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Advantages and disadvantages of automotive GSM alarms

Protecting a car from carjacking is an important task that every car owner has to solve. And of course, the best option is to install a reliable security alarm. One of the most popular types of car security systems, which more and more people prefer, is GSM alarm systems. Let's take a closer look at how they work, as well as the main pros and cons of using them.

Advantages and disadvantages of automotive GSM alarms

What is a GSM car alarm system?

In the standard form, each such system consists of a central control unit and several sensors that can react to the impact, movement or tilt of the machine. Block by the principle of operation and in essence resembles a mobile phone.

Security sensors are designed to reliably monitor the perimeter around the vehicle and the interior space in the cabin, the trunk and under the hood. They constantly monitor the opening of the doors, the condition of the windows, register movement. The installation of such a system will make it possible to secure the car not only from an attempt to open the doors, but even from trying to load a car onto a tow truck. Sensors are very sensitive and react to any physical actions performed with the machine.

Advantages and disadvantages of automotive GSM alarms

Included may be an additional key chain. But the main control and monitoring of work and status is carried out in this case using a mobile phone, via SMS or calls.

This is a multifunctional system designed not only for guarding the car, but also capable of monitoring the vehicle s location in real time. When registering attempts at hacking and hijacking, the sensors transmit data to the main control unit, and then the alarm immediately gives an alarm (it can be a text message or a call) about the violation to the car s owner s smartphone, security guard, etc. You can configure the notification to be received by different subscribers at the same time.

The advantages of using GSM signaling

Security systems with an integrated GSM module are considered very reliable and easy to operate. In total, there are five main advantages of their use.

Quick Alert

This is probably one of the most important advantages. As soon as the sensors detected an attempt to penetrate the car, the notification is almost instantaneous. An SMS message is sent immediately or a call is made to the mobile phone of the car owner. And the distance and location of the car owner does not matter.

A live alert allows you to quickly respond to it. So you can take action immediately, which increases the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

Advantages and disadvantages of automotive GSM alarms

Unlimited range

The range of such alarms is almost unlimited. If you have a mobile connection, then wherever you are, you will certainly receive an alert or you can send commands to the control unit yourself. The distance is completely irrelevant.

Phone-only Management

All commands are transmitted to the control unit by sending SMS messages, just as there is a notification in the event of an alarm. To control does not require any trinkets. That is, nothing extra is not necessary, enough smartphone synchronized with the system. Moreover, the messages are transmitted through special service channels, and absolutely do not depend on the degree of congestion of the mobile network at the moment.

Ability to track the location of the machine

With the help of such a security system you can track the location of the car. Many manufacturers provide access to special service websites. Also, the data can be received via SMS by sending a corresponding signal to the control unit. If the phone is on the network and receives a signal, then you can easily find out where his car is at the current time, and what its condition is. Please note that some models can control the remaining fuel and vehicle speed.

Easy installation and configuration

Anyone can cope with the installation and configuration of such an alarm; special professional skills and knowledge are not necessary to perform installation work. In general, the procedure for installing a GSM alarm system is as follows:

  • fix the sensors, following the instructions:
  • insert a SIM card into the control unit;
  • activate the device by calling from a mobile phone.
Advantages and disadvantages of automotive GSM alarms


In general, GSM alarms are very stable and reliable. However, they also have certain disadvantages. There are not many of them, but they are present. The main disadvantages of the installation of this type of alarm include:

  • A very large number of diverse teams, this can hardly complicate the management and operation of the security system.
  • Sensitivity to interference. Such devices are sometimes subject to the influence of various extraneous signals, which can lead to failures. This is especially true for large cities, where there is a lot of various equipment that can fade and interfere.
  • High cost. The presence of the GSM module automatically increases the cost of the alarm almost 2 times.

Despite the flaws present, many experts believe that such security systems are by far one of the most optimal options for protecting a car from theft. They have a long service life, are reliable and unpretentious in operation, suitable for protecting any machines. If you want to buy a GSM alarm system in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, then the shop offers a large selection. We deliver throughout Ukraine.

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