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Features of using inverter generators

The inverter generator can be used both as a backup and as a constant power source. This is a relatively compact generator set, capable of generating electricity, converting it into a stable voltage, not subject to fluctuations. They are very convenient and easy to operate and have a fairly wide scope.

Features of the use of inverter generators

How are inverter generators different from ordinary ones?

Conventional generators can not always cope with the power of some ultra-precise devices and, due to the need to constantly maintain high engine speeds, consume a lot of fuel. But inverter generators can easily produce “perfectly clean” voltage at a lower gas mileage. This difference is due to the design features.

If a conventional alternator produces a coarse output signal, the inverter uses the converter simultaneously with the regulator. Due to the converter, the generated alternating current turns into direct current, and the regulator helps to equalize the current indicators. At the next stage, the current is again converted into alternating, but it turns out to be "pure" (the deviation of the sinusoid does not exceed 2.5%). The result is a stable current frequency and high-quality voltage.

Inverter devices also have another feature-they can adapt to the load. That is, when only one device is connected to it, which requires only 1 kW of energy to work, and the generator itself is designed for a power of 2 kW, then it automatically reduces the amount of generated energy by half. As soon as the load increases when an additional consumer is connected, the engine speed will also automatically increase to the desired level. This contributes to the fact that there is no excessive consumption of fuel, since the generator only spend the amount that it needs to provide power to the devices.

Features of the use of inverter generators

Main advantages of inverter-type generators

Inverter generators have several significant advantages that make them very popular:

  • High quality current. Suitable for any consumer, even very sensitive to power surges (mobile phones, laptops, alarms, refrigerators, etc.).
  • Fuel economy. Thanks to automatic power control, taking into account the required amount of generated energy, these generators consume only the amount of fuel that is needed. As a result, the consumption is approximately 4 times lower compared to classic gasoline generators.
  • Compact. As a rule, a design feature, which is based on the use of a microprocessor board, allows to achieve high performance from a generator with a smaller housing volume. Inverter models are mobile because they are easy to move from place to place.
  • Low noise. Such an installation can be used even in an apartment, because during the work they are quite quiet and will not interfere with neighbors.
  • Ability to work in any weather. They are not afraid of cold, snow and rain, tolerate temperature extremes.

There are, however, similar generator sets and some disadvantages:

  • High cost.
  • A small selection of models.
  • Limiting the maximum power to 8 kW, although this is enough for all basic household needs.
Features of the use of inverter generators
  • Generators of this type are widely used by owners of coffee machines and other off-site facilities specializing in the sale of various products. For example, they are often installed in small shops, the power of the inverter generator is enough to ensure that to provide uninterrupted power to freezers, refrigerators, electric kettles, lamps and other electrical appliances
  • These devices are very popular among outdoor enthusiasts. This is the perfect solution for camping, fishing, hunting, hiking or long-distance travel. The generator will not take up much space in the trunk of the car, but it will greatly facilitate life and make your vacation as comfortable as possible.
  • They can even be installed in an ordinary city apartment. For example, the generator fits easily on the balcony of a multi-story building. The unit practically does not emit harmful and toxic gases, if the balcony is glazed, then it is possible to bring exhaust fumes to the street through a special pipe. In addition, it is very quiet and will cause inconvenience to residents of neighboring apartments. Please note that it is not recommended to install such a device in living rooms for a long time, since the generator generates a rather powerful electromagnetic field, which can lead to increased pressure in a person and cause headaches.
  • Since generators of this type have stable operation and provide even voltage without surges, inverter devices are excellent for use as backup power in the medical field, in various laboratories and clinics. It uses sophisticated equipment and sensitive equipment. They are also often used by companies that use sophisticated modern digital technology, which is also afraid of power surges. Such a generator can even be installed in the office, the main thing is to ventilate the room well.
Features of the use of inverter generators

To summarize

It is obvious that inverter generators are very practical and have many advantages: low noise, safety, compactness, reliability. In many respects they surpass the classic gasoline counterparts. Therefore, despite the fact that their cost is higher, it's worth it. If you need a compact and mobile power source that can work with any even very sensitive equipment-this is the optimal solution. With such a backup source of electricity, you can not be afraid of power surges or sudden power outages. Inverter installations are ideal for both domestic use and for owners of small businesses, offices and other facilities where it is necessary to provide various equipment with electricity.

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