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Why do not the lights dim light and when their time to change?

No vehicle can not be operated without low beam lamps, and quality of work depends to Avtosvet safety. With the sudden failure of near light when the car is on the road, greatly increasing the risk of being in an accident, especially at night when the lighting is very poor. Even when down came just one bulb, it should be possible to replace quickly. In this article we will talk about what to do if you do not work dipped and how to change a light bulb.

Why do not headlight low light and when it is time to change them?

Can be understood What are the signs that a low beam has a problem?

All types of lamps that can be used in car headlights dim light, there is a limited resource.

The greatest resource has an LED lamp. But they can fade over time, the strength of the light beam is reduced. Sometimes the right and left bulbs begin to shine differently, especially if they are installed at different times. Most strongly it is noticeable in the evening and at night, if the direct rays on the wall white. If this occurs varies the brightness of the light flux, it is recommended to replace the lamp. In general, changing one is not necessary. Even if only one shines poorly, it is recommended to change just two lamps.

At the xenon lamps also have their own characteristics, they are set on fire in different ways over time. Seen with the naked eye it can be tricky. This usually occurs due to an electronic ignition unit wear. If the difference in firing rate becomes noticeable already visually, it is a signal to the fact that while I light or ignition unit.

A bit more complicated with halogen low beam lamps. They are the smallest life and some obvious signs of a close failure virtually none. Experts do not recommend to wait for such a lamp fails. Usually on the package indicates the period of operation. And once when he comes to a close, it is better to take care of is to buy a replacement. Since halogen lamps may burn out suddenly. And if the trunk is a spare set, it can help out in an emergency.

Why do not headlight low light and when it is time to change them?

What can cause bulb failure: the main causes and Symptoms

Car owner in the operation of the vehicle can observe a number of different situations that indicate problems with dipped beam. In particular:

One of the lights is blinking, do not turn on or turns through time

To this may result:

  • the failure of the ignition unit;
  • burning of the contacts in the socket or lamp connector;
  • problems in the electric vehicle network;
  • failure of the lamp itself.

To make sure that the problem is associated with the lamp, it is recommended to swap the lamps. For example, if you originally did not burn the left headlight, and after the change of the problem n gone, and not only the left light is lit, then the reason is something else.

Why do not headlight low light and when it is time to change them?

Do not shine once both lamps

If you notice such a situation, the more likely the problem is not related to lamps. They rarely burn simultaneously. Most likely, this issue is related to:

  • lamp failure control relay;
  • problems with contacts or connector, which are connected lamps;
  • blown fuse;
  • electrical faults of the vehicle;
  • malfunction light switching systems;
  • problems in the body control module.

One lamp suddenly burns out and shine

There is also recommended that you rearrange the spot lamps to determine the cause. If after re-lamp also does not light up, then it's time to change. Halogen is allowed to ring a multimeter. If it is OK, then the instrument will show the resistance of a few ohms.

Visually, it became apparent that one light shines dimmer than the second

If the machine is installed halogen and LED bulbs, the reason is probably just at them. If you use Xenon lamps, the problem could also be a malfunction in the ignition unit.

How to choose the right auto lamp for low beam headlights?

If you choose, if you plan to buy a lamp for low beam, it is necessary to look at the following options:

Why do not headlight low light and when it is time to change them?

Type of lamp

It's simple, to put on the car to be a lamp of the same type, which are already used in the headlights. Change the type of lamps is not recommended, as they can be the wrong pick. For vehicles equipped with xenon lamps or light-emitting diode is also required to have a working control luminous flux. If the driver decides to replace halogen lamps to LEDs or Xenon, then, except the lamps also have to set the concealer and a light stream of headlights.

Size and socket

To take you only a lamp which, by their size and type of the cap fully comply with the manufacturer's recommendations for the installed washers. It is best to set a lamp, and to pick up a complete analog, then just can not go wrong when you buy.

Lamp power

Some motorists are sure that the power is, the brighter the light of the lamp and the better see everything that happens on the road. But there is a downside, very bright light can dazzle oncoming drivers. And this, in turn, often leads to a crash.

The number of lamps included

Experts recommend changing both bulbs in pairs. This will ensure a uniform glow. If you replace only one, the one that burned, then it may be difficult, since they will not shine uniformly, to grow old lamps will not be the same speed. A flashlight is also quite dangerous, especially at night.

Why do not headlight low light and when it is time to change them?

How to replace the lamp beam?

The order in this case of the action is quite simple:

  • It is necessary to very carefully dismantling the old bulb. If a headlight range of light, then remove the lamp very carefully. Better before each operation, read the instruction manual of your car, there is bound to be useful tips and recommendations on how to make things right.
  • Before you put a new lamp, be sure to wipe the surface of the radiator with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol. If the glass will grease stains or fingerprints, it may cause turbidity and even running down.
  • Be sure to follow the pointer position, which is usually available on the lamp. This is especially important when installing dual beam / high beam lights.
  • Before connecting also important to always check the status of contacts. If you notice burnt or corroded connections, these places should be processed, it is possible in the future to avoid sparking.
  • After installing the lamps in the spotlight, it is recommended to check the tightness of the structure. If moisture gets inside the headlights, this may lead to accelerated lamp failure.
  • It is equally important to check the reliability of fastening. If the machine will often ride on rough roads, then because of the shaking of the radiator resource of any lamp is sharply reduced.
Why do not headlight low light and when it is time to change them?

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