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Principles and features of the choice of parking systems

Principles and features of the choice of parking systems

Parktronics are one of the most popular and sought-after devices that provide more security during parking or reversing. Modern solutions allow you to completely abandon other devices, such as a rear-view camera, performing several functions at the same time.

Among the models on the market there are many parking systems that indicate an approach to an obstacle with sound and indicator lights. This contributes to a faster transmission of the warning signal and the immediate reaction of the driver in this situation. Better and faster response is possible, based on the number of sensors and, of course, the features of a special screen to display a picture or display.

The main components of parking systems

Principles and features of the choice of parking systems

Any parking system consists of several important components:

  • electronic control unit. It controls the operation and operation of all systems – display, sensors, other components. If a system malfunctions or one of the sensors is turned off, it will notify the driver about it;
  • sensors. Their main task is tracking, detection of obstacles and signal transmission to the driver’s cabin. Installation is carried out in the front or rear of the car, on the bumper;
  • display. It displays all the information about the obstacles – the distance, location to the car.

The principle of the PDC is as follows: when an obstacle is detected, a signal is sent to the control unit; in the meantime, it calculates the wavelength, translating it into distance indicators and notifies the driver about the presence of interference on the road or parking.

Select parking sensors by the number of sensors

Principles and features of the choice of parking systems

The design features of the model are the main reason for determining the number of sensors included in the device. There may be different numbers, from 2 to 8, sometimes 10 and 12 pieces, it is important to note that the number of parking radar depends on their number and the accuracy of determining obstacles on the road. Also, on their number depends on the cost of the device itself.

1. Parktronics with two sensors are most accessible to many drivers. Their main disadvantage is the possibility of the appearance of dead zones in which the sensor is not able to detect the presence of obstacles.

2. Parking systems with three or four sensors are the best option for many motorists. In this case, the probability of occurrence of dead zones is completely excluded, and the number, 3 or 4, depends on the design features and the size of the vehicle.

3. Parking radar with six sensors is often used in this way – there are 4 devices in the back and 2 in the front. Such a solution will determine the presence of obstacles in front and behind the car, significantly increasing safety during parking. Many of these models are made using the switch, it can only activate the front or rear sensors.

4. Parktronics with eight sensors are similar to the previous ones, only in front they install not 2, but four devices. These devices are more expensive, but the reliability and accuracy of their detection is higher. Many such models are equipped with the function of triggering the front sensors in the event of a brake being pressed, thus the detection efficiency increases along with the comfort of the driver when traveling.

The advantages of the latter model should also include the ability to turn off the device after the start of movement, after 10-25 s. Some models have a special activation button, they only work when the driver clicks on it.

In addition, some manufacturers offer more modern solutions that are equipped with as many as 10 or 12 sensors, they are called combined parking sensors. These devices are able to fully control the blind zone, providing the opportunity for full control of the area in which parking is carried out.

Types of displays used, their features

Principles and features of the choice of parking systems

Among the most common Parktronic LED indicators are the following:

  • LED-screens, they can change color, it depends on the distance to the obstacle. Features of colors: green indicates a small distance to the obstacle, possible false positives; orange – approaching the obstacle, but red indicates a critically close location to the obstacle, it is not recommended to move further;
  • a scale with divisions indicating the distance to probable obstacles. In the case of an obstacle approach, a larger number of color bars will be displayed on the screen. In some models there is a digital indicator, such a display has two scales, they indicate the presence of obstacles to the right and left of the car, which is much more convenient during parking;
  • The liquid crystal display can be in more expensive models, very often such systems are equipped with rear-view cameras. On this screen, the driver will be able to see exactly where the obstacle is and view the distance to it;
  • The projection on the windshield displays information to the barrier, it is projected in a certain place on the windshield. Many motorists believe that this improvement contributes to greater convenience, since the data is displayed directly in front of the driver.

In addition, the screen can display information about the speed of the car, a map of the area, all the markings and signs, other useful information.

What you should pay attention to

Principles and features of the choice of parking systems

What system should I choose? It depends on the purpose and design features of your vehicle. In addition, it is necessary to take into account what area the car will drive and where it will park. And you can choose a great option for your car on our website, here are models of the rear, front and combined parking systems, everyone can choose the best option for their car. You can buy car parking sensors in Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa with delivery in Ukraine at

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