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Why do we need an awning for a car?

Every motorist wants to protect his car from all kinds of damage and negative impact. Moreover, this applies not only to scratches and other mechanical damage, but also protection from direct sunlight, precipitation and other adverse weather conditions that adversely affect the paintwork. Nobody wants the paint to quickly fade, lose its luster or crack. To avoid problems, many use special protective equipment, one of which is car tents.

Why do I need an awning for a car?

What is a car awning?

A protective awning for a car, of course, cannot replace a garage, but it can be a good alternative that any driver can afford. The awning is a special soft protective cover that can provide the car with protection from the harmful effects of the environment.

Awnings can be divided into 2 groups: for car storage and transportation.

The first type of covers is used to store and protect the vehicle, which often remains outdoors, for example, in a parking lot under the house, in the country, etc. They provide protection from dirt, dust, snow, rain, etc.

The second type has a more complex structure, so such tents are more expensive, as they should provide protection during transportation of cars. They are usually used by car services, car manufacturers and sellers when moving vehicles.

Car tents are different, they differ in thickness, water resistance and material composition. For example, protective covers on the car are often sewn using the technology of double seams, which provides increased wear resistance. High-quality tents should be sewn from modern reliable waterproof materials, as well as have a special gasket that protects against scratches on the paintwork.

When is the use of auto awnings relevant?

A car awning will be needed if you do not have a garage, and you have to leave the car under an open sky under the house at the entrance or in a paid parking lot. The main purpose of a car tent is to provide protection from the weather. Their use is very convenient and has many advantages. They are especially relevant in the autumn-winter period, when the car is exposed to a wide range of atmospheric precipitation.

Awning provides protection against:

  • dirt and dust-it creates a barrier that prevents dust from settling and spoiling the coating, in addition, some materials are specially treated and additionally protect against mold;
  • rain-it’s no secret that often rainfall contains harmful chemicals that can cause damage to the car body, the tent can minimize the damage from their effects, as it does not let moisture in;
  • hail-here the cover is used as a soft pad that minimizes the impact when hail falls on the car;
  • ice and snow-the use of tarpaulin covers in winter is very convenient, since you don’t have to clean the hood and windows for a long time from snow and ice, in addition, many winter covers have good resistance to low temperatures;
  • sun rays-awnings not only protect the paint from harmful UV rays, but also prevent the surface from heating up, the cabin will remain cool for longer;
  • small scratches that animals, birds, fallen branches, etc. may leave,
Why do I need an awning for a car?

What materials are used to make protective covers for the body?

Many manufacturers use materials of their own design for the production of automobile awnings. It is very important that the material is light, but at the same time flexible and strong, so that it easily takes the form of a vehicle body. All materials used for sewing such protective covers should be breathable, that is, let air through and at the same time have good protection against moisture. UV protection is usually ensured through the use of a special inner layer.

The main tissues of whichAuto tents are Tarpaulin and Oxford. They can have a different density, which determines the degree of protection and the cost of the cover. They are characterized by increased strength and elasticity due to the use of special weaving of threads. Additional protection is achieved through the use of a polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride coating, which is applied to the wrong side of the fabric.

Among the advantages of these fabrics, which determined their choice for sewing awnings, the following can be distinguished:

  • tear resistance;
  • resistance to temperature extremes and the possibility of operation from -50 to + 65C;
  • low UV sensitivity;
  • resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage;
  • not susceptible to mold;
  • they are not afraid of dirt and do not let water through;
  • easy to care for.

How to put the awning on the car?

To put a protective cover on the car, you need to deploy it and place it on the hood or roof of the vehicle so that it covers the hood and trunk. Then you need to stretch the material and spread it on the sides so that the tent completely covers the machine from all sides.

As soon as the cover is straightened, it must be fixed. You need to start from the front, fixing the awning under the front bumper, and then be sure to fix it under the rear. Please note that if the machine has an antenna that cannot be removed, then make sure that a special eyelet is made in the right place in the material. To protect against wind, so that the tent does not blow away, it is recommended to use special means of fixation that can cope with a strong gust of wind

Why do I need an awning for a car?

What to look for when choosing an awning?

When choosing an awning for a car, you should be guided by several basic rules:

  • Water resistance, it is very important, a high-quality tent should provide protection against water in case of precipitation.
  • Breathability of the material and the absence of polyethylene inserts that can create a greenhouse effect.
  • The quality of the lines. The best option is double-hem seams made from a reliable reinforced thread of 100% polyester. This line is characterized by increased strength and durability.
  • Lightning from the driver will not be superfluous. This is very convenient, for example, if you forget something in the cabin, you don’t have to completely remove the entire tent, you can get into the lard as quickly as possible.

Of course, when choosing, it is very important to look at the size of the awning. Manufacturers offer several sizes, the main ones are: S, M, L and XL. As a rule, the manufacturer indicates on the packaging the dimensions of the vehicle to which this or that size of the protective cover corresponds. Therefore, when choosing a car awning, it is very important to know the exact dimensions of your car. If the size is chosen correctly, then there will be no problems with fastening, and the awning will provide good protection. Table of conformity of the sizes of awnings and dimensions of the car

Obviously, a car tent is a very useful and necessary accessory that will help protect the car from external influences. If you don’t have one yet, then you can always buy a car awning in Kiev, Kharkov or Odessa in our online store We have a large selection of models of different sizes from different materials.

TOP-3 covers for cars

Best car covers

Looking for a quality and the best autoentents? This rating of autoentents is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Car body cover Vitol CC13401 L PEVA + PP

Car body cover Vitol CC13401 L PEVA + PP
  • ★ With cotton lining
  • ★ Transfer and storage bag
  • ★ The size of the awning is 4830x1780x1200 mm

Awning for the car Vitol JC13401 L PEVA + PP with a cotton lining on a jeep / minivan

Awning for the car Vitol JC13401 L PEVA + PP with a cotton lining on a jeep / minivan
  • ★ Equipped with special PEVA+PP Cotton lining
  • ★ Made of gray nylon
  • ★ Has special pockets for side mirrors

Awning for the car Milex L Polyester

Awning for the car Milex L Polyester
  • ★ Sewn from waterproof material, which protects from rain, UV and overheating
  • ★ Repeats a silhouette of a car, including an external mirror
  • ★ The lock allows you to open the doors if necessary, without removing the tent completely

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