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Thermobag - fashionable and original accessory for picnic

It's no secret that Thermobag today – a necessary thing. Since it is very conveniently located for a picnic or any outdoor recreation when it is necessary to take a large supply of food and beverages. The use of isothermal bags with special cooling battery ensures the safety of food for a very long time. No heat is not terrible.

Thermobag - fashionable and original accessory for a picnic

The principle of operation of such bags is based on the use of special insulating materials, which help to keep the contents from the external environment, preventing the penetration into the heated air.

From this it follows that Thermobag can not only save the contents of the cold, but also copes with the inverse problem. In fact, here it works familiar to many effect thermos. That is, you can use a Thermos and storage warm meals. This is a very practical accessory with which any trip to nature is pleasant and comfortable.

One of the advantages of such bags is the ease and simplicity of their design. They usually weigh very little, have no hard walls like plastic thermal containers. Rigidity laterally bags depends on the presence of the frame and the wall thickness. This ensures ease of storage, many bags are easily folded and does not occupy much space in your closet or car trunk. Bag without any problems, you can take on the road.

Thermobag - fashionable and original accessory for a picnic

The original and useful accessory

Now manufacturers offer a huge selection of different termosumok, they differ not only in their design, and retention time of the temperature, but also volume, and design. You can use them in different situations, for example:

  • A compact lunch-box - a small bag volume of 2-3 a liter, which is convenient to take with you to work or school in the afternoon. They are light and compact, well keep food fresh for a few hours.
  • Beach bags - usually such models have long handle, they can be easily carried on the shoulder. Different bags such bright and original design while outwardly almost indistinguishable from normal bags, which the girls usually go to the beach. However, due to the layer of thermal insulation material inside them you will be able to maintain long drinks and food fresh and cold, braving the heat. With this bag in the summer you can even go to the store, it's convenient and the products at + 30 degrees will not melt and will not deteriorate
  • .
  • Bags for picnic, hiking, etc. - are practical, can have very different volume (10-30 liters or even more), depending on how many products do you plan to take with you. Allow to keep the temperature (under condition of use of the cold accumulator) to 12 hours. Such bags can be few compartments and additional pockets, which is very convenient.
Thermobag - fashionable and original accessory for a picnic

Design features

<< p> Each Thermobag has a fairly simple structure. The walls usually consist of several layers: « outer &raquo ;, « inner » and a special layer between them of a special material having thermal insulation properties. Let's look at their composition and performance of the details.
  • The outer layer always has high strength since its main task — protection from the effects of various adverse external factors. As a rule, it is made of lightweight and durable, sufficiently dense synthetic fabrics. For example, nylon high density to 600-1200D and some of its derivatives today. Among the basic requirements which are placed on top of the material — protection against UV rays, water-repellent and reflective properties. Also, the fabric should not be branded and well cleaned.
  • Intermediate layer termoizoyatsionny — is the most important foundation of any bag from him depends on the quality and the ability of each model to keep the temperature. In most cases, this layer is a thermally insulated special foam of varying thickness. In current models commonly used filler such as PEVA. It has a low thermal conductivity, so copes with the problem of minimizing heat loss. The quality bags wall thickness should be not less than 1 cm. This is easy to determine by touch, this parameter is very important when you are going to use a bag for long-storage products. If the thickness is less than specified, it is likely, such a model will not be able to keep the temperature inside longer than 2-3 hours, even when using special ice packs.
  • The inner layer should be made of safe, durable and tight material so that it can reliably protect the contents of the bag cavity throughout the entire period of operation. Usually used for this purpose a simple PVC foiled with a special coating. This material is approved for use with food, it is completely safe and complies with the hygiene requirements. In addition, it is easy to clean and bag can be quickly clean, even if the inside of something spilled.
Thermobag - fashionable and original accessory for a picnic

As you can see, everything is very simple, but it works fine. With this bag, you can not be afraid that the way something gets messed up . Your products for the picnic will stay fresh for a long time. If you want to buy a thermos in Kiev, Odessa and Kharkiv, the online store will find a large selection of models at an affordable price with delivery across Ukraine.

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