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Advantages of using GPS trackers in road transport

The advantages of using GPS trackers in car transport

The use of GPS trackers in road transport makes it possible to track and control the movement of cars. This small device is able to determine the real location of cars at the current time, receiving a signal from the satellite, with an accuracy of several meters. The scope of their use is quite broad, and the use is extremely simple, so the popularity of such systems is now actively growing. Let's take a closer look at the features of work, the advantages and benefits of using GPS trackers.

Features of the monitoring system

Tracker this device, which usually has the form of a small unit. All such trackers are small in size, which allows them to be installed on the machine as covertly as possible. As for the configuration, usually such a device includes:

  • GPS module;
  • central microprocessor;
  • GSM receiver or GSM modem;
  • antenna;
  • SIM card;
  • battery (not available on all models).

Most modern trackers use two main satellite positioning systems: GPS and GLONASS. The device is able to receive data on its location from the satellite and transmit them to the connected phone or any mobile device via SMS messages. Many manufacturers also offer very convenient services for online tracking of the movement of the machine in real time, as well as special mobile applications.

The advantages of using GPS trackers in car transport

It is worth noting that trackers can work in two main modes.


In this case, the device most of the time is in the "sleep" condition. Activation is performed by sending an SMS message, which is sent by the owner of the car to the number corresponding to the SIM card, installed in the device. After that, the tracker, in accordance with the received command, begins to send data about its location, taking into account the established schedule of periodicity it is usually once/twice a day, sometimes less often once every few days. This message usually contains the coordinates, speed of movement and other data, according to the settings. After the signal is sent, the device returns to the "sleep" mode.

This mode of operation does not require a lot of energy, so the beacons are usually not connected to the onboard network, they have a built-in battery that ensures their stable operation for a long period of time.


This mode is intended for the implementation of round-the-clock tracking of the movement of vehicles online. In this case, the GPS tracker constantly monitors a large number of a variety of parameters, including, for example, the duration of stops. They additionally, as a rule, are equipped with a microphone and motion sensors, which allows you to organize, if necessary, two-way communication between the dispatcher and the driver.

Such devices need constant power, so they are connected to the on-board network of the car, while some models may additionally have a built-in battery in order to ensure the transmission of a signal even during long periods of parking.

The advantages of using GPS trackers in car transport

In which areas is it advantageous to use GPS trackers?

Transport monitoring systems are recommended to be installed on:

  • public transport;
  • taxi;
  • transport and logistics companies;
  • rental cars;
  • agricultural machinery;
  • courier vehicles;
  • and many others.

Installing trackers works effectively in various industries and allows companies with a large fleet of vehicles around the clock tracking the movement of vehicles and goods, and also provides additional security against theft and theft. In addition, the use of GPS trackers in cars helps build optimal routes in order to optimize transportation costs and make logistics as profitable and efficient as possible. In particular, there is evidence that, in the presence of systems Tracking decreases escaping, then minimizes the cost of fuel and equipment repair. Devices that can control the speed of movement help reduce the risk of accidents and avoid penalties for exceeding the speed limit.

The advantages of using GPS trackers in car transport

Benefits of using GPS trackers in cars

Obviously, installing a tracker Profitable solution for commercial companies. Their use has a number of advantages. Including:

  • Small size. All devices are offered in the form of small plastic boxes that easily fit in the palm of your hand. They are light and compact, so the tracker is easily installed in any convenient place so that it is not visible.
  • Easy to use. The device does not need complex settings, synchronization with the satellite occurs in automatic mode. Management is carried out using simple commands from a mobile phone. The system does the rest itself.
  • Data accuracy. The location of the vehicle is determined to within a few meters. For objects of this size, this is considered a minor error.
  • Reliability. Most modern trackers are protected against "stunters", which are often used by intruders. Signal transmission is also ensured stable, even in forests. Coverage of mobile operators is now quite good, so there are almost no communication problems.

Reduce costs with control systems

Continuous monitoring negates the influence of the human factor, which often reduces work efficiency. This applies to frequent deviations from the route, prolonged unauthorized downtime, misuse of official vehicles, disruption of the schedule, etc.

Using trackers makes reporting much easier for drivers. For example, some services allow you to automatically create waybills. This saves drivers from constant paperwork, which takes a lot of time. Moreover, with the automatic creation of all documents, the accuracy of the data also increases.

The advantages of using GPS trackers in car transport

Many devices allow you to control not only the movement, but also the parameters of the machines. In particular, it is possible to control fuel consumption, which is very important for large companies with a large fleet of trucks or passenger buses. Every day they spend large sums on the purchase of gasoline, so cost optimization and control of misuse of fuel often helps to significantly minimize losses.

Another important, albeit indirect, factor is the improvement of the quality of work of companies. Optimization of routes not only increases work efficiency and reduces business expenses, but also allows you to control the level of service. This is especially true for taxis, where time is very important for passengers, as well as for cargo transportation, when it is required to deliver goods to the specified and safe as soon as possible.

Well, of course, one of the most important functions of such systems is to protect the vehicle against theft. The tracker allows you to monitor the location of the car in real time, which in case of theft will help you quickly find the car. And here it is important not to save money when buying a GPS tracker. Experts recommend choosing models with the ability to work in offline mode, as well as those that give an alarm when trying to block the signal.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the larger the company is, the faster the costs of equipping vehicles with satellite tracking systems will pay off. The payback period may be only a few months, but the company will benefit from the use of tracking systems for more than one year. If you want to buy a GPS tracker in Kiev, Kharkov or Odessa, you can choose the appropriate option on In our catalog you will find a large selection of models.

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