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Review of the digital media receiver Alpine UTE-200BT

Review of the digital media receiver Alpine UTE-200BT

In the younger line of multimedia devices was presented a unique car receiver, which combines useful and necessary functions – Alpine UTE-200BT. The user can easily install and configure it, and immediately start using it, fully using each receiver option – from the possibilities of connecting external devices to setting up high-quality and clear music. This car stereo fits into a regular 1DIN place, however, it combines most of the functions of entire media stations, and now it is becoming more popular in the automotive multimedia market.

More sound and playback power

Review of the digital media receiver Alpine UTE-200BT

Let's start with the most important thing – playing music. Despite the huge number of additional features, the sound here is also at its best. For this, the media receiver provides:

  • play files of any format, including FLAC. This feature is very often used in many modern car stereos, because listening to music in this format is becoming increasingly popular due to the much better sound quality of songs, compared to regular MP3 files. This device provides playback of FLAC-files that are recorded on an external USB media;
  • better sound quality, especially compressed audio files, can be obtained thanks to the unique MediaXpander technology. With this function, the sound of music in the car rises, the output will be clear and powerful sound from the speakers;
  • the user can customize the sound based on personal preference, getting high quality and clarity of sound. Innovative developments and technologies are used in the media receiver, so the driver can easily adjust the Bass Engine SQ and EQ functions, and these are 10 presets and a three-band parametric equalizer. To get better sound, you can connect an external amplifier or use the built-in device, which gives enough power to the sound;
  • use the Spotify feature to play files from external media. Thus, the user can enjoy his favorite music from a smartphone or other device, having unlimited possibilities in setting the sound quality.

The driver can install one of many applications to listen to the radio. To do this, you need to run the program on your smartphone and connect it to the media receiver to listen to the songs of your favorite radio station.

The functionality of connecting external devices

Review of the digital media receiver Alpine UTE-200BT

It is possible to connect an iPod or iPhone via the USB port of the Alpine UTE-200BT car receiver, and easily use their functions. With the help of a media receiver, you can get a better sound quality of any composition, convenient search and control of all functions of the gadget. More convenience provides the ability to connect any device – from older to newer models.

1. A unique solution in this car radio is the ability to work with a smartphone using Bluetooth Plus technology. This media receiver has a built-in module that allows you quickly and efficiently connect external devices via a wireless connection. Thus, the driver will be able to listen to music, as well as make calls, this ensures safety and more comfort during the trip. More convenience provides a separate microphone.

Review of the digital media receiver Alpine UTE-200BT

2. More features are provided using the function of connecting external drives or hard drives, with a power not exceeding 1000 mA, via the USB port. Thus, the user can listen to his favorite music of any format and volume, while using a convenient search on the media receiver. In addition, on the front panel there is an AUX input for connecting a player or other external devices.

In addition, Android devices such as smartphones or tablets can be connected to the Alpine UTE-200BT car stereo. Thus, the driver will be able to enjoy his favorite tracks from his playlist, switching from one song to another, using an external device or on the head unit – using a rotary sensor.

Additional options

Review of the digital media receiver Alpine UTE-200BT

For lovers of the game of light in this car radio, there is an option to adjust the backlight of the display and buttons using the RGB spectrum. Thus, the driver will be able completely change the color scheme, based on personal preferences or under the design of the vehicle interior.

More ease of use is provided by the control function using the control panel. Thus, the driver or passengers do not need to press the buttons on the head unit, but you can simply use the remote control to control all the functions of the radio. This media receiver will work fine with an optional wireless device of this brand; the remote is not included with this car radio.

You can learn more about the characteristics and price of this device on our website, or by contacting our consultant. We also have in the catalog the head devices of other brands, additional accessories and other automotive products. With delivery in Ukraine, you can buy car media receiver Alpine UTE-200BT in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa on

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