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Pioneer SPH-DA130DAB multimedia station overview

The original diskless car radio Pioneer SPH-DA130DAB is a bright representative of the family of modern multifunctional multimedia systems. This model is made in the standard 2DIN size and has everything that is necessary for a modern head unit. This is a great option for drivers who are active users of various modern online services.

Overview of the Pioneer SPH-DA130DAB multimedia receiver

Functionality SPH-DA130DAB

This head unit combines a very wide range of capabilities, allows you to listen to music and watch videos in very high quality. Thanks to the simple and convenient integration with mobile devices, access to various modern online resources is opened, which significantly expands the capabilities of the radio. Let's look at all its functions in more detail.

Convenient touch control

There are no buttons at all in this radio, the device is controlled using a capacitive touch screen. It is quite large, the diagonal is 6.2 ", and decorated in the style of a tablet. Everything is perfectly visible on this display, you can watch videos and even movies.

Thanks to the ClearType special coating, any photo or video is always played in high quality.

You can manage everything with a very convenient and simple on-screen menu. You can also connect the system using a special adapter to the standard buttons on the steering wheel. The menu is easily customizable, you can rearrange or hide unnecessary shortcuts, change the color scheme, etc. The sensor responds quickly when pressed in any weather, even in cold weather.

Rich digital options

The media system is able to play files in any format, including FLAC, MKV and MOV, without losing their quality. Thanks to the use of the NTFS file system, you can connect large-capacity drives to the radio and view heavy video files-more than 4 GB. You can view images in the form of a slide show. In any format, you can not be afraid that the image quality will be poor. The clarity and color reproduction of any image, whether photo or video, is always excellent, fine details are clearly visible.

Overview of the Pioneer SPH-DA130DAB multimedia receiver

This head unit will appeal to fans of digital formats for those who are very actively using smartphones and various Internet services.

Owners of the iPhone will be able to use the Apple CarPlay function by connecting to the radio via USB. This allows you to make calls, write and receive messages in the WhatsApp messenger, listen to music, use navigation programs without being distracted from driving. At the same time, all applications are controlled from the screen through a convenient interface. In addition, the driver can control the multimedia system using Apple's proprietary voice assistant Siri.

Owners of Android devices can also connect their gadgets to the head unit and manage audio recordings and playlists from the radio screen. The media system screen displays all the data about the song: song name, artist name, disc information and playback timing.

The radio is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth module, so you can connect mobile phones wirelessly and use them to make hands-free calls. This increases driving safety, as the driver is not distracted from driving, and his hands remain free. Through Bluetooth, you can not only make calls, but also listen to music in streaming mode, as well as control playback directly on the screen of your smartphone.

In total, up to 2 phones can be connected to the head unit, and up to 5 smartphones can be stored in memory.

Embedded processor

This model has a built-in a digital sound processor that expands the possibilities of sound correction and allows you to maximize the acoustic potential of this car radio. The processor can work both in standard mode and in channel-by-channel amplification mode. At the same time, in the network (3-band) connection mode, it is possible to control the sound using a low-pass filter for a subwoofer, a high-pass filter for tweeters and a band-pass filter for midbass. With a normal (2-way) connection, in addition to the low-pass filter, which works in the same mode as with a network connection, independent and switchable high-pass filters are available for the rear and front speakers.

Overview of the Pioneer multimedia receiver SPH-DA130DAB

Having all the necessary connectors

The device is offered in a standard 2DIN case, so there will be no installation problems. On the rear panel of the radio is a connector for power, as well as inputs for speakers, jacks for connecting a microphone and remote control, USB connector and AUX line-in.

On the other hand, you will find connectors for connecting a radio antenna and a DAB antenna, a TV tuner and a navigation system. There is also an input for connecting a rear view camera, video output and AV input. There are immediately 3 pairs of RCA outputs, which are designed to connect various external acoustic equipment.


The sound of this car radio is very high-quality, thanks to a built-in amplifier with a power of 4x50 watts. The sound is clear, smooth, with a margin of volume. The sound section has rich customization options. The limits of sound settings have a certain margin, which allows you to achieve a very good result. When playing uncompressed formats, the sound is bright and vibrant, without distortion. When listening to audio files in compressed formats with a low bitrate, you can use the "Sound Recovery" function, which significantly improves the sound quality.

To adjust the playback of audio files, you can use a very convenient graphic, 13-band equalizer. It offers 5 preset modes and the ability to save up to two user options.

Features of the Pioneer SPH-DA130DAB multimedia system interface

It is worth noting a very convenient and carefully thought-out menu, in it all functions are very well grouped, all related sections fit on one screen. Working in such an interface is very convenient, as everything is intuitive. Even when faced with the setting for the first time, any user can very quickly figure it out.

The sound tuning functions, as in most other models of this Pioneer brand, are implemented conveniently and clearly. The menu largely repeats the one that is used in the well-known models of multimedia head units released by Pioneer earlier. It is possible to configure time delays. And in this device, it is very simple to do this-just select the listening position, after which the signal levels and optimal time delays will be adjusted automatically. Of course, the system uses certain average statistics, if necessary, each user can adjust the delay value manually.

To adjust the sound, as we already said, a graphic equalizer with 13 bands is provided. It is very simple to work with it, it allows you to adjust the frequency in steps of 2/3 octaves (50/80/125/200/315/500/800 Hz/1.25/2/3.15/5/8/12.5 kHz ) The available control range is +/- 12 dB.

This media station also allows you to select the video signal format for different video sources. They may differ in the number of lines and frames, color coding methods and sound transmission. For those who do not understand all these subtleties, there is a "Auto" mode that works stably and reliably and allows you to get good image quality.

Overview of the multimedia receiver Pioneer SPH-DA130DAB

To summarize

Having evaluated all the features of the Pioneer SPH-DA130DAB, we can safely say that this is a very reliable and functional multimedia device that combines the high sound quality that is characteristic of all Pioneer products and the most advanced digital capabilities. Using such a radio tape recorder will turn the car into a real music center, which will allow you to enjoy your favorite songs in the highest quality. Thanks to its stylish but discreet design, the head unit integrates seamlessly into the interior of any cabin.

Pioneer SPH-DA130DAB is convenience and well thought menu navigation, the ability to listen to audio and watch videos in all modern formats, support for a huge number of various mobile applications, ample opportunities for tuning and processing sound, channel-by-channel connection of car speakers. The capabilities of this system are very extensive, and there is nothing superfluous here.

You can always buy the Pioneer SPH-DA130DAB radio tape recorder in Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa in the online store.

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