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Why Dim light lamps? And how to deal with it?

Every driver knows that insufficient lighting at night the road can lead to emergency situation on the road. It is therefore very important to monitor the state of the headlights and to conduct timely diagnosis. Once a problem is detected, then it should be as soon as possible to solve. This will avoid a lot of trouble. Let's look at the reasons why bad light lights and what to do to fix it.

Why does the dim light of the headlights, and how to deal with it?

The main reasons for the weak headlights

The reasons for poor lighting may be several:

  • damage to the contacts;
  • dirty ceiling;
  • lamp is out of order or the period of its operation left;
  • turbid lens;
  • is not properly adjusted lighting.

In addition to identifying the causes, it is also important to know how to act in each case, to resolve the issue quickly. Let's look at this in more detail.

loose pins

First, check everything carefully and make sure that the contact actually departed. One of the problems with obvious signs of wires is flashing light, since the contact sometimes can abut and backlight becomes brighter, and then vanishes again. For example, this may occur when driving on rough roads.

Correct the situation can be. First, you need to find a specific location or cause of damage, contact poem departs. For example, can lead to a problem dirt, low twist attachment and others. It can easily fix yourself, without resorting to the car wash. Just remember to change the contact wires can not be more powerful, or the anchor point may start to overheat. To determine the voltage at the terminals will need a multimeter. With this device it is also easy to find the electric circuit portion, wherein a gap, which will cause failure light.

Why does the dim light of the headlights, and how to deal with it?

In addition, be sure to verify the serviceability of the generator, since it is alscan lead to similar symptoms. Since in case of failure in the operation of the generator is supplied to the spotlight not have enough voltage, which is not enough for her valuable work.

Problems with bubble

It is often the reason that the lights shine weakly, is simple courtesy light pollution glass. The solution then the most elementary — wash the glass. The brightness will return immediately, as soon as all the dirt is removed and the glass will come back its brightness. Sometimes there are more serious trouble, for example, the ceiling is cracked or has it some kind of mechanical damage. In this case, do something does not work, fix the situation can only complete replacement of windows in the spotlight, as the repair in such situations simply can not be.

The problems with the lamp

Of course, the reason may be the most banal and lie on the surface — burned out lamp. It's all very simple, when the house chandelier lamp burns out, it just changed to a new one. So here. It is necessary to buy a lamp similar to the corresponding headlamps socket and replace the one that is out of order. Please note only that the replacement algorithm for the auto lamp also depends on the car model, and may be slightly different, however, this is not a complex procedure, which can easily handle any motorist.

Why does the dim light of the headlights, and how to deal with it?

Clouding of the lens

If you have a headlamp lenses, then over time they can shine worse: the older the ceiling, the glass is more cloudy. This happens because the lens during the ride gets sand and dust, which lead to the formation of many small cracks and scratches. As a result, a clear lens surface becomes cloudy, which impairs the illumination lights — light becomes dim.

To prevent a similar problem you first need to find out what material is made bowl. The easiest way to glass models, there will be a slight departure. In addition, the lights often made from polycarbonate, which is lightweight and durable, but it is prone to haze.

To the ceiling is not so quickly dimmed, you can use special protective compositions for surface treatment. However, the most effective way is considered a protective film. It protects the surface from scratches and cracks and it does not interfere with the passage of light rays.

Other possible causes are worth paying attention

Problems with the light is not always caused by faulty lights or headlights. These failures may be related to the malfunction of the vehicle electrical circuit. As we have said, sometimes dim headlights due to problems in the automotive alternator. If he gives insufficient amount of stress that you experience the following problems:

  • when the headlights supplied only 8-9 when the normal should be 12, the lamps start badly and poorly lit, one of the signs that the problem is in the generator is that the engine switched off the light again becomes normal.
  • there are problems in the operation of all devices connected to the boar network, which depend on the current supply.
  • increases fuel consumption, this is due to the fact that the poor performance of the generator on-board computer is trying to raise the mains' voltage by increasing engine speed.
Why does the dim light of the headlights, and how to deal with it?

The most common car owners experience problems in the generator in winter. At this time of year because of the cold often increases the load on the vehicle's electrical system: turn on heating glass, heated seats, headlights are switched on for a longer period, etc. To ensure that all of these devices with energy, the generator has to work in a large force. Due to the ever-growing load on the power of the headlamp may be insufficient, resulting in disruption to the light.

If the generator can not handle or has problems, it is recommended to replace. It is best to choose original spare parts from the manufacturer's cars. Sometimes you can try to choose the option more power, but to do so should be professional.

When you need a replacement car light bulbs?

When the vehicle leaves the assembly line, it has always been equipped with lamps. But it is not always expensive and high-quality model with a bright light. On budget cars are usually placed very simple lamp. And the driver can be dissatisfied with the quality of lighting, as it may be dim. In this case also, it is recommended to replace the lamps with more powerful and vivid. several brands can be identified among the leaders in the automotive lighting market: Philips, Osram, OLLO and others. Their products are of very high quality, shine brightly, last a long time.

Summing up

If a car Optics is malfunctioning and the headlights shine bad, for the driver, this situation is very unpleasant. Due to the malfunctioning of the automotive lighting system improves driving safety risks, and the driver can experience serious discomfort when driving. Particularly when driving on wet asphalt.

can not ignore this problem. It is important to quickly identify the cause and be sure to test the reliability of the car and the circuit, and the voltage applied to the generator in the headlights. It is necessary to timely resolve the problem or replace the old lamp. The only way you can protect yourself in the stream of cars on the road in the dark. And remember, that recommends the use of high-quality bulbs from trusted manufacturers that guarantee their durability and powerful light output.

Why does the dim light of the headlights, and how to deal with it?

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