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TOP-5 car radios. Rating of car stereos 2021!

The radio tape recorder has long been an integral part of a modern car. You must admit that it is much easier to travel long distances with comfortable music. Some drivers, even while moving within the city, cannot drive even five minutes without musical accompaniment. Some people like to listen to music or radio just for the background, while others are interested in powerful high-quality sound.

A huge number of models with different functions are presented on the Ukrainian market. Let's take a look at what to look for when buying a media receiver.

Depending on the mounting depth, there are 1 DIN and 2 DIN models. Receivers of standard size 2 DIN have a large screen, are more functional and can replace several devices at once. However, such radio tape recorders are quite expensive. In our rating, we will look at compact single-din receivers.

First of all, when buying, look at what power the built-in amplifier has. The higher the setting, the better the sound quality and volume. In the middle price segment, models with a power of 40-60 watts are presented. If you need to increase the power, you can additionally purchase an external amplifier.

Diskless receivers are becoming more and more popular now. It is much more convenient to record your favorite songs on a USB flash drive and insert it into the USB connector of the device. You can also connect your smartphone via the AUX input using a cable. Who does not want to bother with wires, then you should pay attention to receivers with built-in Bluetooth.

Many radio tape recorders already have their own proprietary applications. Therefore, as soon as you connect your smartphone to the device, you can not only control all the radio settings, but also listen to music directly from your phone. The receivers can support gadgets with the Android and/or iOS operating system.

For radio lovers, check out the number of FM/AM band presets, and the presence of the RDS function, which displays information from radio stations on the display.

Below we will consider our TOP 5 media receivers that are the most popular among the customers of our online store. Our rating looks like this:

Alpine UTE-201BT

Our rating is opened by the Alpine UTE-201BT model. If you want to create a full-scale audio system in your car and enjoy high-quality sound on the road, then this model is for you.

The radio tape recorder boasts excellent sound, stylish design, support for FLAC and other modern formats, interchangeable backlighting, Bluetooth and other functions.

Listen to music by connecting your iOS or Android phone via USB or AUX output. You can select your favorite tracks directly from your smartphone or using the rotary sensor of the head unit.

The Bass Engine SQ function will help you correct excellent bass output and enjoy high quality sound.

The radio is equipped with a 3-band equalizer with 11 presets to customize the sound to your liking.

With the help of Bluetooth technology, you can make hands-free calls and talk, as well as listen to music in very good quality.

The Spotify function is available on this unit. It allows you to enjoy new music thanks to special Internet radio applications that can be downloaded to your phone.

Built-in 4x50 watt medium power amplifier. You can increase the power by connecting an external amplifier.

The car radio supports the remote control option. It must be purchased additionally.


— Media Receiver

— ISO connector

— Microphone for hands-free use

— Instructions

— Guarantee

Pioneer SPH-10BT

The next model on our list is the Pioneer SPH-10BT. This media receiver is not at all like a regular radio tape recorder, as it works in tandem with a smartphone. To synchronize these devices, you just need to download the proprietary Pioneer SmartSync application. After that, the user gets access to all applications.

In addition, the receiver can voice the incoming messages of the most popular instant messengers such as Whatsapp and Viber. All advanced settings can also be controlled via a smartphone.

An unusual feature is that a phone mount is built into the body of the radio. To get it you need to remove the front panel. After that, the panel is put back, and the phone is installed on the holder. The mount has tilt angle adjustment, as well as portrait and landscape display.

The device has a USB connector on the panel, so you can easily charge your phone.

The power of the built-in amplifier is in the middle range and is 4x50 W. Also, using two RCA outputs, you can connect external amplifiers or subwoofers.

You can have a hands-free conversation and also quickly connect to a device using Bluetooth wireless technology.

The device is equipped with a 13-band graphic equalizer that will help you customize the sound to your preferences. The time delay function allows you to create a uniform sound field for each passenger in the car. The device supports popular formats such as: FLAC, mp3, wma and aac.

An innovative feature is the ability to connect Pioneer ND-PS1 parking sensors to this model. And when approaching an object, light and sound information will be displayed on the receiver. You can adjust the backlight color and volume of the audio prompts in the menu.

You may be wondering how does this receiver work without a smartphone? Very simple. It will perform all the classic functions like a conventional radio, such as listening and playing files from a USB drive, tuning and listening to the radio, adjusting colors, equalizer and parking sensors.


— Media Receiver

— ISO connector

— Microphone for hands-free use

— Instructions

— Guarantee

Kenwood KMM-125

The next on the list is the budget model KMM-125 from Kenwood. The front panel in this model is removable, with a sliding cover to reduce dust ingress. Device with good functionality and LCD display with vertical alignment, variable backlight and built-in radio tuner. The receiver has a built-in amplifier with a power of 4x50 W. Optionally, you can connect additional external amplifiers.

The front panel contains all control buttons, as well as USB and AUX outputs. Display brightness is adjustable from 0 to 31.

This model supports steering. For this, a special adapter is additionally purchased.

The receiver supports the RDS function. This means that all information will be displayed on the screen as a scrolling line.

A three-band parametric equalizer is provided for optimum sound adjustment and comes with built-in presets. You can also adjust the sound to your liking.

The radio tape recorder is compatible with devices that run on Android OS. To control the playback, you can use the proprietary application «Kenwood music control». Supports FLAC, mp3, wma and wav formats.


— Media Receiver

— ISO connector

— Guarantee

— Instructions

Pioneer MVH-280FD

The MVH-280FD receiver by Pioneer continues our rating. If you are looking for a head unit with high quality sound and do not want to buy an external amplifier, then this model is for you. The main difference between this model is the presence of a built-in powerful 4x100 W amplifier. This is twice the power of most radio tape recorders.

The receiver has a high and low cut filter, as well as a five-band graphic equalizer for easy sound tuning.

The Pioneer MVH-280FD has a monochrome LCD screen. AUX and USB connectors are located on the front removable panel. They can be used to connect an iOS or Android smartphone.

The built-in radio tuner provides support for the signal in the FM and AM frequency bands. The search for a wave is carried out automatically. With the support of the RDS function, all information about the artist and the song will be displayed on the screen in the form of a scrolling line.

The car radio supports formats: Flac, mp3, wma, wav, aac.

You can connect an external amplifier or subwoofer. For this, two RCA outputs are provided.


— Media Receiver

— Mounting kit

— Remote Control

— Front panel case

— Manual

— Guarantee

Pioneer MVH-S520BT

Our rating is completed by the MVH-S520BT model from the manufacturer Pioneer. The radio tape recorder has an attractive design that will decorate the interior of any car. This receiver has a built-in DSP and a 13-band graphic equalizer. This will help you customize the soundstage to your liking.

The maximum power of the built-in amplifier in the middle range is 4x50 watts. This model has a steering option. To do this, you need to purchase an additional adapter.

The button illumination, brightness and color can be adjusted so that the radio tape recorder is in harmony with the standard control backlight as much as possible. You can control the radio tape recorder both on the device itself and using your phone by installing a special Spotify application on it. This application allows you to create your favorite music lists and enjoy listening.

For those looking for even more powerful sound, there are three RCA connectors for connecting additional amplifiers.

The receiver supports the popular flac format, as well as mp3, wma, wav and aac.

The device connects to phones that run on iOS or Android operating systems. When you connect your smartphone via Bluetooth, you will immediately have access to an app from Pioneer called Smart Sync. This will allow you to listen to songs directly from your phone, as well as control the settings of the radio. Also, using Bluetooth technology, you can make hands-free calls. Drivers will appreciate this feature because they know how important it is not to be distracted by telephone conversations while driving.

For user convenience, the AUX and USB connectors are located on the front panel.


— Media Receiver

— Mounting kit

— Instructions

— Guarantee


Let's summarize the results of our rating.

The Alpine UTE-201BT radio tape recorder is suitable for those who need high-quality sound with good bass.

Pioneer SPH-10BT is a handy media receiver with a dedicated smartphone holder and parking sensors.

Look for a budget model with good sounding — take the Kenwood KMM-125.

The Pioneer MVH-280FD is the most powerful head unit in our rating, which is suitable for those who want powerful sound, but are not ready to install an amplifier.

The Pioneer MVH-S520BT is an excellent receiver with a built-in sound processor for those who want to listen to great music.

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