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The choice a type and installation location of the rear view camera

The rear view camera is not just an accessory, but an important element of any modern car. It captures everything that happens behind the car, the image displayed on the monitor of the head unit, allows the driver to better navigate when performing maneuvers in reverse. Installing the camera makes driving easier and makes it safer. However, it is very important not only to choose a high-quality and reliable camera, but also to install it correctly. About different installation options and their features we will talk in this article.

Select the type and location of the rear view camera

Features of installing rear view camera in different places

Rear surveillance cameras are small in size, can be standard and universal. That is, designed for specific car brands and not. Their installation is usually quite simple. In total, there are 3 conditional places where most often placed rearview cameras:

  • Trunk in this case, the camera is mounted just below the middle of the car body. For some models of cars, the best place to place the rear camera is the handle, which opens the Luggage compartment.
  • Bumper– this option assumes the lowest installation. In this case rearview camera can install instead of one of the lights or directly cut into the car bumper.
  • Roof – this option assumes the highest installation. The optimal place to place the camera in this area can be, depending on the characteristics of the body of a particular vehicle, the rear window spoiler, the rear part of the roof, reflectors, additional stops and many other elements.

Please note that when installing the rear view camera on some vehicles, there may be some problems and obstacles, both objective and subjective. The objective reasons include some design features of the vehicle body, for example, may simply not be appropriate locations for placement of the rear camera, it can be difficult, not allowing you to lay out necessary to operate the device, wiring, etc. To the subjective factors should include the refusal of a motorist to violate the integrity of the elements of the body, “eye” the camera is displaced relative to the Central axis of the machine and a number of other reasons.

Select the type and location of the rear view camera

However now more and more cars have already special regular places specially taken away by the manufacturer for installation of the rear view camera. They are fully optimized for all design features of the vehicle, the placement is carefully thought out so that the viewing angle of the camera was ideal, and it could capture a large area in the lens, providing the driver with an optimal picture. Let us dwell in more detail on each option rear view installation and consider the features of each.

Install in the trunk area

This accommodation option is considered one of the most successful. In different cars, the design of the body can be markedly different, so it is obvious that the Luggage compartment can be located at completely different levels. However, for different body types, the installation of the rear camera in this area ensures sufficient visibility. For example, if you install a camera on a sedan, it will be able to show everything that happens at a distance of 3 meters from the body of the vehicle. At station wagons, hatchbacks and jeeps coverage will be even more up to 4 meters.

This option is perfect to use it as a Parking camera on cars in normal conditions. If you are looking for an option for a truck, when it is necessary to drive as close as possible to the overpass with the rear doors open, and then such placement will be little effective.

Installation in zone bumper

This is not the best option for some brands of cars. This is due to the fact that often the bumper is very low and the distance from the ground is quite small. With this type of placement can get literally shortsighted machine, the camera will not be able to cover the desired area, at best it will be able to show what is happening at a distance of 2-3 meters, and the angle of view it will be severely limited. This option is highly undesirable to use on vehicles with a low landing, as the lower the clearance, the capture area of the camera will be smaller.

Making parking in reverse the camera in the bumper will help to make a maneuver and as much as possible to approach the obstacle without hitting it. But, as visibility is very limited, the driver will not be able to notice the obstacle in advance, which may occur unexpectedly.

Select the type and location of the rear view camera

Installation in the roof area

This option is considered the best if the Parking camera is equipped with trucks and buses. Since the design feature of this type of machine is that many models have a high roof and a perfectly flat vertical rear body, it allows the camera placed at the top to capture the lens is quite a large area behind the vehicle.

but for cars this place for the installation of rear-view cameras is used very rarely, as they will not be able to provide sufficient information when Parking. If the camera will be used only as a DVR, this place is quite suitable.

Summing up

It is obvious that the easiest way to install a standard camera in this case there will be no problems, the installation will be quick and in operation this option will be the most convenient, do not have to configure anything further to get the optimal picture for easy Parking.

When installing universal cameras on cars, it is better to choose a location at the trunk level. This will give the opportunity to get an image of the bumper itself, and a fairly large viewing area. But for vans and trucks it is best to put the Parking cameras higher–in the area of the roof. In this case, the picture will be optimal for any maneuvers, and it does not matter whether the rear doors are open or closed.

Select the type and location of the rear view camera

The location must be chosen very carefully, taking into account the characteristics of the vehicle and the camera itself. But then you can be sure that it will provide a good overview and make Parking safe and convenient. If you want to buy a rear view camera in Kiev, Odessa or Kharkov, you can always do it in the online store

TOP 3 parking cameras

Best parking cameras

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Universal parking camera Gazer CC125
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  • ★ Sensitivity - 0.1 Lux

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Remote camera CF730-IN for DVR Gazer F730
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