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All about car gel batteries

And let the main market share is occupied by acid batteries, gel counterparts are gaining popularity with each season. And so you need to know how to charge, the main advantages and disadvantages of such devices. We will tell you about this in this article.

All about gel batteries

Gel Battery Device

Those who are not familiar with gel batteries at all may not even distinguish them from ordinary ones. At least outwardly. Indeed, in their design, they are similar to their acid counterparts.

Lead plates have positive and negative charges, to which terminals are connected and energy is thus transmitted. Nothing special, right?

And the difference lies in the fact that in gel models the batteries are filled with electrolyte in a gel state. This allowed us to determine the new possibilities of using the battery.

"Multigel battery"-the destruction of the myth

On the shelves of the store, you can still find the label "multigel battery." According to manufacturers of such devices, they combine the technology of AGM and gel.

In practice, we get pure marketing, which does not correspond to reality. It is simply impossible to connect two completely different in design technologies that would work normally. Often, under multi-gel batteries mean AGM batteries.

All about gel batteries

Advantages and disadvantages of gel batteries

The presence of electrolyte in the battery allows you to place the battery in any plane. In this case, the flow is simply impossible: during operation, the electrolyte is retained on the lead plates.

And even if the case is suddenly damaged, leakage of the gel electrolyte will not occur. Such batteries emit much less gas than its previous competitors, so there is no need to use water. The starting capabilities of the battery have significantly improved, even with an almost discharged charge.

There are drawbacks to gel batteries-high cost. And if there is also improper operation, it can even serve even less acid counterpart.

How to charge a gel battery

On the packaging of such products you can often find something like "Does not require maintenance." But she still needs care and charging, just like any other power source.

Of course, you can take advantage of normal exercises, but there is a huge risk of exceeding the required voltage. As a result, soon you may be faced with the need to purchase a new battery. The voltage level for gel models should not be higher than 14 V.

If you do not have a charge designed specifically for your battery, then it is better to use the usual mechanism, but with manual mode. To determine the approximate charge time, remember one simple formula-divide the battery capacity by the current setting for it.

For example, the capacity is 50 Ah, and the current is 5 A. Therefore, we need to charge such a battery for 10 hours.

All about gel batteries

Maintenance of gel batteries

In general, gel batteries are not particularly demanding to maintain. There is only one rule-timely and proper recharging. Before work, you do not need to use any liquid, because gas formation is reduced several times. All you have to do is to first check the on-board car generator: it should produce a stable voltage, without abrupt changes.

One condition for extending battery life is proper charging. If you carefully maintain the battery, do not violate the recommendations, you can use the device for a long time. You can buy a battery for a car in Kharkov, Odessa, Kiev with delivery in Ukraine at

TOP-3 car battery

Best car batteries

Looking for a quality and the best batteries for cars? This rating of batteries for cars is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Automotive battery Forse 6CT-74AZ E

Automotive battery Forse 6CT-74AZ E
  • ★ Cranking amps 720 A
  • ★ Capacity 70 Ah
  • ★ LxWxH: 275x175x190 mm

Car battery Bosch S3 (0092S30080)

Car battery Bosch S3 (0092S30080)
  • ★ Cranking amps 640 A
  • ★ Capacity 70 Ah
  • ★ LxWxH: 278x175x190 mm

Car battery Oberon 6CT-140АЗ

Car battery Oberon 6CT-140АЗ
  • ★ Cranking amps 850 A
  • ★ Capacity 140 Ah
  • ★ LxWxH: 470x175x235 mm

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