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Why do we need sound insulation of a car?

Noise isolation of a car is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. After all, a car should not only be a means of transportation, it should be comfortable for the driver and passengers. There are many options for organizing comfortable conditions in the car: from replacing seats with more comfortable and softer ones and ending with such trifles as using a fragrance. One of the important conditions for comfort is sound insulation. If you ride and listen to rumble and rattle all the time, it can even make you very calm car enthusiasts.

You can’t do without noise isolation and fans to listen to music in the car. That is why this issue must be paid attention if you want to ride in comfort.

Why do I need sound insulation of a car?

Sources of noise in the car

There are any number of sources for noise in any car. When the engine is turned on, everything starts to vibrate, this affects not only the hood, but the whole body, doors, etc. Gradually, noise, rattle and rattling increases. In addition, often noises arise due to the use of interior elements made of low-quality plastic, torpedo elements that are poorly fitted to each other can creak.

Do not forget that in addition to noise in the cabin, if there are also sources of noise from the street. For example, even the tire tread pattern affects this figure. The quietest are considered to be studless tires, which have tread blocks of different sizes and alternate among themselves. Of course, there are other sources of external noise. Typically, various attachments rattle: side mirrors, spoilers, a removable roof rack, radio antennas, rear wings, etc. An unpleasant sound can occur due to incorrect aerodynamics, when the wind flows begin to buzz, as they have to hit in the roughness of the body.

Also, do not forget that the cause of noise can be a poorly balanced power unit and transmission units, poorly modeled vehicle body structure or lack of rigidity.

Therefore, if you want to travel by car in silence, you must definitely decide on all sources of noise and eliminate them, or at least minimize their impact with the help of vibration and noise isolation.

Why do I need a car noise insulation?

How to minimize noise inside the car

Materials with which it is easy to eliminate various extraneous noise in the machine can be divided into 2 groups: soundproof and vibration dampers. The first type, as a rule, has microscopic air bubbles in its structure, which ensures low sound conductivity. They are capable of absorbing sounds and reliably protect the interior of the car from noise penetrating from the engine compartment. The second ones are specially designed to combat the vibration of body elements.

Installation of sound insulation is a responsible matter. The thing is that the result here directly depends on how well all the work will be carried out. To achieve maximum results, a combination of vibration and sound insulation is usually used. Fine-pored sound insulation is applied over heavy vibration-proof material.

The technology for processing the interior for different models of machines may vary slightly, however, the general principles of the work will be the same. Sound insulation is usually installed in several stages. First, the interior of the car is completely disassembled, in the places of the alleged fastening of materials, the wiring harnesses are disconnected, the mats are removed, after which the inner surface of the body is carefully dried. The next stage involves the complete or partial removal of factory noise insulation, this is especially important in cases where the old insulation has peeled off or swollen. Next comes one of the most important stages - degreasing of all work surfaces. Particular attention should be paid to this, since then the quality of all work and the reliability of gluing will depend on it. If degreasing is bad, the material can quickly peel off and peel off.

Why do I need sound insulation of a car?

After all the surfaces are ready, you can proceed to the soundproofing sticker. Self adhesiveThe adhesive material will save you from problems that may arise due to uneven application of the adhesive. When working with some materials, heating with an industrial hair dryer may be required. This is usually indicated by the manufacturer. If you taped something extra, you need to carefully remove the excess material. Once all the work is completed and the material in all the necessary areas is carefully glued, you can proceed with the assembly of the cabin.

The effect of car noise isolation

With the help of interior noise insulation, the car owner can achieve very good results:

  • to protect your car from squeaks, rattle and other interfering sound and street noises, it is often possible to achieve up to 70-80% noise absorption;
  • the sound quality of acoustics is noticeably improved, you can enjoy your favorite songs without interference;
  • passengers in the cabin will be better able to hear the interlocutor, there will be no need to tear the vocal cords to shout.
  • the thermal insulation of the cabin improves, this will be noticeably felt both in winter and in summer when the air conditioner is installed (this is due to the fact that many soundproof materials also have good thermal insulation properties).
Why do I need sound insulation of a car?

In the online store you can buy sound insulation in Kiev, Kharkov or Odessa at a bargain price from trusted manufacturers.

TOP-3 noise insulation material

Best noise insulation materials

Looking for a quality and the best noise insulation? This rating of noise insulation is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Sound insulation for cars Shumoff Germeton A15

Sound insulation for cars Shumoff Germeton A15
  • ★ With a thickness of 15 mm
  • ★ With increased resistance to moisture penetration
  • ★ Has a waterproof adhesive layer

Sound insulation for StP Biplast Premium 15A

Sound insulation for StP Biplast Premium 15A
  • ★ Consists of foamed polyurethane foam
  • ★ A good option for complex surfaces
  • ★ Material thickness — 15 mm

Soundproofing Comfort Mat BlockShot for the car

Soundproofing Comfort Mat BlockShot for the car
  • ★ Made from material that can absorb up to 80% of all sounds
  • ★ The multilayer structure, which allows the material to combine both soundproofing and heat-insulating properties
  • ★ Resistant to high temperature and moisture

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