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TOP-4 built-in seat heating – rating 2018

The need for heating in the cabin of the car in the wintertime arises from many motorists. After all, on the road you want to be in a seat with maximum comfort, especially during long trips. In addition, this can help recessed seat heating.

As is known, these models of heaters for cars are more popular, although they require additional efforts to install them. In addition, these elements are more functional and are presenting in many variants of more than one brand. Consider the best seat heating built-in, which are now very popular among motorists.

The best built-in seat heating – a comparative table of characteristics:

1 place 2 place 3 place 4 place
Built-in heated seats Emelya UK 2 Emelya UK 2 Buy Built-in heated seats Mitsumi M-38-0 Mitsumi M-38-0 Buy Built-in heated seats GT H01 GT H01 Buy Built-in heated seats Mitsumi M-7011 Mitsumi M-7011 Buy
Rated power 70 W 40 W 48 W 40 W
Rated voltage 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V
Heating levels 8 3 2 5
Type of heating elements Carbon fiber Carbon fiber mats Carbon fiber mats Carbon fiber mats
Additionally Heated with intelligence, protection against short-circuit, arcing, fault indication, complete 4 heaters for 2 seats Heated kit for 1 seat, short circuit and overheat protection Heated for 1 seat, has overheating protection Heated standard for Toyota and short circuit
Emelya UK 2

Emelya UK 2

  • ★ 8 heating modes
  • ★ Auto power off
  • ★ Color indication of selected mode
First place

This device starts the rating of built-in seat heating, used to install permanently under the trim. It has a color indication of the mode selected for heating; in total, this model has eight levels of heating. Equipped with protection against short circuit, sparking, it is possible to identify faults.

During use, it is characterizing by high quality and fast heating it is automatically turn off after heating to the required temperature. Applies to devices for heating with intelligence.

  • + 8 heating modes;
  • + auto power off after heating to the required temperature;
  • + color indication of the heating mode;
  • + it is completed with four mats for installation on 2 seats.
  • - sometimes it is difficult to install yourself.
Mitsumi M-38-0

Mitsumi M-38-0

  • ★ 3 heating modes
  • ★ Protection against overheating and short circuit
  • ★ Special wiring for installation
Second place

Heated seat recessed easily mounted, quickly heats up after switching on. Equipped with a button to switch modes, all in this model, 3 levels of heating. The device automatically turns off after the engine is turn off. Equipped with protection against short circuit and overheating.

The heating element is made of carbon fiber; it will provide excellent and quick seat heating. Installing heated seats does not require special skills, is carry out quickly and easily.

  • + 3 heating modes;
  • + the presence of auto-off;
  • + the ability to adjust the intensity of heating on each seat.
  • - no spark protection.
GT H01

GT H01

  • ★ 2 heating levels
  • ★ Shutdown when heated to 65 degrees
  • ★ Has overheating protection
Third place

The seat heater is made of carbon-based mats, it is possible to indicate the operation of the device, the heating is equipped with 2 heating modes. Equipped with overheating protection, the mats are equipped with special sensors that prevent overheating of the device.

During long-term operation, it is possible to automatical shut off when the heating temperature reaches 65 degrees. Differs simple and quick installation under the seat trim.

  • + 2 heating modes;
  • + overheating protection;
  • + quick installation for plating;
  • + automatic device shutdown.
  • - lack of protection against short circuits and sparking.
Mitsumi M-7011

Mitsumi M-7011

  • ★ 5 heating modes
  • ★ Protection against short circuit and overheating
  • ★ Fit on Toyota auto seats


The latest in the TOP-4 seat heating built in goes Mitsumi M-7011; it is suitable for installation under the casing in Toyota cars. Perfectly repeats the shape of the seat, installation is quick and easy. Power is supplying by connecting to the on-board network of the car. In mats heaters equipped with special wiring to protect against overheating and short circuit.

First, the heating elements are heating to a temperature of 35-40 degrees, then the temperature rises until the driver selects the heating mode. The presence of several heating modes contributes to the selection of the optimal intensity of the device.

  • + 5 heating modes;
  • + several levels of protection – against overheating and short circuit;
  • + easy and quick installation under seat trim.
  • - possibility of installation only on Toyota cars.

Selection of the optimal variant of built-in seat heating will contribute to a more comfortable stay in the car during long movements or trips. The choice is yours. The optimal range of various models of devices of different brands can found on our website. Here is a huge selection of heating for every taste and with all sorts of functionality. On, you can buy built-in seat heating in Kharkov, Odessa, Kiev with delivery in Ukraine.

See the video reviews of heated seats:

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