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Features of the selection and use of transition frames for car stereo

Often, drivers, having bought a new multimedia system, when trying to replace the car stereo themselves, encounter the problem that the purchased device simply does not fit in the space provided for installation — the nominal size allocated for installation by the manufacturer does not match. But there is a simple way out of this situation-to use a special transition frame. We will talk about what features they have and how to choose them in this article.

Features of the choice of transition frames for car radio

Transitional framework types and features of application

The transition frame is a special plastic construction with which you can quickly fit any universal car radio into the dashboard style of a particular car brand. Even a simple budget media receiver with a transition frame will fit perfectly into the interior of the cabin. Thanks to the use of such frames, the installation of the radio will be simple and easy. In addition, the mounting frame does not allow you to quickly remove the head unit from the installation niche, which provides additional protection against thieves.

According to their size, they are divided into three main groups: 1 DIN, 2 DIN and 2 DIN/1 DIN. The latter are quite popular among car owners, as they allow you to easily install both a large two-din media station and a regular single-din receiver using the included pocket.

When using the frames, you can install the car radio without changing the design of the front panel, you do not need to break anything, cut it, etc. The frames have a special mounting system and adapter, which allows you to fix the head unit in a regular niche in just a couple of minutes. Typically, an enclosed mounting kit is sufficient to secure the structure in place of the old head unit. Installation is carried out using screws or self-tapping screws. There are no difficulties, since a new frame is fixed in a regular place in the same holes as the previous radio tape recorder before.

Features of the choice of transition frames for car radio

Pocket frame

Separately, I want to consider this type of transitional framework, as a framework-pockets. They are very popular because they provide a very simple and quick installation of head units. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that the kit includes not only a frame, in this case there is also a special plastic pocket. This is a special design resembling a plastic box with open sides.

Installation is extremely simple. It is enough just to place the radio in a plastic case and connect to it from the back all the necessary communications. Then the frame with the pocket is installed in the designated place for the head unit. The whole process takes a matter of minutes. No difficulties at all.

They also have a drawback-high cost, compared with conventional transition frames. But the simplicity and ease of installation is still more important for drivers, as this version of the framework is very popular.

What should I look at when choosing a transition frame?

Choosing a transition frame for the radio is a very important process. Now many manufacturers offer options that are easily matched by brand of machine. In this case, you definitely will not lose, and the frame is ideal for the size of a regular place. But besides this, it is necessary to take into account a number of other important parameters, on which the quality of fastening, reliability and ease of installation of the head unit depend. The main characteristics to look at are:

 Features of the choice and use of the transition frames for car stereo


The transition frame for installing the radio is most often made of shockproof plastic. The plastic elements on the front side can be matte or glossy, sometimes with a metal coating. And it’s very important when buying to look at the quality of the plastic, it must be durable, without a pungent odor. Cheap plastic does not serve for a long time, quickly cracks, loses shape.


As we have already said, the frame size can be of three types: 1 DIN, 2 DIN and 2 DIN/1 DIN. Here, the choice of model depends on the size of the car radio, which will need to be installed using this frame-single or double. The size is always indicated by the manufacturer on the box or in the instructions for the head unit.


The choice of transition frames is quite large, they can have a very different design, for example, some manufacturers offer models that are suitable for different styles of music and the interior of different car models. The correct frame fits perfectly into the interior of the cabin, without violating the unity of style, and will take into account the individual preferences of the car owner.

Features of the choice of transition frames for car radio

Advantages of using a transition frame for installing a car radio

Installing a radio with a transition frame is very convenient and reliable, this option has many advantages:

  • The head unit with such an installation sits like a poured in and fits perfectly into the existing standard place in size.
  • The transition frame is easy to select for any radio, while its mount is universal, which greatly simplifies the installation process.
  • Installation in this case does not require the use of any additional tools, except for a screwdriver. A complete set of fasteners is already included.
  • Some frames can be equipped with additional shelves and pockets that can be used to store various useful little things.
  • Frames are not expensive.

You can select and buy a transition frame for a car stereo in Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa in the online store

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