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Starline S66 BT GSM MINI and Starline E66 BT MINI — 2019 New Product Review

StarLine is one of the leaders in the production of reliable security systems for cars. Specialists of the company are constantly engaged in the improvement of their products, seeking to make the protection of cars against theft as reliable and convenient in operation. Let's look at the two newest models of security and telemetry complexes that have been recently introduced. What are their features and advantages.

review of new products StarLine E66 BT MINI

Features of the new StarLine E66 BT MINI Alarm

StarLine E66 BT MINI is a novelty that is able to provide reliable protection against car theft. Its main feature is an affordable price. The system allows you to login as easily as possible using a smartphone with the StarLine application installed, and also has many other very important and useful functions.

To enhance security, you can use an additional authorization line in the form of a personal PIN-code dialed using regular buttons on the car dashboard. This ensures that the offender will not be able to start the engine, even if he gets access to your mobile phone.

Smart Lock

The alarm system is equipped with smart iCAN technology, which is safe for standard vehicle electronics and unnoticeable for criminals blocking the engine using the car’s digital bus. As a result, the hijacker simply will not be able to unlock the engine, which means that the car will not move.

review of new products StarLine E66 BT MINI

Maximum Comfort

The system is specially designed to provide more comfort! Flexible software settings car alarm StarLine allow for the installation to realize almost any wishes of the car owner. For example, you can reconfigure start-up from a key to a button, enable auto-tuning of mirrors, activate automatic recorder camera activation when an alarm is triggered.

Please note that if the machine manages without connecting to the power circuits, the engine is automatically started using a digital CAN bus or special programmable channels. If such functionality is not provided in the car, then you can buy and install separately an additional motor starter module from StarLine.

Quick install system

The alarm has an integrated interface connected to the on-board network of the 2CAN + 2LIN. This allows you to simplify installation, make it fast and secure. If the car is equipped with modern digital tires CAN and LIN, then there will be no problems with the integration of the security system, the system will be able to provide the most accurate and safe interaction with the onboard electronics.

Wide autostart customization options

StarLine's smart built-in climate control system is designed to warm up the car in frost in winter and provide a pleasant coolness in the summer heat. You can customize the launch based on additional parameters: by time, by the degree of battery discharge, and others.

StarLine iKey Technology

Using this technology makes it possible to bypass easily, and most importantly for free, a regular immobilizer; you can use a program copy of the regular key for this.

review of new products StarLine E66 BT MINI

Low power consumption

The StarLine E66 BT MINI complex has excellent energy efficiency. When installing this alarm can not be afraid that the battery will be quickly discharged. She can, while in the security mode, ensure the safety of everything necessary for work. This manufacturer has achieved through the introduction of innovative technologies and proprietary software.

StarLine S66 BT GSM MINI Features

The StarLine S66 BT GSM GSM Car Alarm System will provide reliable intelligent protection for any car. This modern system is analogous to the model discussed above, only with a built-in GSM module, which allows you to manage the machine as easily as possible from iOS / Android mobile devices or a regular key from anywhere in the world.

It helps to control the location and even the technical condition of the car at a distance. For example, from a smartphone, you can activate online diagnostics, turn on machine warming up and much more. The following functions can be distinguished:

review of new products StarLine E66 BT MINI

Easy Authorization

In order for the car to start moving, the security system must authorize the driver as the owner. This alarm allows you to make this process as simple and convenient as possible - authorization takes place using a smartphone or a regular key. The driver can choose the most optimal option for himself.

You can control the system through a special application. e StarLine, which allows you to authorize and then use the phone as a label, transmitting a secure signal using the Bluetooth Smart protocol.

In addition, an individual PIN is also available, the use of which increases the degree of security, since you can enter it only with the help of standard car buttons and it is configured by the owner. Hacking protection without entering the code is impossible.

Wide autostart customization options

This model also has a function for quick remote start of heating. You can activate the system either in time at a predetermined frequency or under certain conditions - air temperature, battery discharge level, etc.

Remote control using a GSM module

GSM interface support allows you to easily manage all major alarm functions, as well as quickly receive messages and notifications about hacking attempts on your phone. It is also possible to additionally install the GLONASS-GPS antenna, which will allow to provide free monitoring of the machine. This is optional, as the antenna should be purchased separately. But this will allow the owner to constantly monitor and as soon as possible to determine where the car is located with an accuracy of several meters.

review of new products StarLine E66 BT MINI

Secure digital locking

The alarm is equipped with an iCAN interface, completely safe for standard electronics of the machine. Its role is to block the engine quickly and unobtrusively when attempting to hijack, using the connection to the on-board network via the vehicle's digital bus. In this case, the hijacker will not be able to unlock the engine, and the car will not start.

StarLine iKey Technology

Using this technology makes it possible to bypass easily, and most importantly for free, a regular immobilizer; you can use a program copy of the regular key for this.

Quick Connect

Having the ability to connect via 2CAN + 2LIN, will allow you to connect the security system to the on-board network of the machine with minimal intervention in the standard electronics. Even without specialized skills, the alarm can be connected to a machine with such interfaces very easily and quickly.

Based on the parameters discussed, it can be concluded that both systems guarantee good protection against theft and have a large set of functions. At the same time, the StarLine E66 BT MINI is simplicity, comfort, and reliable protection at the most affordable price. There is nothing superfluous, but the functionality is enough to solve the main security tasks of protecting the vehicle from possible theft. While the StarLine S66 BT GSM MINI is a more advanced telemetry system that allows you to track the movement of a car in real time, fix its coordinates and even conduct technical diagnostics of the main systems remotely using a smartphone.

Which alarm to choose is up to you. Buy car alarm StarLine in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, you can always in the online store We have a large selection of models.

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