traction with the roadway always works best saying « slowly, drive — will continue ».

Admission fifth — how to find your number

Often, when visibility is poor drivers get lost on the road and begin to shift, some may even take a while for the two bands, since they can not be properly orient the layout is not visible. In the snowfall is quite frequent in urban areas


To navigate, simply look at the signs indicating the direction of travel, which often hang over way in accordance with the lanes. If the signs are absent, remember that in the city is standard width lanes is approximately 2,75 – 3 m Visually, try to estimate how many of these 3-foot strips can fit on the  . Road, that you are coming right now. So you can roughly determine how many bands here and where are their boundaries.

10 tricks: how to drive a car in the snow

Admission sixth — hold the steering wheel

Of course, to compress the steering wheel very strongly that the fingers are white, it is not necessary. But and twist it with one finger, also categorically impossible. The driver must closely monitor the machine as in any time can happen skid. In this situation, one hand to adjust the direction will be very difficult, and to grab the wheel of the second hand, you can not make it trite. Therefore it is always in difficult weather conditions firmly with both hands, grasp the steering wheel.

Admission seventh — gas well

Keep in mind that almost never the car does not puts while driving « on a flat gas &raquo ;. Break into a skid on a slippery road may be, if sharply depress the accelerator pedal or brake sharply. That is why for extreme driving, experts always recommend on snowy or icy roads to press the gas pedal smoothly. The same applies to the braking. If the car skidded (front-wheel drive), you can try to stabilize her for this in any case do not break. On the contrary we must succumb to the gas, contrary to the instincts.

10 tricks: how to drive a car in the snow

Admission eighth — turn right

When cornering, you have to be very careful, because here, on the contrary, it is not recommended on the gas once again, this may lead to the fact that the machine will fly on the oncoming lane. An experienced driver knows that at any turn is necessary to enter very carefully, on the blue gas. Before the turning the gas to fold, and then upon exit speed may be slightly added. The trajectory should be such that to then turn did not need to wheel


Receiving the ninth — do not climb in the snow

The deep snow climb never worth it, even if you have a large SUV. Snowdrifts recommended going around. Visually, it is difficult to estimate the actual snow depth, as a result of the machine can get stuck. And this is a very unpleasant situation, because the escape is extremely difficult without assistance.

10 tricks: how to drive a car in the snow

Receiving the tenth — We get out of a snowdrift

If, however, the driver does not heed the previous recommendation and got stuck in a snowdrift. Do not panic! To leave, you can try to do it « swaying &raquo ;, using inertia. If the vehicle is at can be a little move back and forth, during the backward movement include a reverse gear, forward — front.

Remember that any car to go out of the snow will be easier with the straight wheels, but In some cases, you can work a little driving, twisting it left and right on the small angles. It may help if all of a sudden the bus suddenly can for something to cling to, for example, the edge of the road track. In this case, the machine will be able to get out of snowdrifts. If you go alone could not have to look for help.

As you can see, it's not so difficult, but adherence to these simple recommendations will help to avoid serious problems, and will protect the driver from the reckless behavior on winter roads, which can cause an accident.

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